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October 3rd, 2015 Movie – Killers From Space

killers from space

Well, it is a somewhat gloomy morning outside which is perfect weather for watching a classic sci-fi movie. Now I remember seeing today’s movie years ago as a kid but the only thing that I remembered about it were the giant eyed aliens that were in it. I didn’t know what the movie was called so I wasn’t able to rent it or watch it again. Then, a few years ago, I bought a box set of sci-fi classic films and to my surprise, I put in one of the DVD’s and to my surprise, I have giant eyed aliens on my TV. So let me introduce you to today’s movie, Killers From Space.

The plot: During an atomic bomb test, Dr. Douglas Martin is in a jet taking radiation readings when his pilot notices something shining on the ground and when they go to investigate, the pilot loses control and the plane crashes. A search and rescue party is sent out and they find the body of the pilot but no sign of Dr. Martin. Later that day, Dr. Martin stumbles in to the base with no memory of what happened and he is sent to the base hospital, where they check him out and he appears in perfect health except for a scar on his chest that appears to have been from a recent surgery. FBI Agent Briggs arrives on the base, suspecting that the Dr. Martin that is in the hospital might be an impostor who is after the atomic secrets. When the FBI clears him, the base commander, Col. Banks, release Dr. Martin but has him take some time off to rest. When he gets the paper the next day, Dr. Martin learns that another test had occurred without his knowledge and he heads to the base to protest being left out but Col. Banks tells him that they feel he is a security risk. Dr. Martin heads to his office, where he waits for his partner, Dr. Curt Kruger, to put his research from the latest test into their vault, then after he leaves, Dr. Martin steals the research. When a base guard notices the vault open, they contact base security, and Agent Briggs accompanies Dr. Kruger back to the base. Back at the base, Agent Briggs learns that Dr. Martin left after Dr. Kruger, and some pipe tobacco found inside the vault matches the brand that Dr. Martin uses so an APB is put out for him. Meanwhile, Dr. Martin has driven out to Soledad Flats and places the stolen data under a rock but when Agent Briggs confronts him, he attacks the agent then drives off but as he is driving, he starts having visions of a pair of eyes, causing him to crash. Dr. Martin awakens in a hospital, where he is given a truth serum and then questioned by Agent Briggs and Col. Banks. Dr. Martin tells them that after his crash, he was captured by aliens. The head alien explains that they are accumulating the data from the atomic tests in the area. He also tells Dr. Martin that he had died during the crash but they were able to revive him as they had a use for him. The head alien then explains to Dr. Martin that their sun was dying and since the Earth was the only planet in his solar system able to sustain them, they plan in invading the Earth. Dr. Martin tries to escape but he winds up lost in the underground tunnels and is soon confronted by giant animals that the aliens have created using the radiation from the tests. Dr. Martin is then hypnotized and told to bring the data and bring it to the aliens before he is sent back to the surface. Col. Banks, Agent Briggs, and Dr. Kruger doubt Dr. Martin’s story and have him confined to the hospital. Dr. Kruger, wanting to believe Dr. Martin, decides to go out and check the area himself but runs into Agent Briggs, who tells him that there is nothing out there. Dr. Martin tries to escape from the hospital but when he is caught, he asks that Dr. Kruger come see him, then asks for a slide rule, a pencil, and some paper. When Dr. Kruger arrives at the hospital, Dr. Martin tries to convince him that he can destroy the alien’s base by cutting off the power for 10 seconds, but Dr. Kruger still doesn’t believe him. Dr. Martin leaves the hospital and heads to the power station to cut off the power himself. As his wife, Ellen, Dr. Kruger, Agent Briggs, and Col. Banks give chase, Dr. Martin arrives at the power plant and, after a brief scuffle with the workers, manages to shut off the power for 10 seconds. As Dr. Martin begins to count, a giant explosion occurs when he reaches the count of 8, and they all rush to the window, where they see the cloud from the explosion at Soledad Flats and realize that Dr. Martin was telling the truth.

To be honest, this was a decent movie, though a bit boring at times. Peter Graves was pretty good in his role but every time I watch an classic movie with him in it, I always picture him as Captain Oveur from Airplane, since that was the first movie I ever saw him in. The story was decent but it could have been better. You only see the aliens during Dr. Martin’s flashback under the truth serum and there was about 10-15 minutes where Dr. Martin was in the tunnels and kept running into giant animals. I will say that the movie did use some decent rear screen projection to film the animals but the true cake in this movie was the aliens. I don’t think anything is more frightening than a man with ping pong ball eyes and wearing a black leotard (I can’t even keep a straight face while writing that). I’m sorry, but that was the funniest/lamest alien I have seen in a long time. A slow start but the laughable aliens will help make up for it once you see them.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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