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August 9th, 2015 Movie – Infernal Street

infernal street

Sunday morning and I have lots to do so let’s go ahead and get today’s review out of the way. What do I have in store today. Something from the Martial Arts box set. Well, here’s hoping it will be entertaining. Well…maybe I should go ahead and unload the dishwasher. Or maybe I can go ahead and start some laundry. Or maybe I can stop procrastinating and actually watch the movie, get the review done, and then do what needs doing. Oh well, It will all get done no matter what, so I’m just going to go ahead and watch today’s movie, Infernal Street.

The plot: After the opening of a Japanese nightclub, a local doctor has noticed an increase in the amount of drug addicts that he has been treating. The doctor decides to offer free treatment to drug addicts and post fliers around town to let people know. At the nightclub, the Japanese owner of the club, known as “Chairman”, finds out about the doctor and orders his men to deal with it. The nightclub manager sends one of his men to the doctor’s office, pretending to be an addict. The doctor’s assistant doesn’t believe him but prescribes him some medicine anyway, which the man promptly takes. The man then begins acting crazed, just as the club manager arrives, and accuses the doctor of trying to poison him. The doctor attempts to find out what has happened, as the manager accuses the doctor of giving his employee the wrong medicine. When one of the assistant’s recognizes the men as working at the nightclub, the doctor’s adopted son, Ji Hong(?) throws the manager’s helpers out of the office before he is called off by the doctor. The doctor tries to make peace by reexamining the man, but the manager says they don’t trust him and will tell the town that the doctor is giving out bad medicine unless he pays them $100 in silver. Ji Hong, having a dislike fro drugs due to their taking his father’s life, goes to the club and attempts to win the money back but after he exposes the club for cheating, he forces the club to give him the $100 but then must fight several men in order to get out. The next day, Ji Hong gives the money to the doctor’s assistant but the club’s manager and his men arrive and begin trashing the doctor’s office, The doctor calls a halt to what’s happening and the manager demands he pays back twice the money that was taken. Ji Hong is forced to return the money and apologize, then the doctor explains why he doesn’t want to have Ji Hong fight. The manager tells the Chairman about Ji Hong, and the chairman sends some of his men after Ji Hong. Ji Hong easily defeats the men, cutting the ears off of the Chairman’s lead henchman and his two assistants. The manager then sends his mistress, who is friend’s with the doctor’s daughter, to lure Ji Hong into a trap by pretending to need his help, Then, while he is at her house, the husband, goes to the doctor claiming that Ji Hong is seducing his wife. The doctor and his daughter go to the house, where the club manager produces Ji Hong’s jacket as proof of what is going on. Ji Hong claims he is innocent but when the wife accuses him of trying to rape her, even the daughter doubts him.  Ji Hong shoves the wife away and she strikes her head and during the commotion, the manager kills her and blames her death on Ji Hong. The police arrest him but instead of taking him to the police station, the reveal themselves to be working for the Japanese and take Ji Hong to the nightclub. Meanwhile, the manager demands that the doctor accompanies him to meet the Chairman but when the doctor’s assistants and daughter try to stop them, The assistants are killed and the doctor and his daughter are taken. Ji Hong is tortured by the Japanese and when the manager arrives, he tries to convince Ji Hong to join him but then taunts him by admitting that he killed the wife and that he has the doctor and his daughter captive. The Chairman arrives and meets the doctor, realizing that they have met before, and wants to fight him one on one. Meanwhile, another prisoner helps Ji Hong escape and, after beating up the manager, Ji Hong heads to where the Doctor and his daughter are and after defeating all of the Chairman’s men, Ji Hong beats the Chairman.

This was surprisingly a decent movie. The dubbing was absolutely atrocious but that is more or less the norm for these older movies. The story was pretty good and while I liked the flashback for Ji Hong which showed why he hated the Japanese and their drugs, I think the doctor’s flashback wasn’t entirely necessary, or at the very least, it could have been shown later when he was face to face with the Chairman. The fight scenes were pretty good though most of them were the one against many style. It’s not a classic, but it was an entertaining way to spend a Sunday morning.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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