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July 26th, 2015 Movie – Idle Hands

idle hands

Heh. Every time I watch this movie, I have to laugh. Not because the movie is funny, which it is, but for some funny memories regarding this movie. See, the first time I saw this movie was not in theaters, but when it came out on video. Two of my friends, both of whom are not particularly fans of horror movies, told me that I should rent it because I would like it. Of course, the only reason they watched it was because they both liked Seth Green. Still, I was glad I rented it because I thought it was pretty funny. So on to today’s movie, Idle Hands.

The plot: Just before Halloween, Anton, a lazy stoner, wakes up to find his parent’s missing, but his concern about their whereabouts is put aside as he focuses on his more immediate problem, getting some more pot. He heads over to see his friends Mike and Pnub in order to get some more pot and sees his crush Molly drive by. Anton notices that Molly’s song notebook has fallen out of her bag so he picks it up and takes it to her but when he gets to her house, he is to scared to say anything so he just hands Molly the notebook and leaves. That night, Anton discovers the bodies of his parents hidden inside his Halloween decorations. He has Mike and Pnub come over but when they decide to call the police, Anton’s right hand acts on it’s own and kills them. Anton freaks out and sits down to watch TV while he figures out what to do but his hand grabs his cat and throws it out the window. Anton goes looking for it and winds up at Molly’s house and, as they are talking, Anton is trying to keep his hand from attacking her but she mistakes his actions as him being “kinky” and the two have sex, with Anton making plans to go to the school dance with Molly. Anton returns home and buries his friends and parents but Mike and Pnub decided not to go to heaven and come back as zombies. The next day, Anton asks his neighbor Randy for advise, thinking that his listening to heavy metal would make him an expert on the Devil. Randy tells him about idle hands being the devil’s plaything but Anton takes it literally and decides to keep his hands occupied so his possessed hand won’t kill anyone. When two police officers see Anton sitting in his house with the undead bodies of Mike and Pnub, they try to arrest him but Anton winds up killing them. Anton is fed up and cuts his hand off and sticks it in the microwave to get rid of it. However, Mike and Pnub accidentally let it out and the hand goes after Molly. Anton, Mike, and Pnub head to the dance to try and rescue Molly but Anton is attacked by Debi, a druid priestess that has been hunting the spirit that possesses the hand of the laziest person on Earth in order to open a portal to hell. Anton tries to warn the students but he is laughed at until the hand scalps the lead singer of the performing band. Molly and her friend try to escape but her friend is killed and Molly is captured by the hand. Anton, Mike, and Pnub find the hand in the auto shop trying to kill Molly with a hydraulic press. Anton manages to use pot to get the hand high, allowing Debi to stab it with her ritual knife, ending the threat. Anton is accidentally crushed by the press after he rescues Molly and he refuses to go to heaven, choosing to stay with Molly, while Mike and Pnub finally go to heaven and become Anton’s guardian angels.

Idle Hands was panned by the critics, earning only a 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Many critics felt that it had neither the humor or scares needed to satisfy audiences. Apparently, the audiences agreed with the critics as it would only make over $4 million of of a $25 million budget. Still, the movie would become a cult classic when it was released on video and has gotten more positive reviews in later years.

I think the critics were too harsh with this movie. This was a horror comedy and it really lived up to what I expected. The acting was pretty good all around, even Jessica Alba. The plot was a little weak but the writing was actually good and did have a good amount of humor mixed in with the scares. I will agree with Seth Green’s character that the climax was really weak. The murders were a bit bloodier than I expected for this movie but there was nothing worse than your average horror movie and the effects were actually pretty good. Definitely one of those guilty pleasure movies that is fun to watch.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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