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December 6th, 2015 Movie – Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels

lock stock and two smoking barrels

My brain is absolute mush right now and I don’t really know why. I’m not tired, hungry, or thirsty. I just can’t seem to focus on anything right now. And that could be a problem for today’s movie because there is a lot that happens in this movie. After all, today’s movie is a crime film but it also has a bit of dark humor to it so there is quite a bit to pay attention to.oh well. Maybe if I start watching the movie it will get my brain going. So here is today’s movie, Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels.

The plot:  Bacon, Eddy, Soap, and Tom are four friends who have each managed to come up with £25, 000 so they can enter Eddy into an illegal high stakes card game run by “Hatchet” Harry Lonsdales. As Tom is counting the money in his and Bacon’s apartment, they comment about how they can hear what goes on next door, where there neighbors are a group of crooks led by a man named Dog. While a group of pot growers are arguing about their security measures, a debt collector known as Big Chris, who does jobs with his son Little Chris, is busy collecting some debts for Harry. Aside from the card game, Harry is also interested in interested in a pair of antique shotguns and has his enforcer Barry “The Baptist” hire two guys, Gary and Dean, to steal the guns. The night of the card game, Eddy goes to play the game while the others wait in a Samoan pub next door. Meanwhile, Gary and Dean go to the house and steal all of the guns in the gun cabinet, but while Gary is trying to figure out where the owners keep their money, one of the staff fires a shotgun, scorching his hair. At the card game, Eddy does ok, but with Barry looking at his cards and signaling what they are to Harry, Harry is able to trick Eddy into owing him £500,000, which he must pay back within one week. As Tom, Bacon, and Soap try to come up with some way of coming up with the money, Eddy hears his neighbors talking about robbing the pot dealers and comes up with his own plan to rob them. Tom reaches out to a fence known as Nick the Greek to broker the sale of the weed, who in turn goes to a Rory Breaker, a known dealer, to arrange the sale. Barry meets with Gary and Dean but when he doesn’t see the guns he was looking for, the antique shotguns, he learns that they sold them and orders them to get them back. Nick the Greek, who bought the guns, ends up selling the guns to Tom, while Big Chris meets with Eddy’s father, JD, and tells him that Harry will take JD’s bar in exchange for clearing the debt. Dog and his men rob the pot dealers, but end up losing one of their men in the process. As they are loading the weed into the van, a traffic warden approaches the van and threatens to have them towed but one of Dog’s men knocks him out and tosses him in the van. When they get back to their hideout, Dog and his men are surprised by Eddy and the others, who tape them up and make off with the stolen drugs and money. Eddy gives a sample to Nick to take to Rory, who agrees to take it for half price, but after Nick leaves, he has his men take it to one of their dealers for a second opinion. When Rory’s men get there, it turns out to be the dealers that Dog robbed, and Rory believes Nick knew he was selling Rory his own drugs and has his men find Nick so he can get his drugs back. Meanwhile, Dog finds out that Eddy was the one that robed him and he ends up waiting in his apartment for him to show back up. Gary and Dean also learn who has the guns and they head there as well. When Rory and his men reach Eddy’s apartment, then end up in a gunfight with Dog’s men. Dog sneaks out the back with the money and the two antique shotguns but he runs into Big Chris, who knocks him out and takes the money and guns, but Dog recovers and goes after him. Winston, one of the dealers, ID’s one of Dog’s men to Rory, the only survivor, but when Rory goes to finish him off, they both end up shooting each other. Eddy and the others arrive and find the place full of bodies but no sign of the drugs or money. Meanwhile, Big Chris takes the money and guns to Harry and leaves, unaware that Gary and Dean had followed them and they go inside to get the guns back, not knowing that they were going into Harry’s place. When Dean breaks into Harry’s office, Harry shoots Dean with one of the shotguns. Gary then shoots Harry but when he is struck with a hatchet in the back, he shoots the person behind him, only to find out it is Barry and both men are shocked to see the other person there. Big Chris returns to his car and discovers Dog inside threatening his son and he is forced to take Dog to Harry’s. Meanwhile, Eddy and Tom go to Harry and find the dead bodies as well as the money and guns, so they decide to take the money while Tom grabs the guns. As Eddy takes the money to the car, Big Chris slams his car into theirs, then proceeds to beat Dog to death with his car door for threatening his son. Chris then checks on Eddy and the others but when he notices the bag of money, he grabs it and takes it back to Harry. He sees Tom there with the shotguns, but with them both believing they are armed, they each go their separate ways. Eddy, Soap, and Bacon are arrested but they are cleared when the traffic warden doesn’t identify them as part of the heist. Later, they believe themselves to be in the clear, with the only thing connecting them to the crime is the two shotguns, which they tell Tom to get rid of. Big Chris approaches them and gives them back the bag, though he kept the money, and when they open it, they find a catalog of antique weapons and, learning what the shotguns are worth, they try to call Tom and stop him from getting rid of the guns.

Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels met with mostly positive reviews from the critics, earning a 76% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The consensus seemed to be that it was a fast paced romp that offered as much humor as it did action. Aside from making director Guy Ritchie a household name, the movie is also known for being the debut for actors Jason Statham and Vinnie Jones. The movie was a box office success, earning over $28 million off a $1.4 million budget.

This is a great movie to watch. The acting was really good among all the people, though I will admit that some of the accents can be a little hard to understand. The basic story was pretty simple, but what kept this story from being boring were all of the side stories that tied together. The best thing about this is that they don’t really leave any unresolved plot points. The only thing that is not 100% shown to be resolved is what happened to Winston and the other pot growers, but it is implied that Winston took the drugs back. Anyways, the action scenes were over the top at times, but that honestly added to the humor. Definitely a fun movie to watch.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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