July 13th, 2015 Movie – Hundra


Man, It is taking me way longer to get through the letter H than I originally thought. Yes, I am well aware of the fact that it is my own fault for buying a bunch of movies. Still, I guess I had more “H” movies than I thought. Oh well. Today’s movie comes from the Sci-Fi Invasion collection. And guess what. Once again, there isn’t really anything remotely science fiction about this movie. Mill Creek Entertainment really should have put out a fantasy collection because that would have fit several of these movies much better. But enough griping. On with today’s movie, Hundra.

The plot: Hundra is the strongest warrior in a tribe of Amazons. One day, while Hundra is out hunting, an army of barbarians attacks her village, raping and slaughtering everyone there. When Hundra returns, she sees what is left of her village but she is soon set upon by some remaining barbarians and is forced to run. After being chased by the barbarians for a day, Hundra is finally able to attack and kill her pursuers, but one manages to get away. Hundra then heads towards the cave of a wise woman to seek advise on what she should do. When the wise woman tells Hundra that she should bear a child to ensure that their culture would survive, Hundra is horrified because she has vowed that no man will touch her. Hundra resigns herself to doing as the wise woman said, but when the first man she comes across proves to be a sadist, she proceeds to attack him and knock him unconscious. The next day, she tries her luck in a nearby city, but when she tries to prevent the servants of the high priest from taking a young girl, she ends up being chased by the city’s guards. Escaping from the guards, Hundra crashes through the roof of Pateray, the city’s healer. Hundra decides that Pateray is the man that she wants to have father her child, but when he says that he thinks one of the temple girls is more attractive, she allows herself to be captured and taken to the temple. At the temple, Hundra pretends to act subservient to the male leaders, but secretly, she begins to teach Tracima, one of the temple girls, how to stand up to men. With Tracima’s teaching, Hundra learns how to act more feminine and is able to seduce Pateray into making love to her. When some city guards attempt to rape Tracima, Hundra convinces Tracima to stand up for herself and the two girls fight off the guards and head back to the temple. Hundra soon wound up being pregnant, but this caused her to question whether she should leave or stay with Pateray. When Hundra gives birth to a daughter, she decides to leave, despite Pateray’s request that she stay. The day she is to leave, the high priest has Hundra’s daughter taken and informs Hundra that she will get her daughter back if she takes part in the temple’s ritual. As Hundra is forced to be humiliated by the barbarian chieftains, Tracima rescues Hundra’s daughter, and Tracima and Pateray go to the temple to help Hundra. Seeing her daughter is safe, Hundra fights back against the barbarian chieftains and proceeds to kill them all. The high priest attempts to kill Hundra’s daughter but he is stopped by Pateray and Hundra’s pet dog. As the high priest attempts to flee, he is attacked by the remaining slave girls. The next day, Hundra says goodbye to Pateray and Tracima and, with her daughter in hand, heads off to face her destiny.

Wow. This was a lot better than I thought it would be. I honestly think some of the inspiration for Xena might have come from this movie. Laurene Landon did a great job in the lead role and the other actors all did a decent job with their roles as well. While the opening scene of Hundra’s village being attacked was pretty brutal (but not in a gory, blood-soaked way), several of the action scenes with Hundra had a bit of dark comedy mixed in with the sword fighting. Case in point, when she is fighting the barbarians that were chasing her, she brings her sword down on one guy’s neck, blocks another barbarian’s attack, then after she pushes that barbarian back, she turns and kicks the head off of the first guy she killed. The theme of a woman standing up against a male chauvinist world was definitely showcased in this movie and it probably helped make Hundra seem like more of a bad ass. A good bit of campy fun that is worth watching.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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