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August 25th, 2015 Movie – Jason And The Argonauts (1963)

jason and the argonauts 1963

Still busy at work but at least I didn’t have to stay late today so now I can totally enjoy today’s movie because today’s movie is yet another example of Ray Harryhausen’s incredible work in stop-motion animation. In the late 50’s, Harryhausen was tired of doing movies about giant monsters destroying cities and decided to work on different movies. The first of these was The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad but today’s movie is truly noteworthy because, while everyone may have commented on how incredible Harryhausen’s stop-motion animation was, this movie is the one where people really noticed it. So let’s jump right into today’s movie, Jason And The Argonauts (1963).

The plot: Intent on usurping the throne of Thessaly, Pelias consults a seer, who tells him that he will take the throne, but a child of King Aristo will one day kill him and reclaim the throne. Hearing this, Pelias vows that all of Aristo’s children will die in order to prevent the prophecy. During the course of the attack on Thessaly, Aristo’s daughter Briseis takes her infant sister, Philomela, to the temple of Hera and prays for protection for the both of them. Pelias follows Briseis to the temple and kills her, but Hera, angered by the fact that he profaned her temple with murder, takes Philomela away for protection and warns Pelias that a man with one sandal will one day kill him. Twenty years later, Pelias is riding by a lake when Hera causes him to fall off his horse and nearly drown but he is rescued by Jason, who loses a sandal in the process. Pelias notices this and, deciding not to reveal who he is, offers his hospitality to Jason. When he learns that Jason plans to seek the Golden Fleece, Pelias urges him to do so, thinking that Jason will die in the quest and he will be safe. That night, Jason talks to the seer, who turns out to be a disguised Hermes, who takes Jason to Mt Olympus to speak to the gods. On Olympus, Hera tells Jason that she can only help him 5 times, then Zeus offers Jason a ship and crew, but Jason says he can find his own ship and crew, which pleases Zeus. Back on Greece, Jason hosts a series of games in order to find his crew from among the best warriors of Greece, then gets his ship, which he names the Argo after it’s builder. After several days at sea, supplies begin to run low so Jason asks Hera for help, and she tells him to make for the Isle of Bronze, but warns that they should only take food and water, anything else would cause them to suffer the wrath of Talos. When they reach the island, Hercules and his friend Hylas go searching for food when they come across a treasure trove, but when Hercules grabs a brooch pin to use as a javelin, the giant statue of Talos awakens and attacks the Argo. Jason asks Hera for help and she tells him of a plug on the heel of Talos which must be removed. When the plug is removed, Talos falls to the ground, crushing Hylas, and Hercules, feeling responsible, chooses to stay on the island to confirm what happened. When the rest of the crew refuses to leave the island without Hercules, Jason calls on Hera, who tells him that this will be the last time she can help him. She informs the crew that Hylas is dead and Hercules will not continue the journey with them. She then tells them to seek the blind soothsayer Phineas, who has been plagued by the Harpies for abusing his gift. When Jason arrives on the island, Phineas says he will tell them what they want, but only if they free him from the Harpies. Jason and the Argonauts capture the Harpies and Phineas tells them the direction to Colchis, then gives Jason an amulet as payment for Jason’s help. Following the directions Phineas gave them, the Argo arrives at the Clashing Rocks, and they witness another ship passing through and get crushed between the cliffs. Jason orders the Argo forward and as the cliffs begin to close in on them, he throws the amulet Phineas gave him into the sea, causing the god Triton to come forth and hold the cliffs apart long enough for the Argo to sail through. After passing the cliffs, they rescue some survivors of the wrecked ship, among them Medea. As they near Colchis, Jason says he plans to go alone to speak with King Aeetes, but Acastus, Pileas’s son, argues with Jason and the two fight, with Acastus jumping overboard after he is disarmed. When Jason arrives in Colchis, he is greeted by King Aeetes, who throws a feast for Jason and the Argonauts, but then accuses Jason of wanting to steal the Golden Fleece, having been lied to by Acastus, and has them all imprisoned. Medea having fallen in love with Jason, frees him and his men then leads Jason to where the Fleece. Meanwhile, Acastus attempts to steal the Fleece himself, but he is killed by the Hydra, the many headed guardian of the Golden Fleece. Jason manages to kill the Hydra and take the Fleece, and is soon joined by Phalerus, Castor, and Argos, who had seen Aeetes’ soldiers and gone to help Jason. King Aeetes, having been ordered by the Goddess Hecate, sows the Hydra’s teeth into the ground which produces a skeleton army that he sends after Jason. The skeleton warriors kill Phalerus and Castor but Jason, Medea, and Argos manage to make it to the Argo and escape. As the Argo makes it’s way back to Thessaly, Zeus informs Hera that in some future time, he will call upon Jason again.

