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July 29th, 2015 Movie – In The Spider’s Web

in the spider's web

Wasn’t feeling good so I called out of work. One good thing about that is that it gives me an early jump on today’s movie. Today I am watching one of the first movies from the Maneater series. Once again a movie catered to the arachnaphobic among us. I have to admit, as much as I am a fan of these movies, I probably would not have watched that many from this series if this was the first movie that I watched. I am glad that they managed to improve the quality of movies in their later endeavors. Ok, on to today’s movie, In The Spider’s Web.

The plot: Five friends (Geraldine, Gina, John, Phil, and Stacy) are backpacking with their guide, Brian, through the Indian jungle. After seeing some strange webs and an offering table dedicated to spiders, Geraldine winds up being bitten by a spider. Due to her severe reaction, Brian suggest they go to a village, where an American doctor has been staying, to get Geraldine treatment. When they arrive at the village, they meet Dr. Lecorpus, who begins to treat Geraldine for spider venom. When a strange man with a sack on his head arrives in the village, Gina is freaked out and convinces John and Phill to go back to town with her while Brian and Stacy stay in the village. Hearing about a nearby temple, Brian and Stacy decide to go explore it but soon become lost. Suddenly Brian goes missing and Stacy ends up attacked and webbed by a horde of spiders. Meanwhile, Gina, John and Phil arrive in town and while Phil finds a hotel, Gina and John go talk to the local sheriff and explain what happened. The sheriff  heads to the village but sees a helicopter arrive and some villagers carrying crates to the helicopter but he finds himself captured by the man in the sack and the villagers. He is taken to the village, where Dr. Lecorpus explains that the man in the sack is his brother and he is “distrustful” of civilization. The sheriff goes to explore the temple but he is attacked by Lecorpus’ brother. Gina and John head back to the village but when they get there, they witness some bizarre ritual and Stacy being injected by the doctor before being carried off by his brother. John is captured by the villagers but Gina runs off after Stacy. When she finds Stacy, Gina tries to wake her up but Dr. Lecorpus explains that she is paralyzed. Gina and John run off into the temple but get separated and eventually both fall into a giant web but manage to crawl out. Meanwhile, Phil has made it to another town and while trying to get help, learns that Dr. Lecorpus was wanted for the illegal harvesting of human organs. Back at the temple, Gina and John find Brian but just as they free him from the webs, he dies. The sheriff finds them and the three people decide to try following the spiders to see if they lead them to a way out. They eventually come to the doctor’s lab where he harvests and stores organs for transport. They are able to rescue Stacy before the doctor can start cutting her up and Gina uses a torch to burn some nearby webs to help cover their escape. The sheriff and Stacy manage to use a web to cross over a chasm but when Gina tries crossing, the webbing begins to break and she falls. She manages to climb along the wall but Dr. Lecorpus arrives and steps on her hand. Gina manages to grab Lecorpus by the leg and they both fall into the chasm but while Lecorpus falls into a web and is killed by the spiders, Gina is saved when her necklace catches onto a rock and she uses a web to climb up to the sheriff and Gina, but John is unable to cross. Promising to come back for him, the three head out of the temple but Lecorpus’ brother chases after them. As he is about to kill the sheriff, Lecorpus’ brother is shot by a squad of police, accompanied by Phil. The survivors are taken back to town and though the police continue searching for him, they are unable to find any sign of John, who is last seen being suspended in a web cocoon.

This was not that good of a movie to watch. The acting was ok at best but nobody really stood out and even Lance Henriksen seemed to just be going through the motions. The plot was actually pretty good. I liked the whole “spider venom to paralyze victims for organ harvesting” bit. It turned this from just another killer animal movie into a different style of horror movie. The special effects were pretty weak regarding the spiders. I have to admit that I have seen better spider swarms in movies form the 70’s and 80’s than in this one. Sadly, a good plot can not make up for the deficiencies in this film, so watch it if you really want to but there are better spider movies out there.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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