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December 19th, 2015 Movie – The Lost Boys: The Thirst

the lost boys - the thirst

I think we have already established that I am a glutton for punishment when it comes to movies watching. How else can you explain the fact that I bought this when I didn’t really like the second movie. Anyways, since the previous movie was the best selling DVD for Warner Premier, they decided to make another direct-to-video sequel.Once again, Corey Feldman would be reprising his role of Edgar Frog, but he would be reunited with Jamison Newlander, who played his brother Alan (although technically Jamison was also in the previous movie but the scene was turned into an alternate ending). So let’s see if today’s movie, The Lost Boys: The Thirst, is any better than the last one.

The plot: 5 years ago, Edgar and Alan Frog are handling a vampire case in Washington DC but though they manage to rescue a congressman from being killed by vampires, Alan is forced to drink vampire blood, turning him into a half-vampire and forcing him to run from his brother. In present day San Cazador, California, Edgar is informed by the bank that his trailer is being repossessed. Edgar tries to make money by selling his comic collection to his friend Zoe. While there, he meets Johnny Trash, a celebrity blogger who is in town for the upcoming X-Party that is being held in town. When Edgar gets back to his trailer, he finds Gwen Lieber waiting for him, who tries to get him to help her save her brother. She explains that her brother went missing after attending an X-party held in Ibiza and believes that vampires are involved. She hands Edgar a vial of a drug called “The Thirst”, which turns out to be vampire blood, which she says comes from the Alpha vampire and he is using the raves to create an army of vampires. She offers money for Edgar to take the case but he refuses. Meanwhile, the plane carrying DJ X, the vampire heading up the X-party, is flying overhead and as three of his henchmen jump out of the plane, DJ X tells the last man to make sure Peter, who is drugged and bound in one of the seats, gets there safely and to have someone take out Edgar Frog before he jumps. When the four vampires land on the ground, they meet Johnny Trash, who has been promoting the rave on his blog but says he will make sure no one will attend if he doesn’t get an interview. As they are driving, DJ X does the interview with Johnny Trash, then when it is done, he kills Johnny Trash, since he has served his purpose of promoting the rave. Meanwhile, Edgar goes to see Alan, who is still a half vampire and became a taxidermist in order to satisfy his bloodlust by drinking the blood of animals. Edgar tries to convince Alan to help him but he refuses, having lost hope of ever finding the head vampire that will return him to human. Alan suggest he call Sam, but Edgar explains that Sam had turned and he had to put him down, which caused Michael and Star to refuse to have anything to do with him, and he doesn’t want to involve Laddie because he has a normal life now. Edgar decides to do the job on his own and gets back in touch with Gwen but learns that she had hired Lars Van Goetz, a former reality TV show star, who he is expected to work with. After paying a visit to Sam’s grave, he finds that Alan had left the first book ever written about vampire hunting in his car and he takes it to Zoe to see if she can find out anything from it. After he leaves, Zoe is attacked by a vampire but when a returning Edgar distracts it, Zoe sprays him in the mouth with holy water, causing the vampire to explode. Later, Zoe explains what she learned about a ritual sacrifice during a blood moon, and says that one is occurring that Friday, the night of the rave. Figuring that the rave is going to be held on an offshore island that was once a slaughterhouse, Edgar and Zoe go to see Blake, the congressman that Edgar saved, who now makes weapons for Edgar. After getting some new weapons, they are attacked by some vampires but manage to kill them all. They meet Lars, his cameraman Claus, and Gwen on the dock and head out to the island, where he arms Zoe, Lars, and Claus, but he tells Gwen that she is staying behind, then they head out towards the nest. Making their way through some underground tunnels, they enter the slaughterhouse and split up. Lars and Claus find Peter, but Lars believe this is all some roleplaying game and has Claus turn around so they can “find him at the end of the episode”. Meanwhile, Edgar and Zoe find the body of Johnny Trash, but they are attacked by two of DJ X’s henchmen. Lars and Claus run into DJ X’s third henchman, who kills Lars but Claus manages to stab him with a stake and kill him. Zoe manages to kill the vampire attackign her but Edgar is stabbed in the shoulder with a sword. Zoe and Claus get Edgar back outside where they can treat him, then, along with Gwen, they head back to the slaughterhouse as the rave is starting. During the rave, all of the people attending are given The Thirst and DJ X is about to sacrifice Peter but Frog interrupts him. After dealing with one of DJ X’s underlings, Edgar faces off aginst DJ X, while Zoe and Gwen look for a resin grenade that Frog had dropped in a tank underneath DJ X. When Edgar is about to be killed by DJ X, he is saved by Alan, and the two brothers begin fighting with DJ X. Zoe manages to retrieve the grenade and gives it to Edgar, who uses it to impale DJ X, then he and Alan both stab him throught the heart and kill him. Gwen and Zoe free Peter while Edgar tells the crowd to leave, but when Alan says he hasn’t changed, and they notice the rest of the crowd are still vampires, they realize that Peter was the alpha, and Gwen had hired Edgar to save Peter in exchange for being turned, but Peter kills her instead. Edgar tells Claus and Zoe to leave while he and Alan go after Peter. Peter captures Alan and explains to Edgar that he wants him to keep killing vampires, in oprder to keep the vampire population under control. Edgar tries to kill Peter, but Peter uses his control over Alan to have him kill Edgar. Before Alan can kill him, Edgar manages to spray Peter with water, which he then blesses to make it holy water, causing Peter to explode and changing Alan and all the others back to human. The next day, Alan is making up for lost time on the beach and Alan pays a visit to Zoe. He questions her about how she knew vampires were real and she said it was a hunch. When Edgar mentions that he is studying on all possible underworld creatures and mentions that werewolves can change form at will, she says it is interesting as she turns her back to him, revealing her eyes to have changed.

I will admit, that this was a better sequel and a good movie to add to the franchise. I think Corey Feldman did a better job with portraying a darker, grittier version of Edgar Frog than in The Lost Boys: The Tribe. The story was pretty good and I liked the tribute to Corey Haim with the flashbacks to the original movie, as well as Edgar having a copy of Batman #14, the comic that Sam was looking for when he first met the Frog brothers, and that he leaves it on Sam’s grave as a memorial. The effects were pretty decent for a direct-to-video movie. It’s not as good as the original Lost Boys, but this is a sequel worth watching.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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