Jason And The Argonauts was highly praised by the critics, earning a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Many people, including Harryhausen himself, consider this Harryhausen’s greatest work. While most of Harryhausen’s films had been shown as part of a double feature in “B” theaters, Columbia Pictures was able to book this as a single feature in most major cities. When Ray Harryhausen received his lifetime achievement award at the 1992 Acadamy Awards, Tom Hanks said that this was the greatest film ever made. The movie was a box office success, earning over $2 million at the theaters, though that was only twice as much as the $1 million budget for the film.

This is a fantastic movie to watch. The acting was pretty good, although it might seem stiff compared to more modern movies. Todd Armstrong did a great job as Jason and I liked Niall MacGinnis (Zeus), Nancy Kovack (Medea), Laurence Naismith (Argos), and Gary Raymond (Acastus), but I did think Nigel Green wasn’t the best choice for Hercules. The plot was pretty good, having been taken from the Greek myth. And yes, I know that it was not going to be 100% true to the myth, but the differences did make for a more exciting movie. The stop-motion effects were fantastic, from the giant Talos attacking the Argo, to the flying Harpies, to the multi-headed Hydra, and to the skeleton warriors. I personally thought it was funny that the shields of the skeleton warriors had references to some of Harryhausen’s earlier films; an octopus for It Came From Beneath The Sea and the face of Ymir, the monster from 20 Million Miles To Earth. If you want to watch a great fantasy movie, then you should definitely watch this one.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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August 24th, 2015 Movie – Jackass Number Two

jackass 2

For the record, 13 hour days at work absolutely suck. I am absolutely exhausted and my brain is completely mush. I honestly do not have the mental faculties to handle a normal blog today. Good thing I am starting on the letter J today because today’s movie requires absolutely no thought what-so-ever. Today, I am watching Jackass Number Two. I will be honest, I was never really a fan of Jackass when it was on TV but I would watch it occasionally because, lets face it, there is something funny about a bunch of guys doing stupid pranks that occasionally result in them getting hurt. That’s all this movie is, a bunch of guys doing stunts. Some of the stunts are funny, some of them are gross, and some of them are just plain mean, but I have to admit, you would be hard pressed not to laugh at some point during the movie. Personally, I liked the Bungee Jump, the velcro suit onto a moving truck, and the fire hose rodeo. You would think the critics wouldn’t think much about a movie that is nothing but stunts but surprisingly, the critics were pretty favorable towards it, giving it a 61% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie also did pretty well at the box office because it made over $84 million off of an $11 million budget. Ok. I’m done. I’m going to go pass out now.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

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Flashback Review: March 1st, 2014 Movie – Anacondas: Trail Of Blood

anacondas trail of blood

Now I have to say, someone did some research when they made this movie. Oh I don’t mean that everything in it is 1005 scientifically accurate. No, but what the writers did do is actually work on tying in this movie to the three previous movies. In the second movie, they reference what happened to a film crew in the amazon (the events of the first movie). However, the third movie doesn’t have any reference to either film. Today’s movie at least ties in the second and third movies as it continues from where the third movie ends, as well as stars Crystal Allen John Rhys-Davies, and it utilizes the blood orchid from the second movie. All these make me actually interested to watch today’s movie, Anacondas: Trail Of Blood.

