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December 17th, 2015 Movie – The Lost Boys

the lost boys

Well, it is only a couple of hours before a certain movie comes out and people mob the theaters to see it. What does that have to do with today’s movie, you ask? Absolutely nothing. I just thought I would point that out. Today’s movie, in my opinion, is one of those movies that everyone, who was a kid in the 80’s, has seen. Now this wasn’t some blockbuster picture or anything like that. It was just your average horror/comedy film that would achieve a degree of cult classic standing. So here is today’s movie, The Lost Boys.

The plot: In Santa Carla, CA., a security guard breaks up a fight between two rival gangs, telling them both to get off the boardwalk. Later that night, as the guard is walking to his car, he notices something flying towards him and tries to reach his car but he is grabbed and dragged off into the sky. The next day, Lucy, with her sons Michael and Sam, move to Santa Clara to live with her father after her divorce. As they get settles in, Michael asks his Grandpa if the rumors about Santa Clara being the “murder capital of the world” are true, he responds that there would be a population jump if all the corpses came back to life. That night, Michael and Sam attend a concert on the boardwalk when Michael notices a girl enjoying the concert and when she leaves, he follows her. Lucy is also wandering the boardwalk and after she helps a kid find his mom, she talks to Max, the owner of a video rental store, about a job. Michael continues following the girl, with Sam following him until he sees a comic shop and goes inside. While looking through the comics, Sam meets Edgar and Alan Frog, who give Sam a horror comic about vampires, telling him it is a survival guide. Michael continues to follow the girl until he sees her get on the back of a bike and ride off with the gang from earlier. Later that night, a couple are in the back of their car when the car’s roof is ripped off and they are both dragged into the sky. The next day, Sam returns to the comic shop, where the Frog brothers tell him that the town has been overrun by vampires and they are secretly fighting against them. That night, Michael goes back to the boardwalk, and runs into the girl, whose called Star. Michael invites her to get some food but as they are leaving, David and his gang pull up on their motorcycles, and tell Michael to follow them. As they ride down the beach, David taunts Michael into a game of chicken as they race towards the edge of the cliff. David leads Michael to their hideout, an old hotel that sank into the ground after the 1906 earthquake. After giving Michael some food, which looks like maggots and worms at first glance to Michael, David gives him some wine to drink and though Star warns him that it is blood, Michael doesn’t believe her and drinks it. Later, David and his gang, Marko, Dwayne, and Paul, lead Michael to a bridge, where the proceed to hang from the beams underneath it. When a train passes over the bridge, the gang begins dropping one by one, with David telling Michael to let go before he drops. Michael can’t hold on any longer and falls, but winds up back in his bed. That afternoon, Michael receives a call from his mom, asking him to watch Sam because she was going to dinner with Max. After Grandpa leaves to go on a date of his own, a bunch of motorcycles begin driving around the house but they disappear when Michael opens the door. As Sam is taking a bath, Michael goes to attack him but he is bitten by their dog, Nanook. Sam notices Michael’s reflection in the mirror is transparent and realizes that Michael is turning into a vampire. Michael tries to talk to Sam but Sam locks the door to his room and calls the Frog brothers, who confirm that Michael is turning into a vampire. Michael lays down on his bed, but soon finds himself levitating up to the ceiling and some force is dragging him out the window. When Lucy calls to check on the kids, Sam answers but begins screaming when Michael floats by his window, causing Lucy to rush home. Michael convinces Sam to help him back inside, then he gets his bike and goes back to the gang’s hideout. When he gets there, Michael goes looking for Star, hoping to get some answers but she apologizes and says she can’t help him before the two end up having sex. The next day, Sam goes with Lucy as she takes an apology gift to Max for running out on their date, but Max’s dog, Thorn, attacks Lucy. Sam goes to see the Frog brothers, and tells him his thoughts that Max might be the head vampire and killing him might save his brother. That night, Michael is leaving when Max shows up at the house and Michael invites him in. Sam invites the Frog brothers to dinner and they test Max to see if he is a vampire but he passes every test. Michael goes looking for Star on the boardwalk and he finds David, who tells Michael to follow them. They lead Michael to a hillside party that a rival gang is having, then David reveals that he and the others are vampires as they proceed to kill all of the gang members below. They try to get Michael to join in the feeding but Michael refuses, and David tells him that he must feed sometime. Michael returns home and talks to Sam when Star shows up, revealing that she is like Michael, but they are not full fledged vampires until they make their first kill. Sam calls the Frog brothers and the next day, Michael takes them to the vampire’s hideout. While Michael gets Star and Laddie, a young boy that is with Star, out of the hotel, Sam and the Frog brothers find the vampires sleeping, hanging from the ceiling of a small cave. They manage to kill Marko, but the other vampires wake up and David chases after them but they manage to get away when they make it into the sunlight. After taking Star and Laddie to their house, Sam and the Frog brothers make preparations to defend themselves, getting some holy water and making sure that Lucy and Grandpa are out of the house. That night, David and the others head towards the house and attack Michael and the others. Edgar and Allan decide to stake Star and Laddie but they run off, and when the Frog brothers chase after them, they run into Paul. Paul plans to kill them for killing Marko but they injure him when Edgar splashes him with holy water, then Nanook jumps out Paul, knocking him into a bathtub full of holy water. Dwayne comes through the chimney, knocking Michael and Sam down. When he grabs Sam, Sam uses a water gun filled with Holy water to get away, then kills Dwayne by shooting him with an arrow, which impales him into the stereo behind him, causing him to be electrocuted and explode. As Sam heads upstairs, David appears and attacks Michael. Sam meets with the Frog brothers, who compare notes on the dead vampires when Laddie suddenly tries to attack them but Star prevents them from killing him. Michael and David begin to fight each other, with Michael finally using his vampiric powers to kill David by impaling him on a set of antlers. Sam, Star, and the Frog brothers come downstairs, but Michael tells them nothing is different, making them believe that the head vampire isn’t dead. Lucy and Max show up, and Max reveals that he is the head vampire and he intended to have Lucy be a sort of mother for David and the others. Michael attacks Max but Max easily beats him, as well as Star and the Frog brothers. He grabs Sam and plans to kill him if Lucy doesn’t go with him. Suddenly, Grandpa drives his jeep through the wall and Michael pushes Max into the path of a fence post, which impales him and causes him to explode. Everyone is ok, but when Lucy asks her dad if he is ok, he reveals that he has known about the vampires, as they are the one thing about Santa Clara he couldn’t stand.

The Lost Boys was met with mostly positive reviews from the critics, holding a 72% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The consensus among the critics is that it is “Flawed but eminently watchable, Joel Schumacher’s teen vampire thriller blends horror, humor, and plenty of visual style with standout performances from a cast full of young 1980s stars.” Director Joel Schumacher made several attempts at a sequel in the 90’s but nothing would ever come to pass until 2008, when a direct to video sequel came out followed by a second one in 2010. The movie was a box office success, earning over $32 million off a $8.5 million budget.

This has always been one of my “go to” movies to watch when I am bored. The acting is pretty decent, although I thought Dianne Wiest (Lucy) overdid it a bit in playing the “ditzy” mom. The story was pretty good and I liked how they tried to utilize the various “vampire lore” in the movie. The special effects were ok but I have to admit, the bit where all of the plumbing begins exploding with blood after Paul dies was a bit on the ridiculous side. All in all, it’s a fun vampire movie to watch if you are in the mood for it.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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