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October 30th, 2015 Movie – Kung Fu Arts

kung fu arts

Sorry for the lateness of this post. I started watching this movie yesterday but then wound up helping my brother move. I got home late and finished watching the movie but was too tired to really write anything. Anyways, today’s movie is from the Martial Arts collection and to be honest, I am not quite sure what to make of it. I mean, I know that Japanese, and just about every other oriental movie for that matter, can have some pretty bizarre plots going on. But this movie has an emperor marrying his daughter to a monkey. Oh yeh. I can’t wait to see what happens in today’s movie, Kung Fu Arts.

The plot: King Chi, the fiance to the emperor’s daughter, gets into a fight with a stranger on the palace grounds. When the fighting results in him breaking into the emperor’s chambers, he is accused of trying to assassinate the emperor by Pai Yeh Hu, the emperor’s general. Pai Yeh Hu tries to stop King Chi and the two begin to fight but when King Chi attempts to throw a dart at Pai Yeh Hu, he dodges it and the dart hits the princess instead. With the doctor unable to help her and giving her 3 days to live, the emperor makes an announcement declaring that anyone who is able to help the princess will be allowed to marry her. King Chi, disguised as a traveling doctor, makes his way towards the palace but when one of the guards pulls off his disguise, he is forced to fight them. Meanwhile, a baby chimpanzee carrying a bottle of liquid grabs the royal decree and, after being chased by the emperor’s men and the villagers, the monkey is brought to the palace. When the medicine the monkey brought succeeds in curing the princess, the emperor consults with his councilors and reluctantly admits that he is forced to marry his daughter to the monkey, The wedding ceremony commences and afterwards, the emperor places his daughter and the monkey into a boat and sets them adrift into the sea. Hearing word about where King Chi is, the emperor sends some men after him but King Chi is able to defeat the men and escape. The emperor decides to make Pai Yeh Hu the commander-in-chief of all China, but that night, an assassin sneaks into the palace, kills all of the sentries, and kills the emperor, which is witnessed by the princess’ handmaiden. Pai Yeh Hu claims that King Chi did this and swears revenge but the emperor’s councilor, worried about China’s stability, declares that he should assume the crown immediately before there is unrest. Meanwhile, the boat carrying the princess and the monkey lands on a deserted island and the two begin to survive on the island, where it is discovered that the princess is pregnant. Back at the palace, Pai Yeh Hu sends patrols out to look for the princess but they find the remains of her boat and believed she is dead. The princess’ aunt confronts Pai Yeh Hu about his wanting the princess when she was the one who helped him become emperor and Pai Yeh Hu kills her in order to keep the secret. Ten years later, the princess has given birth to a boy, who has grown up calling the monkey “Uncle Monkey”. Meanwhile, King Chi has been practicing martial arts for the past ten years in order to get revenge on Pai Yeh Hu. He sneaks onto the palace grounds and runs into Shao Chen, the princess’ handmaiden, who tells him about the emperor’s death. She gives King Chi a blood letter written by the emperor before he died and tells him what happened the night the emperor died. She also informs him about what happened to the princess, as everyone believing her to be dead. King Chi wants to kill Pai Yeh Hu immediately but Shao Chen stops him, and says in ten days, there will be a better opportunity and she will help him, so he agrees to wait and decides to go to the island to look for the princess. King Chi arrives on the island and sees the monkey, which used to be his, but when he calls out to the monkey, the monkey runs off and winds up being killed by a snake. King Chi eventually finds the princess in a cave, who does not look happy to see him but he tries to explain what had happened. The night if the attack, he overheard Pai Yeh Hu and the princess’ aunt planning to kill the emperor and he followed Pai Yeh Hu to try and stop him but failed. When he tried to disguise himself as a doctor but was recognized, he sent his monkey with the medicine to cure the princess. As they talk, the princess’ son arrives in the cave, and after burying “Uncle Monkey”, the princess admits that the child is King Chi’s. The night of the festival, Shao Chen drugs the sentries and sneaks King Chi into the palace, but King Chi ends up walking into a trap as both him and Shao Chen are captured. Pai Yeh Hu questions King Chi about the emperor’s blood letter but he refuses to answer. After he leaves, Shao Chen apologizes but King Chi says that the letter is safe with the princess when suddenly, the guards arrive and take Shao Chen away. Back on the island, the princess is worrying about King Chi when the emperor’s guards appear in the cave and capture her and ransack the cave looking for the letter. King Chi’s son arrives at the cave and, seeing it ransacked, goes into the forest and asks all of his monkey friends to help him rescue his mother. Back at the palace, Pai Yeh Hu asks the princess for the letter and it is revealed that Shao Chen betrayed the princess and King Chi in order to get a better life for herself. Shao Chen searches the princess for the letter, but when she is unable to find it, she suggests just killing them but Pai Yeh Hu kills her instead. King Chi’s son has the monkeys take out the guards while he frees his father. King Chi takes out the remaining guards and then begins to fight with Pai Yeh Hu. When Pai Yeh Hu starts to get the upper hand, King Chi’s son helps fight him, and the two begin to beat Pai Yeh Hu until the magistrate arrives with more guards. Pai Yeh Hu orders the three arrested and manages to grab the blood letter but a monkey snatches the letter from him and hands it to the magistrate, who learns of Pai Yeh Hu’s guilt. Pai Yeh Hu tries to escape and is killed by King Chi and afterwards, the magistrate announces the two as the new rulers of China,

I have to admit, this was a pretty decent movie. The acting was ok but the dubbing was incredibly bad, which just made the movie incredibly funny to watch. The story was ok but I will admit the whole monkey angle of the story was a little weird. The fight scenes were good and pretty well choreographed. The scenes involving the monkeys attacking the guards were also really funny. Not a blockbuster movie but this will keep you entertained for 90 minutes.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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