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July 16th, 2015 Movie – Hydra


What do we have on tap for today? A Syfy original movie that has a basis in Greek mythology. Well that sounds like just what the doctor ordered for me after a stressful day at work. Fun fact about this movie, it was one of the last original movies I watched on Syfy channel back when I had cable. I find it funny that the only thing I miss about cable is being able to watch the original movies on the Syfy channel. Oh well, enough reminiscing on the past. On with today’s movie, Hydra.

The plot: Dr. Valerie Cammon is on an archaeological expedition on a volcanic island to search for a legendary Greek temple. Unfortunately for her, the ruins that she discovers are guarded by a legendary creature, the hydra. Valerie manages to escape from the creature but the combination of a storm and a sudden sea quake causes her boat to capsize, leaving her stranded on the island. Two months later, four ex-cons (Tim Nolan, Gwen Russell, Ronnie Kaplan, & Bob Crick) wake up in a ship’s hold. They soon find out that they are the prey for four wealthy hunters (Broughton, Trotta, Elkins, & Williams), who plan on hunting them. The four ex-cons are dropped off on the island and given a one day head start before the hunters come after them. Tim, being a former special forces operative, gets them all working to build some traps to take out the hunters when they show up. The next day, the hunters arrive and Williams falls victim to Tim’s traps, getting stabbed in the leg with a stake. Tim and the others go to see what happened and Williams shoots Bob. Before he can shoot anyone else, Valerie suddenly appears and tells everyone to run. Everyone is startled by her appearance but when the hydra kills Williams, Tim and the others run after Valerie. Valerie tells them that they need to get off the island but after Tim explains the situation, he sends Ronnie with Valerie while he and Gwen go back to get William’s gun. They run into Trotta but Tim manages to knock him into the oncoming hydra, which makes short work of the hunter. Tim and Gwen meet back up with Valerie and Ronnie and Valerie explains that the only way to kill the hydra is to use the Sword Of Hercules. After agreeing to help her, Tim goes looking for the Sword but the ship’s captain, and Tim’s former commander, Captain Sweet shows up and shoots Ronnie. Valerie lures the Hydra into the cave and it kills Captain Sweet. Trying to buy Tim some time, Valerie sacrifices herself to the hydra, allowing Tim time to grab the sword. Tim manages to chop off almost all of the hydra’s heads but the last head is not completely severed. Realizing they are the only two left, Tim and Gwen make their way back to the ship and capture Vincent and Dixie Camden, the organizers of the hunt. While Gwen tries to radio for help, Tim heads to the bridge, where the ship’s first mate, Mr. Winters, has already prepared the ship to set sail. The hydra, revived but with only one head now, heads onto the ship and winds up killing Dixie. Vincent manages to grab Gwen and tries to blackmail Tim into killing the creature. The hydra kills Vincent and , after Mr. Winters throws him the sword, Tim kills the hydra, which causes a vortex to open up and suck up the sword. Tim and Gwen soon arrive at the Italian city of Sardinia and, with the $10 million dollars that the hunters paid to the Camden’s, decide to explore the rest of Italy together.

This movie is a lot of fun to watch. The acting was a mixture between being fairly decent and somewhat over the top campy, which is exactly what you want from this type of movie. The plot was pretty good, although they did not quite follow the myth about the hydra to the fullest detail. The whole “Sword of Hercules cauterizing the necks so a new head wouldn’t grow” is close, but not quite how the myth went. I liked the look of the hydra but the CGI was a little weak at times when it was in close proximity to a person. Definitely a fun movie to watch.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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