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Flashback Review: February 28th, 2014 Movie – Anaconda 3: Offspring

anaconda 3 offspring

So after the disappointment of the last film, the Anaconda series was relegated to direct to video movies that aired on Syfy. Well, now the problem is, how do they get people to actually tune in and watch the latest movie. Well, you bring out the big guns, namely The Hoff. After all, who can resist watching a movie that stars David Hasselhoff. Ok, probably a lot of people but I thought it was a great move as it gave the movie a small bit of name recognition to the cast. Anyways, I seem to be rambling so why don’t I get right on with today’s movie, Anaconda 3: Offspring.

The plot: At a genetic research lab in Romania, J.D. Murdoch, the owner of Wexler Hall Pharmaceuticals, is visiting the facility to see what progress has been made on an anti-aging serum that is being made using anaconda blood. During his tour, Murdoch taunts the maleĀ anaconda with a flashlight, causing the enraged creature to break free of it’s containment cell and, after killing most of the scientists, frees the female anaconda from it’s enclosure and then both snakes escape the facility. A security team is brought in to recapture the snakes, accompanied by Pinkus, the facility supervisor, and Amanda Hayes, the herpetologist that raised the snakes. They track the snakes to a farmhouse, where one of the snakes had already eaten the owner, but as they are searching for the snake, the team’s leader, Grozny, ends up being impaled by one of the snakes and as the other team members give chase, another memeber, Dragosh, has his head bitten off by the second snake. As Amanda is about to be attacked by one of the snakes, Hammett, a hunter that Pinkus had called in, arrives and saves her, then splits up the team to go after the snakes. Amanda, along with Victor and Sofia, trail one of the snakes in their jeep, but the snake spits a bloody poison into victor’s face, and as Sofia tries to get them out of there, she ends up crashing the jeep and breaking her leg. The snake comes back and swallows Sofia then goes after Amanda but Hammett arrives and manages to shoot the snake with a tracker. Amanda and Hammett argue about calling in the military which prompts Amanda to reveal that the female is pregnant and will give birth within the next day. The team follows the tracker, with Amanda staying at the jeep to keep track if it’s location, but when they get there, they discover the tracker embedded in the body of a regurgitated Sofia. Suddenly Pinkus is impaled by one of the snake’s tail and Amanda witnesses both snakes heading in the direction of a nearby lake. Hammett finally relents to Amanda and Nick’s request to call in the military for backup and then the four people split up, with Hammett and Andrei tracking them on foot while Amanda and Nick use the jeep. Amanda and Nick decide to check out an abandoned factory when they see one of the snakes go inside. As they search the place, Nick is caught by one of the snakes and as he is dying, uses a grenade to kill himself and the snake. Hammett and Andrei arrive and Andrei starts to set up some explosives but Hammett shoots him in the back. Hammett then reveals that he has been working with Murdoch to collect a live baby, and they there isn’t any back up coming. He offers Amanda a job, and she pretends to consider it but when he lets his guard down, she attacks him. The two fight with Amanda eventually stabbing Hammett and leaving him for dead. After Amanda sets the explosives and leaves the factory, Hammett tries to disarm the device but he fails and the factory explodes. Later, Hammett’s partner arrives at the factory and manages to find a baby snake that had survived the blast. As he drives off, he passes Amanda, who is in the process of burning all of her research notes on the snakes.

This wasn’t necessarily a bad movie but you could definitely tell the difference in budget. David Hasselhoff was great and Crystal Allen (Amanda) was pretty good in her role as well. The story was ok but it didn’t really link this movie to the previous films so it essentially seemed like a stand alone sort of movie. The special effects were definitely not as good as the previous films and the action scenes were weak, relying more on blood and gore rather than suspense like in the previous movies. It’s entertaining and worth watching to complete the series, but definitely not the best movie in the bunch.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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