The plot: Picking up after the events of the last movie, the employee of Murdoch that captured the baby anaconda has been experimenting on the subject in a secluded cabin, using a serum derived from the blood orchid. However, when he is collecting more samples of the flower to experiment with, the snake manages to escape it’s enclosure and kill him. Murdoch hires an assassin named Eugene to find the employee, kill him, and retrieve the serum, as well as killing Amanda Hayes if she interferes. In the Romanian woods, a lone hiker named Alex is lost trying to find a nearby paleontological dig site and stumbles upon Amanda, who is accompanied by two police officers. Amanda tells Alex to come with them and they continue walking until they come to an abandoned mine. While the two cops wait outside, Amanda and Alex explore the mine and find a chamber filled with a hybrid version of the blood orchid. Amanda begins planting explosive charges, hoping to end Murdoch’s plans, but as they are about to leave the mine, they see one of the officers being killed by the anaconda. Amanda and Alex run back into the mine and while Alex looks for a way out, Amanda head the other way and winds up being chased by the snake. As the snake is about to attack Amanda, it knocks out some support beams and causes part of the mine to collapse, killing the snake. However, as Amanda tries to exit the mine, she ends up falling and knocking herself unconscious so Alex goes to try and find help. Meanwhile, 5 members of the dig site(Scott, Jackson, Wendy, Heather, and Roland) are returning to base camp but find their way blocked by a fallen tree. While the others get their gear, Jackson goes on ahead to the camp and finds the camp deserted except for the body of one member. He meets back up with the others and says they should leave but Scott persuades the others to head to camp anyways and call for help. The next day, Amanda regains consciousness and as she leaves the mine, she discovers that the snake has managed to regenerate and already left. Back at the base camp, Jackson and Scott treat Heather, who had been bitten by a spider the night before, and then head out with Roland to the dig site while Wendy stays with Heather. When they reach the site, they discover the bodies of the missing team. Meanwhile, Amanda sees the anaconda chasing Alex and, having found Alex’s keys in the mine, uses his car to distract the snake but when she wrecks, she is forced to run with Alex. Hearing shots from Amanda’s gun Jackson and the others head to a clearing, as do Eugene and his men, and they all see Amanda and Alex being chased by the snake. Roland grabs Scott’s gun and runs out to help them but he is killed by the snake as the others split up. Eugene and his men try and shoot Amanda but when the snake gets too close, they run as well but the snake kills one of the men. Back at the camp, Wendy and Heather are trying to reach the others when they are surprised by Patrick, one of the missing team members who was injured by the snake. Jackson, Amanda and the others arrive and Amanda urges everyone that they need to leave but Eugene and his men arrive and capture them. After questioning Amanda about the serum, Eugene orders Amanda and Scott to go find the serum, then shoots Patrick and a fleeing Wendy as a warning of what will happen to the others if they fail. They head to the cabin, accompanied by two of Eugene’s men and they manage to find the serum and escape while the anaconda kills one of the men and the other inadvertently blows himself up. Scott sacrifices himself to buy Amanda time to escape, which she uses to to trick the snake into attacking a gas can, which she shoots, blowing the snake up. Back at the camp, Murdoch arrives and discovers Vasile, one of the cops that accompanied Amanda, still alive and apparently now partnered with Eugene, who turns on Murdoch. As Eugene is about to shoot Murdoch, Jackson stabs Eugene, causing him to shoot Vasile instead. Alex helps Wendy get into the jeep while Jackson struggles with the last of Eugene’s men and ends up getting shot in the shoulder but a returning Amanda manages to kill the mercenary. Murdoch suddenly appears, pointing a machine gun at Amanda and Jackson, and offers a trade, the serum for their lives, which they agree too. Murdoch takes the serum and begins to laugh as he feels it working, but ends up face to face with the snake and is killed. Amanda and the others drive off but Amanda stops when they get to the mine and goes back in to reset the charges to explode, destroying the flowers for good. As they reach the log that blocks the road, the switch into one of the other jeeps but Eugene jumps on back of the jeep and shoots Amanda in the arm. Jackson struggles with Eugene and the two end up fighting on the back of the jeep, while an anaconda chases after them. Alex takes over driving while Amanda douses Eugene in the face with the serum, pulls the pins from some grenades he was carrying, then kicks him into the waiting jaws of the snake, which ends up blowing to pieces. The four people drive off while a regenerated snake slithers back into the woods.

Still not as good as the two theatrical releases but this was a bit better than the last movie. The acting was decent but nobody really stood out. The plot was decent, picking up shortly after where the last movie ended. The special effects were about the same as the last movie, though they did try to put a little more suspense into this one and not just rely on the blood and gore. Not the best movie but at least the tried to make it better.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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August 23rd, 2015 Movie – It’s A Gift

it's a gift

Yeh, yeh. I know. I should have watched this movie yesterday. What can I say, I got my titles mixed up and watched them somewhat out of order. The good news is that I get to start the day with a W.C. Fields movie. The bad news is that this weather is kind of sucking all the fun out of watching said movie. Bleh. This is horror movie weather, not comedy. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it so let’s just get on with today’s movie, It’s A Gift.

