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December 2nd, 2015 Movie – Life Returns

life returns

Wow, I have a lot of movies. I know I am probably stating the obvious but let me put this into perspective for a minute. I started my little movie watching endeavor at the beginning of last year. Now, 23 months into it, I am on the letter L, which means that I am not even halfway through the alphabet after almost 2 years of watching movies. Again, all I can say is wow. Well, might as well dive into today’s movie. Today’s movie is an old, and I do mean old, movie from the Sci-Fi Invasion set. Although, after reading the brief description, I don’t really know how well Life Happens fits with this set.

The plot: Three friends, Bob, Louis, and John, are attending college and working together on an experiment to achieve life after death, with the promise to continue working together when the graduate. However, on the day of their graduation, John receives an off for them all to work at Arnold Research Laboratory, but when the others don’t share in his excitement, he decides to go there on his own. After years of trying to perfect the formula, he is called into his boss’ office, where he is told to stop working on his project and instead, make some special brushes for a top donor, he walks out dejected. He heads home, where he starts to cancel all of his patient’s appointments but his wife forces him to see them. Some time later, John is telling a panel about how he will succeed in his experiments to bring the dead back to life but he is met with ridicule. As he leaves, he runs into Louise, who says that both she and Bob will be willing to help John, but he refuses, saying he must do it alone. After several years, John comes home one day to find his wife has died and his son Danny is ordered into foster care after he is shown to be an unfit parent with the loss of his practice. When the cops show up to take Danny into foster care, he runs away and ends up meeting a gang of kids and hiding in their clubhouse. While Danny tries to find his father a job so that they can be a family again, Louise pays John a visit and yells at him for being selfish and abandoning his son when he needs him most. Some time later, Danny is hiding from the police when his dog, Scooter, is captured by a dog catcher and taken to the pound. When the gang of kids find out what happened, they all help Danny break into the pound and release all of the dogs as they free Scooter. When the dog catcher sees what is going on, he grabs Scooter and Danny, but Danny gets away and finds the rest of the gang near one of their members, who broke his leg escaping from the dog catcher. Danny gets his dad to look at the boy, but John refuses, saying that he will send another doctor to take care of the kid. Danny is upset that his dad didn’t try and when he finds out that the pound is going to kill Scooter, he is even more upset that his dad won’t do anything to help and decides to go to the foster home. John goes to the clubhouse and gets the gang to get all of their dogs and meet him at the university laboratory, where he meets with Bob and Louise and the prepare to try and revive Scooter. While they begin work on the experiment, two of the gang members head to the juvenile hall and stop Danny from going inside and take him to the university. At the lab, they manage to get Scooter’s heart beating and after some time, Scooter begins breathing normally and soon is on his way to a full recovery. Danny goes outside to tell his friends, then thanks his dad before going to lay down by the recovering Scooter.

This was……..boring. Absolutely boring. I almost fell asleep watching this, and it is only about an hour long. The acting was ok at best. I do think Onslow Stevens was probably the best actor in the movie as he did a good job in portraying John’s spiral into a state of depression. The story sounded interesting but you hardly see anything regarding the actual experiments until the very end when they try to save Scooter. I wish I could get that hour back but I might just take a quick nap and see if that makes up for this movie.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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