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July 25th, 2015 Movie – Idiocracy


Sometimes, you are watching a movie and you think that some of the ideas in the movie resemble real life. Then you watch a movie and are like, “Holy Shit! That is going on now.” I will be honest, when I first saw today’s movie, I pretty much thought that was summing up what humanity was becoming. Ten years later, and I would be hard pressed not to think the same thing. I honestly can’t think of a better movie to watch that, when you finish watching, makes you realize just how close reality is to the fiction. So let’s get right into today’s movie, Idiocracy.

The plot: Corporal Joe Bauers, a U.S. Army librarian, is picked to take part in a cryogenics experiment due to his being completely “average”. Along with Rita, a prostitute, they are placed in hibernation pods and scheduled to be awakened in one year, but when the officer in charge is arrested, the project is forgotten and Joe and Rita remain in hibernation. 500 years later, a garbage avalanche unearths Joe’s pod and sends it crashing into the home of Frito Pendejo, who throws Joe out of his house for interrupting his favorite show. Thinking that he is hallucinating, Joe goes to a hospital for treatment but as Joe realizes what year it is and what has happened to the city, the doctor sounds an alarm because Joe does not have a bar code tattoo and Joe is soon arrested. At his trial, Joe’s lawyer turns out to be Frito but Frito winds up getting Joe sent to prison. After getting a bar code tattoo and taking an I.Q. test, Joe is sent to prison but he is able to easily outsmart the guards and walk right out, where he heads back to Frito’s place. When he gets there, Joe manages to find out from Frito that there is a time machine and they make plans to go to it. Along the way, they pick up Rita, who had used a combination of her street smarts and prostitution to make money. They make their way to Costco, where Frito tells them they can take a shuttle to the time machine. Joe is captured by the police but this time he is taken to the White House, because Joe’s I.Q. test score showed him to be the smartest man in the world. President Camacho makes Joe the Secretary of the Interior and says he will give Joe a full pardon if he will solve the problem with the crops, the dust bowl, and the economy. Joe takes the job in the hopes of escaping to the time machine but when he can’t read Frito’s map, he resigns himself to staying where he is. When he notices that the people are watering their crops with Brawndo, an energy drink, he convinces everyone to start using water instead of Brawndo. The next day, Brawndo’s stock drops to zero and half of the country winds up unemployed as a result. Joe is sentenced to rehabilitation in the form of a demolition derby. As Joe tries to survive, Rita notices that crops have started growing and gets Frito to take a cameraman out there so she can televise it to everyone. When President Camacho sees the crops, he saves Joe’s life and gives him a pardon. That night, President Camacho asks Joe to be the Vice President, which Joe accepts, especially after he learns that the time machine was just a ride. Joe would eventually become President and with Rita as the First Lady, they would have three kids; the three smartest kids in the world.

Idiocracy received positive reviews from the critics, earning a 73% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While many critics praised the concept, casting and humor, they mainly criticized stuff that was not in the movie, primarily it’s release issues. The film was only released in seven cities and received no promotion from the studio, which led many people to believe the studio wanted to squash the film. As a result, the movie only made over $495,000 worldwide, making it a flop against it’s $2-4 million budget, but it gained cult status when it was released on DVD.

This is one of those movies that really makes you laugh and think. I will be honest, I think Luke Wilson was a great casting for this. He really was able to play the “average guy” perfectly. The rest of the casting was entertaining to watch as the majority of them just acted like complete idiots. The story was great and a little scary in how close things are to becoming like the future in the movie. I mean, television is definitely on it’s way to being completely dumbed down when we have shows about a girl and her family and the girl’s only claim to fame is that she was filmed having sex. Crap, maybe we are already too late. So watch this movie, laugh, and perhaps prepare for a future full of idiots.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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