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July 28th, 2015 Movie – The Impossible Kid

the impossible kid

Ok, this movie is either going to be ridiculously funny, or incredibly bad…possibly both. Yet another movie from the Martial Arts box set that I have to suffer through. When I get through with this project of mine, I honestly wonder which of the 5 box sets that I have will end up with the worst overall rating. Hard to say right now but based on the plot premise for this movie, this one might push the Martial Arts set into the lead. Oh well, let’s see what kind of a trainwreck I have in store today as I watch today’s movie, The Impossible Kid.

The plot: Interpol Agent 00 is walking down the street when he is shot at by a sniper. Seeing the sniper go into an apartment complex, Agent 00 calls for back-up and, with his two partners, manages to capture the sniper. Sometime later, Agent 00 rescues a captured businessman. At Interpol headquarters, Agent 00’s boss informs him that the kidnapping was part of a plot to capture many industrialists and hold them for ransom. Agent 00 is sent to a meeting of the PCI (Philippine  Chamber of Industrialists) where the head of the PCI, Senyor Manolo, shows him a video featuring a hooded man called Mister X, who demands a ransom of $1 billion or Mister X’s organization will kill them. After reports come out that one industrialist was killed in Paris as proof that Mister X’s group means business, one industrialist, Simeon, agrees to pay his portion of the ransom. Agent 00 and his partner stake out the location for the ransom and Agent 00 manages to hide with the bag of money and capture the group trying to take it, but Mister X manages to escape. The next day, Simeon and Manolo blames Agent 00 for the fact that Simeon’s life is now in danger, even though Agent 00 foiled an assassination attempt right outside Interpol Headquarters. Mister X orders his gang to kill Agent 00 and one woman agrees, planning an ambush at the dojo where Agent 00 practices karate, but Agent 00 defeats her goons and capture the female assassin. During an interrogation of the suspect, they plan to use sodium pentothal on the girl but the vials are switched and she is killed by the poison. Agent 00 suspects Manolo, who had shown up at the interrogation, but when he is caught breaking into Manolo’s place, Manolo uses his influence to have Agent 00 pulled from the case. Acting in an unofficial capacity, Agent 00 continues to investigate the actions of Mister X’s gang. Manolo and Simeon convince the rest of the PCI to pay off the ransom, but Mister X was just a ruse for the two men to get all of the money. Agent 00 follows them to their boat but he is captured. However, one of the girls on the boat is actually a bartender that Agent 00 is friendly with and she helps him escape the trap. As Agent 00 deals with Manolo’s men, the boat winds up catching fire and exploding. Manolo and Simeon are arrested and Agent 00 and the bartender go off together.

This is definitely one of those “so bad it’s good” movies. This was one of the most laughably ridiculous movies I have seen in quite a while. First, this is sequel to another movie but both movies are spoofs of the James Bond series. Second, you really need to have a serious ability to suspend disbelief because the main character, Agent 00, is only 2’9″. Yes, 2 feet, 9 inches. So you have to believe that he is capable of beating up average sized men. However, that makes for the humor in watching this. Then you have the other things like the ridiculous dubbing…and do I mean ridiculous. Then there is the fact that Agent 00 rides around on a little mini bike, and is irresistible to women. In the opening scene, he sneaks into a hotel room to sneak up on the sniper and when the female occupant steps out of the bathroom, he shh’s her, then randomly kisses her before leaving the room. This is by no means a good movie but it is entertaining to watch.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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