The plot: Harold Bissonette is the owner and operator of a grocery store but longs to own a orange grove in California. When he receives an inheritance from his recently deceased uncle, he uses the money to pay off on a contract for an orange grove. However, his daughter’s boyfriend tries to warn him that the property he bought is worthless but Harold refuses to listen and moves out to California with his wife, Amelia, his daughter, Mildred, and his son, Norman. Suffering several mishaps along the way, they finally make it to California, and though the neighborhood they are in is filled with many nice looking ranches and orchards, the property they own is barren and contains nothing more than rundown shack and a tumbleweed. Amelia gets fed up and starts walking away with the kids, but a neighbor drives up and tells Harold that a developer has bought a neighboring property in order to build a racetrack and wants to buy Harold’s property in order to build a grandstand. When the developer meets with Harold, Harold holds out until the developer agrees to his demand of a large sum of money, including a commission for his neighbor, and an orange grove like in the brochure that he had. At the movies end, Harold is watching his family go for a ride in their new car as he relaxes on the porch of their new house.

It’s A Gift was highly praised by the critics as it earned a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Many film historians consider this movie as one of W.C. Fields funniest and best movies. They also liked the “many titanic struggles between Harold Bissonette and the universe.” In 2010, the movie was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry for being culturally significant.

Like just about every other movie that W.C. Fields stars in, this was very funny. W.C. Fields was great, portraying the average man that is struggling against everyday life. The story was pretty good but I was slightly disappointed in one aspect. This movie seemed to focus more on Fields’ slapstick comedy, as opposed to his wit. The slapstick elements were very funny, particularly the scene at the store, and when Harold was trying to sleep outside and had to deal with his noisy neighbors. Not my favorite one of his movie, but a funny movie to watch none-the-less.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5

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August 22nd, 2015 Movie – It’s Alive (1969)

it's alive 1969

Based on the cover alone, this movie looks like it will be absolutely terribly, but has a 50/50 chance of being one of those “so bad it’s good” type of movies. Now let’s add in the fact that this movie is part of the Sci-Fi Invasion set, and you know how much I love those, and the odds jump to 80% that I am one of the few people that might like it. Why oh why am I cursed to watch these types of movies? Oh yeh, because I actually enjoy watching these cheesy B-movies. Oh well. Enough introspection for one day, let’s get on with today’s movie, It’s Alive (1969).

The plot: Norman and Leela Sterns are driving from New York to Los Angeles but as they drive through the Ozark mountains, they took a detour to look at some large model dinosaurs that they saw from the highway. Finding themselves lost among the back roads and running low on gas, the run into paleontologist Wayne Thomas, who directs them to a nearby farm that might spare some gas. When they get to the farm, the farmer, Greely, informs them that the gas truck should be there any minute and offers to let them wait inside his house. Greely goes to see his housekeeper, Bella, and tells her to get his guests some tea but she starts to refuse, saying that she knows what he is going to do with them and it isn’t right, but Greely slaps her and tells her to get them some tea or she will take their place. Wayne arrives at the farm and seeing the Sterns’ car, offers to take a look at it when Greely says it won’t start but as he looks at the engine, Greely hits him in the back of the head with a wrench and drags him off. Norman and Leela begin to grow impatient and so Greely offers to show them his animal collection while they wait. After showing them several animals in their cages by the road, he tells them that his prize animal is kept in a nearby cave. He takes them to the cave and leaves them in a room he says he built for tourists, which turns out to be a cage when Greely locks the door. As Norman and Leela try to figure out what to do, they are startled by Wayne, who appears out of a tunnel that Greely had dropped him in. Bella arrive with some food and they beg her to help her to escape but she is too afraid, saying that Greely has said that he will feed her to “the thing” he keeps down there. The three prisoners decide to explore the tunnel but run into Greely, who threatens them at gunpoint. Greely shoots Wayne, but Wayne throws a lantern at Greely and knocks the gun from his hand. While Leela tends to Wayne’s wound, Norman goes to retrieve the gun but when he grabs it, he is attacked and killed by a strange reptilian creature. When Wayne and Leela return to the room, they find Greely there, who taunts them by explaining that he feeds the creatures people that he captures and plans to do the same to them. He offers to spare Leela if she will take Bella’s place, saying that he will feed Bella to the creature, but when she refuses he leaves laughing. Bella arrives with some bandages for Wayne, saying she overheard what Greely said and offers to help them. Bella tells them how she was captured by Greely and abused to the point that her will was broken and she would do whatever he said in order to prevent him from killing her. Wayne has her bring him a bag out of his truck containing dynamite, which he plans on using to blow the lock off the cage and escape. Bella agrees to help and brings the bag with her when she brings them some food but unknown to her, Greely is growing suspicious of her and drugs the food without her knowing it. Wayne and Leela begin to feel the drugs effects and Wayne hides the dynamite before he passes out. Greely arrives and takes Leela down to the cavern where the monster is, while Bella wakes up Wayne and they go after him. In the cavern, Greely threatens to kill Leela unless she agrees to stay with him but she refuses. Wayne arrives and manages to stun Greely long enough for Bell and him to rescue Leela. As Wayne helps Leela out of the tunnel, he drops the dynamite and Bella picks it up and lights it, wanting to stop Greely from killing anymore people. Greely shoots Bella but the creature appears and proceeds to attack Greely just as the dynamite explodes, causing the cavern to collapse and leaving Wayne and Leela the only two survivors.

