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October 28th, 2015 Movie – Kuffs


Have you ever watched a movie and for whatever reason, some part of the movie just made you laugh. I mean, the whole movie could be funny, but there is one scene that always makes you laugh. Let’s take Ant-Man as a recent example. I always thought the scene was funny in the trailer but when I saw it in the theaters, the scene with Ant-Man and Yellowjacket fighting on the toy train tracks and Yellowjacket covering his face with his hands as the toy train comes towards him, then having the camera pull back to show the train just fall on it’s side after it hits him still made me laugh out loud when I saw it. In today’s movie, Kuffs, it was a bit more of a juvenile sense of humor involving a dog farting that had me laughing.

The plot: George Kuffs, a high school dropout who has been fired from his last job, leaves his girlfriend Maya when he finds out she is pregnant with his kid. Kuffs goes to see his brother Brad, who is an officer in San Francisco’s Patrol Special Police (a civilian auxiliary police force that is assign specific districts of the city), in the hopes of getting a loan from him. As they have dinner to celebrate Brad’s birthday, Brad refuses to give him the loan and offers instead to get him a job as a Patrol Special, but Kuffs refuses the offer. Brad heads to a nearby church for communion before starting his shift, when he is shot by Kane, the leader of a gang that had tried to bribe Brad into looking the other way while his gang terrorized his district. Hearing the shots, Kuffs runs into the church and sees Kane pointing the gun at his fallen brother, but Kane drops the gun and leaves, while Kuffs gets help for his brother. While Brad is in surgery, Kuffs is approached by Captain Morino, who tells Kuffs they have the man that shot Brad but he wants Kuffs to come to the station to identify him. At the station, Kuffs identifies Kane but when the district attorney learns that Kuffs didn’t actually see Kane shoot Brad, he is forced to release him. Captain Morino then informs Kuffs that Brad died and he left Kuffs his district and that he can either run the district or sell it. As Kuffs is visiting his brother’s grave, a businessman named Sam Jones approaches him and offers to buy his district. One of the officers in his district also offers to buy the district from Kuffs but, to the surprise of everyone, Kuffs decides to keep the district, going to the police academy during the day, then riding with an officer at night. On his first night on patrol, Kuffs is introduced to Ted Bukowsky, the officer that is riding with him while he is on patrol. Thinking that Ted will get in the way of his plan to look for Kane, Kuffs puts some drugs in a cup of coffee, which he gives to Ted, but Ted refuses to drink it, saying he likes cold coffee. As they start the patrol, Kuffs passes Kane as they drive through an intersection and tries to follow him but after getting yelled at by Ted, he is forced to continue on his assigned patrol route. When they arrive at the seen of a robbery, the description given to them matches Kane and Kuffs wants to go after him but Ted wants to follow procedure and the two wind up fighting until it is broken up by another couple of cops. Ted decides to help Kuffs, and the two stake at Kane’s apartment and follow him to a Chinese laundromat where they see Kane pick up a mysterious tube. The continue to follow Kane where Kuffs sees Kane hand the tube to Sam, and Kuffs tries to follow Sam but he loses him when Sam gets on a subway. Kuffs has to respond to a call about a jumper in his district but as he is driving there, he has to deal with Ted, who has begun to show the effects of the drugged coffee. With Ted unconscious when they arrive at the scene, Kuffs is forced to deal with the jumper on his own but he gets distracted when he sees Maya on the street with a date. Kuffs tries to convince the jumper to come inside but instead, the jumper shoots Kuffs before he jumps. At the hospital, Kuffs is visited by Maya, who still cares about him but is still upset over his actions. Kuffs returns to his apartment to see Kane waiting for him, who offers Kuffs a $25,000 bribe to look the other way. Kuffs pays a visit to Sam to discuss his connection with Kane, then later on, he stops Kane as he tries to shake down one of the business in his district. Kane arrives at Kuffs apartment to try and kill him but Kuffs is able to kill him instead. The next day, Kuffs arrives at the office to find Sam there along with an officer, who is there to arrest Kuffs, due to his lying about graduating high school, which is necessary for being a Patrol Special. Kuffs manages to trick the arresting officer and, borrowing a drug dog, Kuffs goes to Ted’s place to try and get his help but Ted refuses. Kuffs heads to the laundromat but instead of drugs, he finds some stolen artwork that is worth $50 million. Sam and his men arrive and tie up Kuffs and set a bomb to destroy the building before they leave. Ted, feeling guilty, shows up at the laundromat and manages to rescue Kuffs, then the two arm themselves at a nearby gun shop and go after Sam. The two men arrive as Sam is making a deal for the stolen paintings and end up getting into a gunfight with the crooks, eventually getting some backup and though Ted and Kuffs get wounded in the process, they manage to kill or arrest all of the crooks, including Sam. Later, it is shown that Kuffs and Maya got married and have a daughter, and Kuffs took the GED to get his diploma so he can keep the business and, with Maya’s parent’s help, they buy another district.

The critics may have panned this movie (it currently holds a 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes), but I have always found this movie to be pretty funny. Christian Slater (Kuffs) was pretty good in this movie and I thought the idea of him continuously breaking the fourth wall by telling the “audience” what was going on added to the comedy of the film. I also thought that Tony Goldwyn (Ted) worked well with Slater as a comedic pairing and Milla Jovovich did a good job playing Maya. The story was a mix of a typical cop/revenge drama with some buddy cop elements and Slater did a good job going in between the different styles. The action scenes were decent, though a bit over the top at times. A pretty funny movie if you give it a chance.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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