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July 8th, 2015 Movie – The Green Slime

the green slime

I promise, this is the last time I have to backtrack for a movie review. Well, at least until August 4th, because then a movie that I preordered will have arrived. But I promise that all other movies that I recently ordered are further down the alphabet so they will be reviewed in their normal order. Anyways, funny story regarding my ordering this movie. I first saw a brief clip from this movie on a YouTube video as part of a tribute to B-movie monsters. So when I ordered a bunch of movies, I made sure to include this one. Apparently, someone had bought the last copy of this movie before me so I received the notice that it was out of stock but would ship when it was in stock. So I wait patiently…..for a day. Then I started getting impatient because I really wanted to watch this movie. Finally I got the email the my copy had shipped. And that is how I find myself watching today’s movie, The Green Slime.

The plot: Scientists aboard the orbiting space station Gamma 3 have discovered a giant asteroid on a collision course for Earth. On Earth, the military plans a mission to send a group of astronauts to the asteroid to plant explosive charges on the asteroid and blow it up, recruiting retired astronaut Commander Jack Rankin to lead the mission. Jack boards a rocket and heads to Gamma 3, where they refuel and prepare to leave for the asteroid. On the station, Jack is met by his former friend, Commander Vince Elliot, who informs Jack that, aside from taking science officer Dr. Hans Halvorsen and his assistant along, he plans to accompany him on the mission, The rocket lands on the asteroid and the men seperate into three groups to plant the charges. While the groups plant the charges, a strange green substance begins growing around their vehicles forcing them to abandon them on the asteroid. Dr. Halvorsen tries to take a sample of the material back with them but Jack shatters the jar, unaware that some of the substance landed on Halvorsen’s leg. With the detonation countdown shortened, the rocket is forced to escape as fast as it can, but though Jack is injured during the flight, the astronauts manage to escape the explosion. Arriving back on Gamma 3, the crew go through decontamination and then Jack heads to the infirmary to get his arm looked at. At the infirmary, he is treated by Dr. Lisa Benson, a former love interest of his, which starts to become a point of contention with Vince since he is currently engaged to Lisa. When a man is killed in the decontamination lab, Jack has Vince organize a search of the station. They discover a tentacled cyclops that is able to electrocute people. Dr. Halvorsen wants to try and capture the creature for study but when two men are killed and Vince is wounded, Jack shoots the creature with a laser rifle, chasing it from the power room. Dr. Halvorsen discovers that the creatures feed on energy and that their blood can produce more creatures. Jack orders the station to be quarantined and tries to trap the creatures in one section of the space station. When the creatures begin to break down the doors, Jack orders the air lock doors to be closed. Dr. Halvorsens is trapped with the creatures and Vince, defying Jack’s tries to save him but Halvorsen is already dead and the creatures wind up causing an explosion in that section. Jack orders an evacuation of the station and plans to destroy station by having it burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere. When the creatures are shown to be outside the escape hatch, Vince leads a detail to clear the way for the escape pods. When they are unable to remote control the station from the Earth, Jack goes back to the control room to manually activate the rockets. He is surrounded by the creatures but Vince shows up to help him. Jack is able to get the station’s rockets started but as they try to escape, Vince is killed by the creatures. Jack grabs Vince’s body and escapes the station before it enters the Earth’s atmosphere, burning off the aliens on the outside before eventually exploding. After being picked up by one of the escape ships, Jack informs command as to what happened and asks that Vince be given the highest award possible for his actions.

The Green Slime was an American film but it was shot at Toei Company’s studio in Japan. The critics were pretty critical about the movie, giving it a 22% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critics can say what they will, one good thing definitely came out of this movie. This movie was used in the unofficial pilot in order to get MST3K pitched as a television show.

So this was the first time I had ever seen this movie, having only seen clips of the film previously, but it was a decent sci-fi movie. The acting was pretty decent but I thought the whole quasi love triangle storyline, while somewhat intregal to the plot, was a bit lame. Being shot in Japan, it showed in some of the effects in the movie but most people will criticize them as being lame. The rocket ship and space station looked somewhat familiar from some of the Japanese shows and movies that I have seen. Personally, I loved the fact that the creatures were played by a bunch of kids, but the noise that they gave the creatures was really annoying. All in all, it isn’t the greatest movie ever but it is a fun classic sci-fi film to watch.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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