Well, this was better than I expected but it still wasn’t really a good movie. The acting was decent, with Bill Thurman doing a good job as the crazed Greely and Corveth Ousterhouse playing the somewhat arrogant Norman pretty well, but everyone else seemed pretty bland. The plot was ok but the writing could have been better. Bella’s recap of how she was kidnapped and abused took up almost 20 minutes of the movie. That was nearly a quarter of the running time and when that scene was over, there was about 10 minutes left to finish the movie. There was also a lot of dialogue and set-up throughout the movie but very little payoff. The monster suit was pretty cheap and was actually used in earlier movie by the director, Creature Of Destruction, which I coincidentally reviewed on this day last year. There are probably better ways to spend 80 minutes, so you might want to do those ideas first.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5

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August 21st Movie – It! The Terror From Beyond Space

it! the terror from beyond spaceI honestly can’t think of a better way to start the weekend than to watch a classic sci-fi movie. Actually, I have probably started a lot of weekends by watching a classic sci-fi movie so I guess there really isn’t a better way to start the weekend. Now today’s movie is kind of interesting because movie represents one of the few times where my memory is completely shot. See, years ago, i was goofing around online and saw one of those random list/pages focusing on sci-fi movies. Unfortunately, whatever the reason for this movie being on that particular list/page, I honestly don’t remember what it was. Maybe if I watch today’s movie, It! The Terror From Beyond Space, it will jog my memory.

The plot: In 1973, a nuclear power rocket is preparing to leave Mars, having been sent there to retrieve Col. Edward Carruthers, the sole survivor of a previous mission to Mars. Despite his claims that an alien creature killed his crew, the Earth authorities believe that Col. Carruthers killed his crew in order to acquire their share of the food and water rations and have ordered the second ship to bring him back to Earth to be court martialed. As the rocket heads towards Earth, one of the crew goes missing. When the rest of the crew go searching for the missing man, another crew member goes missing. Eventually, they find one of the missing crew members wedged inside an air duct. One of the crew members inspect the air ducts and finds the second missing member barely alive but as he tries to get the injured man out of there, he is attacked by the creature, but manages to escape. When the medical officers do an autopsy on the dead crew members body, they discover that all of the moisture has been sucked out of his body and theorize that since liquid is a scarce resource on Mars, the creature probably the same one that killed Col. Carruthers’ men. Col. Carruthers and the others attempt to kill the creature but when their guns prove useless, the try both hand and gas grenades, as well as electricuting it, but nothing seems to work and one crew member winds up breaking his leg and ends up trapped in a lower deck with the creature. When the creature goes into the reactor room, Col. Carruthers manages to seal it inside, allowing him and two other men to get some medical supplies and rescue the trapped crew member. However, Col. Van Huesen, who was injured by the creature earlier, begins to act hysterical and unseals the reactor in an attempt to kill the creature. The creature smashes through the reactor door and kills another crew member but Col. Carruthers has everyone else head up to the top level of the ship, leaving the injured crew member still trapped down there. On the command level, Col. Carruthers notices that the oxygen consumption is higher than what it should be and they decide to open the air lock in an attempt to suffocate the creature. After the remaining crew members get into their space suits, they wait for the creature to reach the command level, then open the air lock, suffocating the creature. Back on Earth, a press conference is held where the details of what happened on the ship are revealed and the director says that Earth will have to avoid future missions to Mars as “another word for Mars is death.”

