June 29th, 2015 Movie – Ferocious Planet

ferocious planet

Let’s see what we got here. Syfy original movie. Part of the Maneater series. Yup, I am going to like this one. Surprisingly, I remember watching this movie on TV, which is odd because I did not have cable at the time. So obviously, I was either at someones house, or I was out of town and saw it at where I was staying. Problem is, I can’t remember where I watched it. But that doesn’t matter right now. What matters is that I am watching it today. So without further ado, let me present to you today’s movie, Ferocious Planet. 

The plot: Col. Sam Synn, head of security for the Federal Science Institute, is guarding a number of guests, including Senator Jackson Crenshaw and his staff, during a demonstration of a device that allows people to see into other dimensions. During the demonstration, there is a power surge and a burst of light from the device knocks out everyone in the room. Sam comes too and, after failing to get in radio contact with anyone, discovers a strange creature ripping off the arm of one of the nearby bodies. He gives chase and manages to kill the creature in a nearby supply room. Bringing the creature back to the room with him, he sees that, including himself, only 9 other people survived whatever happened. When a sudden tremor shakes the lab, one of the survivors has a heart attack and the senator decides to leave but when he steps outside, he is killed by a large creature. After seeing the creature and a forest where downtown DC should be, everyone realizes that they have somehow been transported to a parallel dimension. Sam, along with his security team, Lt. Rivers and Pvt. Reid, decide to explore their surroundings, accompanied by Presidential Science Advisor Dr. Karen Fast, while Dr. Jillian O’hara and her assistant, Brian Murphy, attempt to fix the machine. While they work, the senators aide, Josh Burke, and the remaining survivor, Al Icia, discuss taking the remains of the creature back to Earth with them when they return. Josh pokes the body and a stream of it’s blood hits Al in the face, burning him like acid and killing him. Meanwhile, Sam and his group are attacked by the large creature and Pvt. Reid is killed and the rest run back to the lab. Once there, they learn that though the machine has been repaired, they need 50 gallons of water to power it and if they can’t find it within 6 hours, they will be stuck in that dimension. When the creature destroys the lab, the group heads out looking for water when they see what looks like a building in the distance. Dr. Fast argues that the building is a sign of intelligent life and decides to head in that direction, accompanied by Josh and Sam. Lt. Rivers, along with Dr. Jillian and Brian, head in a different direction and discover a stream but find a creature drinking from it. Meanwhile, Sam’s group also run into a creature guarding a nest of eggs. When the creature leaves, they explore the nest and Josh takes an egg before, hearing the creature returning, they leave but are soon cornered by the mother creature. Josh accidentally drops the egg and the creature kills him, while Sam and Dr. Fast escape but while Sam heads back to the others, Dr. Fast refuses to break from her desire to get to the alien structure. Back at the stream, Lt. Rivers attempts to use a spear tipped with an I.E.D. to kill the creature but the fuse goes out and he is forced to run. He meets up with Sam but the creature attacks and impales him to a tree. Rivers grabs the I.E.D. from the spear and lights it, wounding the creature in the explosion. Sam joins Dr. Jillian and Brian, who got the water for the machine but have discovered the coolant has leaked out. Figuring they can use ammonia as a coolant, Sam leads them back to the nest to try and get some ammonia from the eggs. While trying to figure out a plan, Brian panics and runs off with the machine but the mother creature kills him and drags him back to her nest. Sam manages to lure the creature away from the nest and into a sinkhole, allowing Dr. Jillian to get the machine out of the nest. Meanwhile, Dr. Fast manages to make it to the building, only to realize that it is actually a portion of the IRS building that was next door to the institute before the wounded creature attacks and kills her. Sam and Dr. Jillian manage to use the eggs to get the device to work but when they return to their dimension, the sirens going off let them know that something had happened while they were gone.

This was a pretty decent movie. The acting was a lot better than I expected although I was sad that John Rhys-Davies didn’t have a bigger part. The story and writing were both really good and I liked the couple of references to other movies that were thrown in. There was also a fair amount of humor mixed in with the action/death scenes so it was not a complete gore fest which I know throws some people off. There were not many action scenes so much as several chase scenes where the creatures would chase people down and then kill them. The creatures themselves were pretty unique looking and among some of the better monsters to come out of a Syfy original movie. Definitely a fun way to kill 90 minutes.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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