July 1st, 2015 Movie – Hellhounds


Holy crap. A year. I have been doing this review blog for a year. Of course, that also means that I have been watching a lot of movies for the last year and a half, but that is beside the point. I am actually a little bit surprised that I have stuck with this as long as I have but to be honest, it has been a lot of fun as well. So after a year, I have had over 660 views from 308 visitors. I have also had some of my posts viewed from other countries, which honestly surprised the hell out of me. So let’s see if I can top that in the next year.

Today’s movie is yet another in the Maneater Series. This one should be interesting because it is slightly different from many of the others movies in this series. Many of the movies have been set in, more or less, the present day and featured either normal animals or some sort of mutated animal. Today’s movie, Hellhounds, is set in ancient Greece and features a more supernatural creature. I have not seen this movie before so I am hoping that this will be good.

The plot: Kleitos, a member of King Leander’s guard, is set to marry Princess Demetria. However, her childhood friend Theron is jealous of the marriage and, on the day of their wedding, poisons Demetria and frames her handmaiden as the killer. Kleitos takes the body of the handmaiden to a nearby seer, who tells him that the handmaiden did not kill Demetria and was herself murdered. She also tells him that Hades has taken Demetria’s soul to Tartarus and intends to make her his bride. Kleitos is told that he has three days in which he can rescue Demetria otherwise she is doomed to stay there forever. Kleitos assembles a group of warriors and, taking Demetria’s body with them, they travel to a nearby volcano that serves as the portal to Tartarus. As the group makes their way into the Underworld, they soon come to a labyrinth where they find Demetria’s soul, but wind up losing two of their group to Hade’s demonic hellhounds. As they make their way back towards the River Styx, Theron suddenly goes missing. Kleitos goes searching for him but Theron pushes a shelf on top of him, trapping his legs while he uses a trident to pin his arm to the ground. Theron then confesses to Kleitos of his jealousy and his plans to seduce Demetria during her grief for Kleitos’s death, before leaving Kleitos to face an approaching hellhound. Kleitos manages to free his arm from the trident and uses it to kill the hellhound, then frees himself and sets off after Theron and the others. Meanwhile, Theron makes it to where the others are waiting and, lying about what happened to Kleitos, convinces them that they need to leave. After a few hours, Kleitos manages to meet up with the group and, informing them of Theron’s treachery, he winds up battling Theron and killing him and sending his soul back to Tartarus where he is tortured. The group makes their way back to the River Styx but as they attempt to cross it, Hades summons a storm to try and sink the boat. Kleitos manages to fire an arrow dipped in snake’s blood (actually Hades’ blood), which wounds Hades and allows them to escape back to the surface world. Hades frees Theron from his torture and sends him to the surface with some of his hellhounds to kill his former friends and bring the princess back to Tartarus. Theron catches up to Kleitos, Demetria, and the others in a nearby village and after the hellhounds kill two more members of their group, Kleitos leads Demetria and the others to the seer. The seer tells him that the three days had passed when he returned with Demetria and she would not live another day unless she drank a mixture of Hades’ blood and the waters from a nearby spring. The seer then uses her magic to allow them to escape, but Theron stabs her in the back, killing her. Theron continues chasing the group, killing off Andronikus and his sister, Callia, before Kleitos manages to break the staff that Theron was wielding, causing the hellhounds to turn on him. Kleitos, Demetria, and Nikandros (his brother) make it to the spring but, having lost the snake containing Hades’ blood during their flight, they are forced to kill the hellhounds and use their blood to save Demetria.

You know, I have seen worse Syfy original movies set in Ancient Greece. The acting was pretty decent although I will say that James A. Woods did a good job switching between creepy, evil guy and whiny, “why aren’t things going my way” guy. The story seemed like a bit of a take off of the Greek myth of Orpheus, who traveled to the Underworld to bring his dead wife back to life. The action definitely lacked in this movie. The first fight between Kleitos and Theron just looked horrible, both slow and boring. The hellhounds looked terrible as well, seriously some bad CGI work there. A decent movie in the series but if something else is on, I would probably watch that instead.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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