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July 30th, 2015 Movie – Bait (2012)

Bait 2012Guess who people. It’s your old pal Sharktoplushie. So funny story. See, Joey is planning a shark movie marathon for next month and while he has a bunch of shark movies, he decided to get some more because, obviously, you can never have enough shark movies. Anyways, he ordered them about a month ago and they all arrived but since most of the movies start with the letter S, with a couple of M movies thrown in, there was no review for them. Then he noticed that he had accidentally set this movie to buy later. Now he wasn’t going to just buy one movie so he let it sit in his cart for a while. Then, on Monday, Joey got some early Christmas shopping done and thus we have me reviewing today’s movie, Bait.

The plot: A hungover lifeguard named Josh is woken up by his friend Rory, who teases Josh about proposing to his (Rory’s) sister the night before. Rory heads out to set a buoy while Josh meets up with Rory’s sister, Tina, on the beach. When a shark attacks a swimmer, Josh uses a jet ski to try and save Rory but Josh is unable to prevent Rory from being eaten. One year later, Josh, now working at a grocery store, is heading to work when he notices a huge flock of birds, all different species, flying overhead. At the store, Josh runs into Tina, who is there with her friend Steven from Singapore. As the day unfolds, Tina winds up being held hostage as two men try to rob the store when a sudden tsunami ends up flooding the store. Josh, Tina, and Steven manage to climb up onto the top of the shelves along with the other survivors; Naomi (another employee), Jessup (the store manager), Colins (the store security guard), Jamie (a young shoplifter), Todd (Jamie’s dad and a cop), Doyle (one of the robbers), and Kirby(a customer). Meanwhile, in the store’s car park, Jamie’s boyfriend Ryan wakes up to find his van had been flipped over in the tsunami. and breaks a window so he can escape the van. He notices Kyle and Heather are trapped in their car but they are unable to leave because a great white shark is in the car park with them. Back in the store, Colins, Tina, and Steven try looking for a way out but a second great white attacks Colins and forces the other two to back onto the shelves. When an aftershock knocks a live cable loose, they realize that they have to shut off the power before they are all electrocuted. Steven uses a homemade set of shark armor to go shut off the power, but when the air hose isn’t long enough to reach, he ditches the hose in order to shut off the power, but ends up drowning. Back in the car park, Ryan uses a bloody hand to lure the shark towards him, allowing Kyle and Heather to swim to the top of his van. Ryan uses a pipe to make his way to them but he loses his grip and falls into the water. Ryan manages to swim and climb up onto his van but when the shark hits it, Kyle is knocked into the water and killed. Meanwhile, Josh and Doyle use a rope to hoist Jessup up to the ventilation shaft, hoping he will be able to climb up it and get help. When dozens of crabs come falling out of the shaft, Jessup loses his grip and the shark winds up killing him. Doyle then decides to use a hook to trap the shark, allowing them to swim to safety. When her dad volunteers to swim for a hook and bait, Jamie jumps into the water instead, and manages to get the hook and bait back safely. When the shark doesn’t go for the bait, Kirby, revealing himself to be Doyle’s partner, hooks Naomi’s shirt and uses her as bait. Doye uses a makeshift harpoon to stab Kirby while Josh and Tina rescue Naomi, then uses the hook on Kirby and throws him to the shark. The shark eats Kirby, causing the hook to become caught in it’s mouth, and the survivors use this to make their way out. In the car park, Ryan uses a metal bar to try and signal for help, which Jamie hears. She heads towards the car park and Josh goes to follow but before he goes, Tina grabs him and kisses him. Josh and Jamie make it to the car park, but Kyle and Heather warn them about the shark so they climb on top of a car. Realizing that they are on her dad’s car, she tells Josh that there is a gun in it so Josh manages to grab a taser and shotgun and kills the shark with the shotgun. Heading back to the store, they find Doyle rigging a wire to blow a hole in the rubble. When a second aftershock causes the hooked shark to come loose, Josh uses the taser to kill it while Doyle succeeds in blowing a hole in the rubble. The survivors make their way outside and into the wreckage of the city.

Bait met with mixed reviews from the critics, earning a 47% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While some criticized the movie for not making the audience invested into the characters, others said that it was “enjoyable on the basis of being an awful film.” The movie was a success, earning $29 million off of a $20 million budget. A sequel was proposed with the plot being passengers in a plane crashing into the Pacific, but the idea was scrapped due to similarities to the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 crash.

This was a surprisingly decent movie. The acting was better than I expected and I was actually surprised by the number of people in this movie that I recognized from other movies/television shows. The plot was somewhat unique and original. I liked the idea of the sharks being in an enclosed place and killing people. The effects were decent and, while I do not have the 3D version, I can see where the effects could have made it better, but it was mainly just used for cheap scares. A decent shark movie that is worth a watch.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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