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September 2nd, 2015 Movie – Jive Turkey

jive turkey

Man, am I beat. This was one of those non-stop days at work and even after I left, I still received some texts from work. But enough about that, I have a movie to watch. Now I can tell from the title what type of movie this will be. Yup, its another blaxploitation film. And of course, it is a part of the Martial Arts box set. Geez, how many of the movies in this set are blaxploitation films? Looking at some of the titles left from this set, there are at least one or two more on here. For now, let’s just focus on today’s movie, Jive Turkey.

The plot: In 1956 Harlem, Big Tony, the leader of the Italian Mob, wants to take over the numbers racket from Pasha, the leader of a group of black hoodlums. Pasha tells Tony to give him 30 days to liquidate his assets, then as he talks with Tony some more, his escort/date, Serene, kills Tony’s bodyguard.  Meanwhile, the police chief is ordered by the mayor to try and take down the numbers racket, since it is an election year and he wants to look good for reelection. However, the police chief is one of Pasha’s clients and warns Pasha about the upcoming raids. Thanks to the tip-offs, Pasha is able to move his headquarter’s around to different locations so that the police find nothing when they get there. Meanwhile, a contract has been issued on Pasha’s life and Tony lets Pasha know that he has a mole in his organization. As Tony continues to put the pressure on Pasha, the contract killer makes an attempt on Pasha’s life, but only manages to kill the doorman while Pasha is able to shoot the killer in the leg. Sometime later, one of Pasha’s runners is found dead with a note attached to the ice pick saying that Pasha’s next. Pasha arranges for Serene to take out two of Tony’s men while Pasha meets with Tony and kills him and Tony’s bodyguard. Later Pasha returns to one of his hideouts and makes arrangements to get himself out of town. He then pays Serene for her services and tells her to lay low. Serene then reveals herself to be a transvestite and after making herself look more masculine, is able to walk right past Tony’s men that were looking for her, even asking them for a light for her cigar. Meanwhile, Pasha reveals that he knows who the mole is, a runner nicknamed Sweetman, and has him gunned down.

This was one confusing movie to watch. The acting was ok I guess but nobody really stood out from the crowd. The plot was confusing. It kept jumping around all over the place and didn’t really seem to stay consistently on track throughout the entire movie. In fact, the pacing of the movie seemed pretty slow, as if the director was making up scenes as they were being shot. There wasn’t really any action in this movie, one brief fight between Pasha’s bodyguard and a couple of  policemen and one short car chase involving Pasha and some cops. To be honest, the movie almost put me to sleep and writing this review is coming close to finishing the job. Not the worst movie ever but not really recommendable either.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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