July 11th, 2015 Movie – Hulk Vs.

hulk vs

Now if you are a fan of the Incredible Hulk comics, then you know that he has wound up fighting some of the various heroes almost as often as he has fought villains. One of his favorite “punching bags” (the Hulk’s words, not mine) is Ben Grimm, the ever-lovin, blue-eyed Thing from the the Fantastic Four, but two other heroes that have repeatedly fought with the Hulk are Thor and Wolverine. So as part of their animated film selection, Marvel decided to make two short features and showcase them in one movie. So get ready to see Hulk smash as I watch today’s movie, Hulk Vs.

The plot  In the Hulk Vs. Thor segment, Bruce Banner is transported to Asgard by Loki and the Enchantress. Loki plans to use the Hulk’s power to defeat Thor during the time of the Odin Sleep, a period where Asgard is most vulnerable. Using her magic, the Enchantress is able to separate Banner from the Hulk and then allow Loki to take mental control of the Hulk’s body. Loki sends the Hulk to Asgard, where he easily beats the warriors guarding the city, including Thor, who is unable to halt the Hulk’s attack. However, the Hulk’s rage causes it to break free from Loki’s control, and after battering Thor to the brink of death, the Hulk heads towards the palace, being drawn there by the light from Odin’s chamber. The enchantress shows up to revive Thor, but when he goes after Loki, he learns that Loki has killed Banner so Thor and Loki are forced to travel to Hel to retrieve Banner’s soul from Hela, the ruler of Hel. Loki tricks Hela into bringing the Hulk to Hel, but when the Hulk begins rampaging through Hel, and Thor and Loki are unable to stop it, Banner merges with the Hulk in order to halt it’s rampage. Hela sends the Hulk back to Earth but keeps Loki in Hel while she allows Thor to leave. Back in Asgard, Odin gives thanks to all the warriors that defended Asgard and a special thanks to Bruce Banner, who is shown walking along a highway on Earth. In the Hulk Vs. Wolverine segment, when a town is destroyed by the Hulk, Department H sends Wolverine in to either capture or kill the Hulk. As Wolverine tracks the Hulk, he comes across Bruce Banner, but when he notices that the Hulk’s scent is coming from Banner, Wolverine attacks him. Banner transforms and the Hulk sends Wolverine flying. When Wolverine comes too, he finds the Hulk leaping down at him and the two continue to fight. During a brief lull in the battle, The Hulk and Wolverine are both brought down by tranquilizers and captured by members of Weapon X. Wolverine awakens and the Professor, the head of Weapon X, informs Wolverine that they had been attempting to capture the Hulk and now, thanks to Wolverine. they had him and were now going to brainwash him into becoming a living weapon, much like they had done to Wolverine. While the Professor wants to keep Wolverine alive and attempt to reprogram him once more, Sabertooth and the other members of Weapon X prefer to see Wolverine dead. Wolverine manages to escape and attempts to rescue Banner, but they are stopped by Weapon X. When he finds out that the drugs in Banners system are keeping him from transforming, Wolverine stabs Banner in an attempt to get his adrenaline high enough to transform. Wolverine continues his fight against Weapon X and is on the verge of being defeated when Banner finally transforms into the Hulk. The Hulk starts attacking the Weapon X members but when he spots Wolverine, he recalls the previous fight and decides to continue their previous battle. Hulk winds up tearing apart the Weapon X base, knocking Wolverine outside the base in the process. As Wolverine watches the base destroyed, the Hulk leaps right to where he is standing and the two begin to battle once again.

This DVD was a lot of fun to watch. I personally liked the Thor segment the best. The various elements in it stayed pretty close to the comics and the fight between Hulk and Thor was really good. I also liked how they showed what happens when Banner is not there to subconsciously reign in the Hulk’s destructive nature, which has happened in the comics a time or two, when they had the Hulk completely destroy everyone in his path on it’s way to Odin’s chambers. The Wolverine segment was entertaining (especially Deadpool), with the story itself seeming to be a retelling of the first battle between Wolverine and the Hulk (FYI, Wolverine’s first appearance was in The Incredible Hulk #180). My main problem was the deviations from the comics that it took, mainly concerning the Weapon X team. Wolverine and Sabertooth were in the Weapon X program together, Deadpool was in a different incarnation of the program, while Omega Red and Lady Deathstrike were never in the program. Omega Red was in a Soviet version of the Super Soldier program while Deathstrike got her powers from Spiral in the Mojoverse. My problems with that aside, both segments made this DVD highly enjoyable and definitely worth watching.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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