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August 16th, 2015 Movie – The Invincible Iron Man

the invincible iron man

It’s Sunday morning so it is time to watch some cartoons. Oh wait, that’s what you do on Saturday mornings, or at least it used to be. Then again, in this day and age you can watch some cartoons pretty much whenever you want any day of the week. So if I want to watch some cartoons on Sunday morning, guess what. I’m going to watch some cartoons. Now today’s movie is one of the animated movies that Marvel put out a while back. So let’s get right into today’s movie, The Invincible Iron Man.

The plot: In China, James “Rhodey” Rhodes is overseeing the excavation of an ancient city belonging to The Mandarin but the site is continually attacked by a terrorist group known as the Jade Dragon. In the U.S., Tony Stark has been voted off of the Board of Stark Industries but when he hears that Rhodey has gone missing, he leads a strike team to search for him. The strike team is ambushed by the Jade Dragon and Tony ends up badly damaged. At the temple, the four Demon Elementals, the generals of The Mandarin’s army, come back to life and leave the temple in search of the The Mandarin’s five rings, which will resurrect The Mandarin. Meanwhile, Tony’s life is saved due to the combination of a monk’s medicine and Rhodey’s engineering skills. The Jade Dragon want Tony to rebury the temple, but he uses the technology to build a suit of armor and escape with Rhodey. When they get back to the U.S., they are arrested by SHIELD agents, who inform them that the Chinese are accusing them of arms dealing, but they manage to escape. With Pepper Potts help, Tony and Rhodey are able to break into Tony’s office, where Tony shows them the secret lab containing several Iron-Man Armored suits that he had hidden inside. Though initially upset about Tony keeping this from him. Rhodey agrees to help him as Tony starts going after the rings, now that the Elementals have two of them. Tony heads towards the third ring’s location but after discovering the Elementals have already claimed the ring, Tony starts battling them and manages to destroy the Fire Elemental, but the other three escape. While helping Tony with his mission, Pepper and Rhodey wind up getting arrested but Tony is able to get to the fourth ring’s location and, after defeating the Air and Water Elementals, is able to retrieve the fourth ring. Unable to return to his lab, Tony runs into Li Mei, a member of the Jade Dragon that helped Tony and Rhodey escape. and the two manage to grab a plane and head to China. Donning the armor that he made to escape from the Jade Dragon, Tony battles the Earth Elemental and is finally able to beat him and retrieve the other three rings. However, when he gives the rings to Li Mei, he learns that she is in possession of the fifth ring, as she is the last descendant of The Mandarin and destined to become his vessel so he can return. As Li Mei enters the temple, Tony is forced to battle The Mandarin’s stone army and finally a dragon, the last guardian of the city. When Tony enters the temple, he discovers that Li Mei has become possessed by The Mandarin’s spirit, but after Li Mei defeats Tony, he is able to reach out to Li Mei, helping her to break free from The Mandarin’s control and remove the rings, destroying The Mandarin’s spirit. Back in the U.S., Tony returns to Stark Industries, having bought up controlling interest in the company, and promotes Rhodey to head engineer of advanced technologies before turning over control of the company to his father, Howard, who promptly fires the Board as he intends on making the company a father/son venture.

This was actually one of the better movies from the Marvel animated movies. The voice acting and writing were both pretty good and they did a good job of having some actual character development and not just the stereotypical action. They did stray from the comics in the sense of somewhat rewriting the origin of Iron Man and changing the Mandarin’s rings to a more mystical origin as opposed to being adapted from alien technology. The animation was really good and was a definite improvement from the earlier movies. A pretty entertaining movie to watch.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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