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October 26th, 2015 Movie – Kraken: Tentacles Of The Deep

kraken tentacles of the deep

It’s been a while since I have watched a movie involving a legendary creature. Well…let me rephrase that. It’s been a while since I have watched a movie involving a legendary character for this blog. The Kraken has always been a favorite monster of mine due to the different stories and descriptions of it. While it is usually depicted as some sort of giant, squid-like creature, the original stories from Norway made it sound like something completely different. Then of course, we have the monster from Clash Of The Titans and the remake (as well as the popular “Release the Kraken” line), which shows a more humanoid type monster. Today’s movie uses the standard squid type monster so lets get on with Kraken: Tentacles Of The Deep.

The plot: During a nighttime boating trip as a kid, Ray Reiter witnesses his parents being killed by a giant squid. Thirty years later, Nicole, a marine archaeologist, is exploring an area of water off the Canadian coast called Desolation Passage with two of her students, Jenny and Michael, for a legendary opal and Trojan death mask which she believes was last seen on a boat that sank in the area. Using an underwater camera to search the wrecks, the soon discover a wreck which contains the death mask but as they are pulling up the camera, something grabs the camera, pulling the cables taut across the neck of the boat captain’s neck, eventually severing his head from his body. Michael goes to check on the captain and sees several tentacles grabbing the remains before dragging them deeper underwater. Hearing about the attack, Ray heads to Canada and after talking with Nicole, manages to convince her to let him fix her boat and act as the new skipper. Heading back out to sea, Ray tries to get Nicole to tell him what she is looking for but Nicole is suspicious of Ray’s motives for coming and doesn’t tell him. When they get to the wreck, Ray manages to convince Nicole to let him dive with her and the two dive down to the wreck. Nicole goes into the wreck and retrieves some artifacts, including the mask, but when she reaches for something that might be the opal, something grabs her hand and when she frees herself, she winds up getting stuck. Meanwhile, Ray is exploring the outside of the boat, finding the captain’s remains, before noticing the bubbles coming from the ship and goes to rescue Nicole. Ray frees Nicole and as they are swimming back to the surface, Ray catches a glimpse of the squid behind them. Back on the boat, Nicole tells Ray about the legend of the mask and in return, Ray shows her the claw from a giant squid, to let her know what they are dealing with down there. When they arrive back in port, they are met by Maxwell Odemus, who offers to use his money to help them with their expedition but Nicole refuses due to Maxwell’s reputation of stealing other people’s finds and selling them. Later that night, three people are fishing at night when their boat is attacked by the giant squid and they are killed. Meanwhile, Michael meets up with Ike, one of Maxwell’s men, who pays Michael for all of Nicole’s navigational data. At the same time, Ray and Nicole are having dinner and Nicole explains about the opal and how she has traced it throughout history and it’s last known location is Desolation Passage. Ray then explains about how his parents were killed by the squid and he had been searching for it ever since. Maxwell approaches the two and begins taunting Nicole about how she will help him recover the opal when an explosion occurs on the dock, destroying Nicole’s boat. Nicole is sure Maxwell is behind it but when her funding is pulled, she is forced to admit defeat. Ray uses his parent’s life insurance policy to buy a new boat so that Nicole can continue her expedition, and Jenny and Michael agree to come along and help. When they arrive at Desolation Passage, they spot Maxwell’s boat in the area and realize that he has somehow found out the area where the wreck is. Maxwell has already sent his men into the water but as they search for the wreck, one of them is killed by the squid. Ray and Nicole dive down to the wreck but as Nicole goes into the wreck, Ray sees the rest of Maxwell’s men approaching the ship and he goes in after her. Jenny and Michael get the underwater camera ready but after dropping it in the water, the image goes out and they find Maxwell has boarded their ship. Back at the wreck, Nicole has found the opal but as they are leaving the ship, they are attacked by Maxwell’s men. Ray shoots one of the men with a spear gun, and as the man sinks towards the bottom, the squid appears and eats him. As Ray struggles with another of Maxwell’s men, the squid attacks them both, killing Maxwell’s man and cutting Ray’s air-hose but Ray manages to make it to safety inside the wreck. Meanwhile, Nicole makes it to the surface, followed by Ike, who drags her on board Maxwell’s ship, where Maxwell retrieves the opal from her dive bag. Wanting the rest of the artifacts from the wreck, Maxwell asks Nicole where the mask is but when she refuses, Maxwell has Ike shoot Michael, forcing Nicole to tell him where the mask is. As Ike goes to retrieve the mask, the squid begins attack Maxwell’s boat, killing another of Maxwell’s men. Ike finds the mask and proceeds to pour gasoline onto Ray’s boat so he can torch it. Meanwhile, Ray manages to make it to the surface in time to see his boat go up in flames. Making his way to Maxwell’s boat, Ray finds Nicole and Jenny but before he can save them, he is attacked by Ike, and as they are fighting, they wind up suspended over the water and the squid kills Ike. Ray saves Nicole and Jenny but Maxwell grabs Jenny to hold hostage but as he gets close to the edge, the squid grabs both of them and drags them underwater. The squid attacks the boat and as they try to fend it off, Nicole is grabbed and dragged underwater. The squid attacks Ray but winds up getting one of it’s tentacles caught in a winch, allowing Ray to use a machine gun to finally kill it. Ray calls in a S.O.S. before he abandons the sinking ship but as he is rowing away, he hears Nicole voice and sees her swimming towards him and after getting her on board the ship, they watch the ship sink beneath the water, with the opal coming to rest at the bottom of the ocean. As they are drifting in the life boat, Ray gives Nicole her dive bag containing the mask as the rescue helicopter arrives to save them while under the sea, a swarm of baby squid are seen swimming around the opal.

This wasn’t a bad sci-fi movie but it was a bit disappointing in one regard. The acting was decent, though some of the characters were a bit one dimensional. Jack Scalia (Maxwell) was probably the best actor out of them all. I really liked the story. The idea that the squid was somehow linked to the opal and guarded it from human hands was not 100% unique but did add a nice plot twist to what would just be another killer animal movie as it gave the animal motivation for it’s attacks. The special effects were on the cheap side, particularly with how the squid looked. It wasn’t the worst looking giant squid featured in a movie, but it is a contender. Still, my main problem was the fact that the squid really wasn’t featured much in the movie. I mean, you could have taken out the squid, and this would have been a decent drama about a crime lord trying to steal a rare gem from a research trip, which is also a plot that has been used before. So a decent movie that is best watched when you are in the mood for some mindless entertainment.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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