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August 18th, 2015 Movie – Island Of The Dinosaurs

island of the dinosaurs

So today more or less sucked. To start, this was one of the busiest days at work I have had in quite a while. I mean, I knew I was going to be busy, but more stuff just got piled on to make things even more crazy. Then some pop-up thunderstorms had traffic all messed up because apparently, nobody in Georgia knows how to drive in the rain so it took forever to get home. I just want to lay down and relax, but I can’t because of today’s movie. See, today’s movie, contrary to what is listed on the DVD menu, is in Spanish so I will have to pay attention to the subtitles to know what is going on as I watch Island Of The Dinosaurs.

The plot: A professor plans is planning an expedition with his former students Pablo, Esther, and Laura (each scientists in their own right) to try and locate the lost remains of Atlantis. While exploring some islands by plane, a storm damages their plane, forcing them to crash on an uncharted island. With the plane in need of repairs, The quartet of scientists decide to split their time between repairing the plane and exploring. They discover a large volcano towards the center of the island and evidence of prehistoric life having lived on the island and the professor speculates as to what might be on the other side of the volcano. On the other side of the volcano, two cavemen, Molo and Buko, are fighting over leadership of their tribe. Buko wins the fight and as Molo is being cast out, he is chased by a mammoth and ends up falling off a cliff into the river below. When he regains consciousness, Molo spies Laura swimming in the river and begins to follow her. When a dinosaur scares Laura out of the river, she runs into Molo, who winds up carrying her off to a nearby cave. Laura attempts to communicate with Molo, eventually able to teach him how to say her name, while finding out his name as well. To pay him back for saving her, Laura fashions a stone spear and axe for Molo, then asks him to take her back to the river. Molo instead begins taking her back to his former tribe, but along the way, they come across Buko and some other cavemen. Buko attempts to take Laura but Molo fights him and, due to his new weapons, is able to drive him off and reclaim leadership of the tribe. Molo leads Laura back to the tribe, where Laura attempts to try and teach them to be more civilized, while Molo shows them how to make spears. The more time that she spends with Molo, Laura realizes that she is beginning to fall in love with him, especially after he saves her when a gorilla tries to carry her off. When a dinosaur attacks the tribe, Laura and the other women use torches to keep it out of the cave while Molo and the other men use their spears to try and kill it. When he realizes that the spears won’t pierce the creature’s hide, Molo comes up with a new plan and as he lures the creature into a trap, the rest of the men proceed to cause a landslide that buries the creature. Meanwhile, Pablo and Esther are continuing to search for Laura when they wind up being chased by a dinosaur. When a second dinosaur begins fighting with the first one, they manage to use the distraction to get away. When Laura sees a flare that the professor had launched, she manages to convince Molo to take her back to where her friends are. As they make their way there. the volcano begins to erupt. Realizing that they have to get back to the plane, Pablo and Esther get there and soon see Laura and Molo arrive. Laura explains that Molo saved her asks the professor if the island is in danger but the professor tells her that the island should be safe. They all get in the plane and Molo watches as it takes off and flies away. However, Laura chose to stay on the island and after telling Molo that she loves him, Molo takes her hand and the two head back towards the rest of the tribe.

Ok. I think I liked this movie better when it was in English and called One Million B.C. In all seriousness, there were a lot of factors working against this movie. For one, even though the movie came out in 1967, it was shot in Black and White. Of course, this was due to the fact that a lot of the “dinosaur” footage was scenes lifted from the aforementioned One Million B.C. The acting seemed somewhat stiff, but that honestly could be just how it seemed due to the subtitles. Personally, I am annoyed with the fact that my DVD had an English version listed, but it was just English subtitles, not an actual dubbing. Had they said English subtitles instead, I honestly wouldn’t have been as annoyed with the movie.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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