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August 3rd, 2015 Movie – The Incredibles

the incredibles

Yay. I get to watch a Pixar film today. Now don’t get me wrong. When it comes to an animated movie, it is hard to beat a Disney classic, but in my opinion, Pixar has definitely made some of the best original animated films in the last decade or so. Take today’s movie for example. Not only is it just an incredible movie to watch (yup, I went there), but it is also one of the most highly acclaimed and award winning animated films to come out at the time. So let’s get ready for some fun as I watch today’s movie, The Incredibles.

The plot: Popular super-hero Mr. Incredible is on his way to an important event but is constantly sidetracked by his continuing need to be a hero. At one point, his biggest fan, Buddy, wishes to be his sidekick but he accidentally blows up a train track, forcing Mr. Incredible to stop the oncoming train. Mr. Incredible finally makes it to the event, his wedding, where he marries Elastigirl, a fellow super hero. The next day, law suits are levied against Mr. Incredible, causing similar law suits to be filed against other super heroes until the government is forced to relocate all of the various heroes. 15 years later, Mr. Incredible, now living under his civilian identity of Bob Parr, is an insurance claims adjuster but he is dissatisfied with his suburban life. While his wife Helen (Elastigirl) deals with their three children, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack, Bob sneaks out every week to relive his glory days with his friend Lucius a.k.a. Frozone. One day, as he is getting yelled at by his boss, Bob witnesses a mugging occurring but when he is unable to stop it, he loses his temper and ends up getting fired. When he gets home, he notices a strange envelope which contains a message from a woman named Mirage, asking for his help in dealing with an out of control robot called the Omnibot. Bob goes to the island and battles the robot, managing to trick it into ripping out it’s own power supply. Being rewarded three times his annual salary for his work, Bob decides to try and get back in shape in case Mirage has another mission for him. Noticing a tear in his costume, he goes to see Edna, the costume designer for all of the super heroes, who designs a suit for him and, unknown to Bob, suits for the rest of his family as well. Receiving a call from Mirage, Bob heads back to the island but is attacked by an improved version of the Omnibot. After being beaten by the Omnibot, he learns that the robot is under the control of Buddy, now calling himself Syndrome. Syndrome attacks Bob but Bob manages to escape him and discovers the remains of fellow super hero, Gazerbeam, who had spelled out a cryptic message. Meanwhile, Helen, noticing the repair on Bob’s old suit, goes to visit Edna and is shown all of the suits that she has made for the Parr family. When Helen questions why Bob would think they need suits, Edna  tells her that Bob has been moonlighting as a super hero. Back on the island, Bob sneaks into Syndrome’s base and accesses his computer, learning that Syndrome had been killing off dozens of retired heroes in order to test his robot and that while Syndrome has not located Elastigirl, Frozone’s location was known. Meanwhile, Helen finds out that Bob was lying to her and uses a tracking beacon that Edna placed inside his suit to locate him, inadvertently causing Bob to be located and captured. Helen borrows a plane to fly after Bob but discovers that Dash and Violet have snuck on board the plane. Syndrome fires missiles at the plane but Helen and the kids manage to survive and make it to the island. As Helen sneaks into Syndrome’s base looking for Bob, Syndrome launches the Omnibot at the city and Dash and Violet are discovered by Syndrome’s troops. Meanwhile, Mirage frees Bob just as Helen arrives and tells them that the kids are in danger so they run off to save them. Dash and Violet manage to evade or destroy several of Syndrome’s before meeting up with their parents but they all wind up captured by Syndrome. As Syndrome heads out to be a hero, Violet manages to escape and free the rest of her family. With Mirage’s help, the Incredible’s head back to the city, where Syndrome’s plan has gone awry and the robot is now out of control. Working together, and with Frozone’s help, the Parrs are able to recover Syndrome’s remote and use it to defeat the robot, to a rousing applause by the citizens. On their way home, Helen receives a message from the baby sitter that was looking after Jack-Jack and they rush inside to discover that Syndrome has Jack-Jack. As Syndrome tries leaving with Jack-Jack, Jack-Jack reveals a multitude of super powers and manages to escape from Syndrome while Bob throws a car at Syndrome’s plane, causing Syndrome to be sucked into one of the jet’s engines. 3 months later, the Parrs are at Dash’s track meet when the Underminer emerges from beneath the city, causing the Parrs to don their masks and leap into action.

The Incredibles was highly praised by the critics, earning a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes which makes it one of the most highly rated animated movies of all time. Aside from praising Pixar’s continued mastery of animation, many critics loved the mixture of superhero action mixed in with a satirical look at suburban life. The audiences definitely went to see it as it wound up setting several records on it’s opening weekend and would go on to make over $631 million worldwide. The Incredibles won two Academy Awards, was nominated for two more, and also won the Hugo Award, the first animated movie to do so.

Super heroes and animation. What is not to love about this movie. This was a great movie to watch. The voice acting and casting for this movie was really good. The story and writing were both fantastic. I especially loved how the super heroes, primarily Bob, had to try to adjust to normal life. The animation was incredible (it’s hard not to do that) and really showed how good Pixar has become. I really can’t think of anything bad to say about this movie but I can definitely recommend that everyone should watch it.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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