This was a decent movie to watch. The acting was ok, but some of the characters seemed pretty stiff to me. The plot was good but I felt like they barely touched on why the creature was attacking and mainly focused on the crew’s trying to kill the creature. As with most movies from the 50’s, there was a love triangle which just seemed to be random and barely made sense except to goad Col. Heusen to act out. The creature design was ok, in some ways a take off of the gill-man from The Creature From The Black Lagoon. Like I said, a decent 50’s sci-fi movie.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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August 20th, 2015 Movie – It Came From Beneath The Sea

it came from beneath the sea

I am going to go ahead and call today a win as far as movie watching goes. See, today I get to watch a Ray Harryhausen movie. A lot of my favorite giant monster movies, that did not involve Godzilla, utilized Ray Harryhausen’s special effects in their movies. His work in stop motion animation was some of the best and quite possibly surpassed his mentor, Willis O’Brien. If you haven’t been able to figure it out, I am a fan of Harryhausen and have almost every one of the movies in which he worked on the effects. Anyways, let’s get right into today’s movie, It Came From Beneath The Sea.

The plot: A new nuclear submarine, captained by Commander Pete Mathews is practicing maneuvers in the Pacific Ocean when a strange sonar contact is detected behind them. After repeatedly trying to lose the strange contact, the sub is suddenly struck and unable to move while radiation is detected outside the sub. The sub manages to start moving, and when they expect the sub, they find some strange animal matter wedged into the sub’s dive plates. The sample is taken to a nearby lab, where marine biologists John Carter and Lesley Joyce manage to identify the tissue as coming from a giant octopus, that has been driven from the Mindanao Deep by hydrogen bomb tests, resulting in the creature becoming radioactive. The authorities don’t believe the scientists at first but when reports come in of missing swimmers and ships being pulled by a large animal, they are forced to accept the report. The survivors of one of the ships are being questioned by doctors and the first sailor tells them that a giant octopus attacked the ship but the doctors don’t believe him. Lesley talks to the sailor and gets him to repeat his story, which causes the listening naval leaders to halt all sea traffic in the Pacific while they attempt to find the creature. John heads off to investigate a missing ship off of Canada while Pete and Lesley investigate the disappearance of a family in Oregon. When they get to Oregon, Pete and Lesley find evidence that the octopus had been there and contact John but as John arrives, the octopus appears and kills the local sheriff but Pete, Lesley, and John manage to escape. The Navy sets up headquarters in San Francisco then begins mining the harbor, as well as using an electrified net to block the harbor entrance,  in order to try and prevent the creature from attacking the city. However the creature breaks through the net and begins to attack the Golden Gate Bridge, tearing down part of the bridge. As the giant octopus continues attacking people and buildings along the edge of the harbor, the army uses flamethrowers to drive the creature back out to the ocean, where Pete and John, inside Pete’s submarine, plan to fire a special torpedo at the creature and hopefully kill it. After they fire the torpedo, the submarine is grabbed by the giant octopus. Pete uses diving gear to swim out an plant explosive charges on the creature to try and free the sub, but is struck by one of the tentacles and knocked unconscious. John heads out and shoots the octopus in the eye, causing it to release the sub. As John gets Pete to safety, the sub detonates the torpedo, destroying the giant creature for good.

This movie is one of my favorite low budget movies. The acting was pretty decent between the three leads and I think Faith Domergue did a great job playing her part as the “new breed of woman in a male dominated world”. The plot was pretty basic and while I thought the secondary semi-love triangle between Pete, John, and Lesley was somewhat entertaining, it really didn’t add much to the story. But let’s face it, this was all about the visual effects. Harryhausen’s octopus was fantastic, in spite of the budget cuts that he was forced to work with. As a result of those cuts, the octopus only had 6 tentacles instead of the normal 8. A classic sci-fi movie that is well worth watching.

Rating: 4 out of 5