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November 27th, 2015 Movie – The Legend Of Bigfoot

the legend of bigfoot

Happy Black Friday all you crazy shoppers out there. I did that once a few years ago to get a new computer but you know what, I think I would much rather sleep in and shop online instead of dealing with that hassle. Anyways, today’s movie is one of the more interesting movies that I own. To be honest, when I first watched this I thought somehow a home movie got mixed in with the rest of the movies in the Chilling Classics box set. But I will let you decide for yourself as I watch today’s movie, The Legend Of Bigfoot.

The plot: The movie starts with a man named Ivan Marx speaking to the camera, stating that the footage is all true and showcases his ten year search for Bigfoot. Ivan Marx is an animal tracker that primarily is called in to deal with renegades, animals that have been killing off herd animals. One time he is called up to Alaska, where some ranchers believe Kodiak bears are killing off their cattle. When Ivan gets up there, he discovers that the cattle are dying off due to poor nutrition or natural cause and the bears are just feeding on the carcasses, though one rancher swears Bigfoot is killing the cattle. When he gets back home, Ivan handles a job with his brother-in-law and mentions the Bigfoot story to him. His brother-in-law takes him to the Land of Petrified Wood, where he sees drawings of Bigfoot, that were over 700 years old, telling the story of how Bigfoot would steal children from the village and the village wound up being abandoned. Ivan dismisses the story but one day when he is tracking a mountain lion, he finds strange tracks in the snow that looked like a giant human-shaped footprint and strange hairs in and near the tracks. Ivan made casts of the tracks and took samples of the hairs and sent them to be tested but they came back as being from no known animal. Ivan was called up to the mountains to track a renegade bear, but when he finds it, the bear is lying dead of a broken neck, with the strange tracks by it’s body and strange hair in it’s teeth. He decides to do some research on Bigfoot and sometime later, as he is exploring the mountains near his home, he found a fresh track near a bridge and saw something moving in the woods across the stream. He chased after the creature and realized he had seen Bigfoot but a storm washed away the tracks before he could cast them. Ivan then goes hunting after any possible sighting of Bigfoot, but as each trip fails to pan out, and his money running out, he is forced to call a halt to his search. Then, when he is out getting video of a bear, he spies Bigfoot and manages to get some video of the creature, but the video merely calls the experts to ask even more questions. Ivan theorizes that Bigfoot might be a migratory animal and set out with his wife Peggy to prove and document his theory. They head north into Canada and the Arctic Circle, where and Eskimo says he will see Bigfoot and teaches him a chant that would summon the creature. Ivan heads out to a tundra plain, where he sees what appears to be glowing eyes, but they vanish behind a rainbow at dawn. He then decides to try and search from a plane and notices a young Bigfoot by a stream but by the time they land the plane, it vanishes. Ivan finally figures out the best place to locate Bigfoot and sees two creatures, a young one and an older one, and feels he has sufficiently proven his theory and plans to further study the mysterious creature.

I can sum up this movie in one word, boring. I know I dozed off at least once and it might have been even more than that. Ivan Marx, the narrator, sounded a bit like the narrator from A Christmas Story, but his droning voice just makes you lose interest and didn’t really get you involved in the “documentary.” The footage itself was ok, with the nature shots of the various wildlife actually more interesting than the “Bigfoot search or sightings.” I know there are lots of Bigfoot movies out there so just skip this one unless you need a sedative for a nap.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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