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December 31st, 2015 Movie – Lurkers


Man has this year flown by. It’s hard to believe that I have made it through another 365 movies, and even harder to believe that after 2 years, I am just now finishing with the letter L. That means that after watching 730 movies, I’m not even half way through the alphabet. Admittedly, that is my fault for buying so many movies. Anyways, this has been a fun two years of watching movies and I probably have at least that many more years worth of movies to go. So let’s go ahead and finish off the year with today’s movie, Lurkers.

The plot: 10 year old Cathy is reading her book at the table instead of eating when her mother takes the book from her and, since she wasn’t eating, tells her to go outside and play. Cathy says she doesn’t want to but her mom approaches her with the iron and forces her to go. Outside, Cathy is jumping rope with some girls when the rope is suddenly wrapped around her neck and the two girls begin choking her with it, all while looking at a strange girl dressed in white. When a woman approaches the apartment, the girl in white disappears and the two girls drop the jump rope, allowing Cathy to breathe. That night, Cathy hears strange voices calling her name and sees several ghostly figures approaching her bed. In the present, Cathy is meeting with her boyfriend Bob when she is almost run down by a cab. The strange woman from her youth rescues her and it is revealed that the girl in white is inside the cab, staring at Cathy. During lunch, Bob tries to convince Cathy to invite her brother to their wedding but she refuses, saying too much happened in their youth. Later, after talking with their wedding planner about invitations, Bob invites Cathy to go with him to a work party hosted by his partner, Monica. Later, as Cathy is playing cello with a quartet for a recording, she sees the girl in white staring at her, but no one else can see her. That night, she dreams about when her mom killed her father then tried to kill her but as Cathy ran to escape, her mother chased after her. Cathy wakes up then  cries to Bob about how her brother blames her for what happened to her parents, which is part of the reason that he became a priest. The next day, Cathy goes to see a Tarot Card reader and after getting her reading, she asks if she should go to her brother’s church and ask him to come to her wedding but the Tarot reader says not to. Cathy goes anyways and invites her brother to the wedding but he refuses, and ignores her pleas to help her deal with her dreams. Cathy tries to persuade him but when he enters his church, she sees the girl in white, who tells Cathy to go home, causing Cathy to flashback to when her mother died. Later, Cathy returns to her apartment and receives a call from Bob saying he will be working late in the studio, when he is actually out on a date with another woman. Cathy decides to take a bath but she dreams that her mother tries to drown her. As Cathy and Bob head towards the party, Cathy sees the strange woman and has Bob stop so they can give her a ride. As they are driving along, the woman tells Cathy not to go home, but Cathy doesn’t understand what she means and when she turns to ask her, she discovers the woman has disappeared. When they arrive at the party, Cathy is shocked to discover that the building is the one she grew up in. Bob tries to convince her to come inside but she refuses to go, explaining all the bad memories she has of the place, so Bob says he will go make his excuse to Monica and they will leave. As Cathy is waiting outside, she sees a woman being chased by a crazed man and tries to call the police for help but discovers the pay phone is broken. Running down the streets, Cathy sees more and more scary things happening and eventually winds up back at the apartment and reluctantly enters the apartment with Bob so she can call the police. Bob takes her up to where the party is, but as she insists on trying to call the cops, Bob ignores her and tries to convince her to enjoy the party. Monica introduces herself to Cathy and Bob finally tells Cathy he will call the police while Monica talks with Cathy. When she feels like Bob has been gone too long, Cathy decides to go looking for him, and is shocked by what she discovers in some of the rooms. She reaches the door to the developement room, where she overhears Bob, Monica, and Desmond speaking with a man named Steve, before they have Desmond bring a man named Leo, who is the madman Cathy saw on the street, into the room, where he proceeds to beat Steve almost to death. Cathy is worried about what she heard but realizes that she has no way of leaving the place. When she sees Leo, as well as some of the ghosts from her youth, she manages to leave the apartment but as she tries to leave the building, she sees all sorts of disturbing scenes before she is confronted by the girl in white, who tries to kill her with a jump rope. Heading towards the roof, she sees Steve tied to a cross and tries to free him but she is confronted by Bob. Bob explains that the woman that warned Cathy is a Guardian Angel, and the “lurkers” she saw as a child, were merely the spirits of the people that died in the building. Bob explains that the building is Hell and that they lure people to the building so they can die and they can go to hell, and that there are more buildings like this that evil people are born into and then return to die. As Bob, Monica, Desmond and the others continue to approach Cathy, they end up forcing her off the roof, where she falls to her death. Some time later, Monica, disguised as a nun, begins to work on Cathy’s brother while Cathy, now a lurker, tries to warn Bob’s new girlfriend not to return to her old home.

This was kind of an odd movie. The acting was ok, with Christine Moore doing a good job as Cathy while everyone else honestly seemed somewhat generic. The plot sounded good but the pacing just felt off with all of the various flashbacks to the past as well as the cuts to what was going on with Bob and Cathy. Also, the movie just seemed to move rather slowly and really dragged out the setup of what was supposed to happen, then cram a bunch of stuff in during the last 20 minutes or so. There wasn’t really anything scary in the movie but there were some disturbing imagery that did help set the mood for the movie. Not really scary but it was an interesting movie to watch.

Rating: 2 out of 5



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