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August 14th, 2015 Movie – Invaders From Space

invaders from space

I think I might cry a little. So, I had a rough day at work and all I wanted to do was come home and veg out on the couch to a good movie. Then I saw what today’s movie is and that kind of ruined the mood. See, way back in December, I watched a movie that was originally a couple of episodes from a Japanese TV show. I will admit… that movie was pretty bad. Well, today’s movie is yet another movie made up from episodes of that show. Now maybe this movie will be better than the previous one. Maybe things were better in the show and these are some of the best episodes to be used. I don’t think my luck is that good but I will see what happens with today’s movie, Invaders From Space.

The plot: 2 billion miles away, creatures from the Emerald Planet of the Mothhead(?) Galaxy learn that the evil Salamander Men from the Planet Kulimon are planning to destroy the Earth. Realizing that the Earth’s destruction would endanger their own planet, the creatures send Starman to help protect the Earth. On Earth, flying saucers appear in the sky, causing the military to send up planes to investigate but they don’t find anything. Later, people in the nearby city begin falling victim to a strange disease, a disease that doctors are unable to find a cause, or cure for. Disregarding rumors that the disease came from space, one doctor, Dr. Fukami, decides to work through the night on a cure, but finds himself attacked by one of the Kulimonians, who takes control of the doctor’s mind. The Kulimonian leads the doctor out of his house, but when he hears Starman approaching, he leaves the doctor outside, where his assistant finds him. Starman confronts the Kulimonian and the two battle before the Kulimonian jumps off a bridge into the water below in order to escape. While the doctor recovers in bed, his children discover a strange scale outside and take it to a biologist, who tells them it belongs to an amphibious creature but asks that they keep it a secret to avoid a panic. The next day, a high decibel sound wave is heard throughout the city, causing many people great pain. Starman discovers a flying saucer to be the source of the sound wave and after gaining entry, battles the Kulimonians inside before destroying the sound wave generator, and the ship itself. Meanwhile, the disease continues spreading across the city and officials learn that the disease seems to be originating from a local theater, where “an unusual dance troupe gives a weird performance.” Dr. Fukami and his assistant attend the theater but when they leave, they are captured by a pair of Kulimonians. The city officials begin evacuating all of the children from the city and as Dr. Fukami’s kids are boarding the train, Starman approaches and tells them that he will rescue their father, then hands them a crystal sphere which they can use to contact him. In the country, the children are out trying to capture butterflies when they see a strange castle and are then surrounded by a large group of Kulimonians. Meanwhile, Starman investigates the theater and realizing that the dancers are actually Kulimonians, begins fighting the creatures. Back at the castle, the Kulimonians are interrogating Dr. Fukami and reveal that they have captured his kids. However, the kids dropped the crystal, which summons Starman to them and he begins attacking the Kulimonians and rescues the doctor and his kids. Sometime later, Dr. Fukami and his youngest daughter are at a hospital checking on his apprentice. As the doctor leaves, his daughter discovers that the nurse is actually a Kulimonian witch who tries to capture the child. The girl manages to run home to the rest of her family but when they try calling for help, they learn that phones are dead. The witch manages to take control of the two daughters, but as she is chasing the boys, a container is knocked over and the spray winds up causing the alien to melt. At Dr. Fukami’s lab, the doctor hears about what happened with his children and then learns what chemical killed the Kulimonian. However, the Kulimonians had followed the doctor to the Earth’s secret arsenal and begin attacking it but Starman flies out and destroys the Kulimonian ship. The Kulimonians then decide to destroy the Earth by reversing the Earth’s gravity. Starman enters the Kulimonian command ship and begins battling the Kulimonians but though the ship is destroyed, the leader of the Kulimonians escapes. Starman gives chase and the two battle in the sky before plunging into the ocean, where they continue to battle until the leader finally explodes. Starman then prepares to battle the remaining Kulimonians when the army arrives, armed with chemical guns that will kill the Kulimonians, and help defeat all of the aliens. Starman heads back into space, with Dr. Fukami and his children waving goodbye to him.

Ok, This movie was a lot funnier than the previous one. I’m not saying it was good, because this is still a bad movie, but it is definitely bad in that “so bad it’s good” category. It’s hard to really judge how the acting is since this was dubbed but the dubbing was pretty bad. The story was interesting but since this was originally several TV shows, the different plots were a little confusing. The costume design for the creatures looked preety stupid. I honestly thought they looked creepier in their somewhat human forms, as they just had creepy mouths that looked like they had a permanent Joker grin. The fight scenes were pretty funny as most of the time, there was a lot of flipping involved. I don’t mean one person flipping another, although that did happen once. I mean it was the two combatants doing back flips and forward flips….a lot. The fight between Starman and the head Kulimonian in the sky was pretty funny, as their feet would constantly disappear due to some poor green screen effects. So a bad movie but very entertaining to watch.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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