Flashback Review: February 21st, 2014 Movie – The Amazing Transparent Man

the amazing transparent man

Ahh, a classic science fiction movie. It has been ages since I watched one of those. Heh, I’m kidding. It was just the other day. Now this is one of those movies that I first watched on MST3K, which I am sure many people were introduced to some of these classic gems from the 50’s and 60’s. I never bought the movie in itself, but it was a part of two different collections of movies. This isn’t the first movie to be in multiple collections, and every time I see a movie that is in several collections, I always take it as a sign that I am supposed to watch that movie. So here is today’s movie, The Amazing Transparent Man.

The plot: Expert safecracker Joey Faust breaks out of prison and is aided in his escape by a woman named Laura Matson. Laura takes Faust to the home of Major Paul Krenner, a former U.S. army officer that wants Joey’s help in stealing radioactive materials for an experiment. To help persuade Faust to help, Krenner introduces him to Dr. Peter Ulof, a scientist that has developed a machine which can make people invisible, but requires the radioactive materials that Krenner needs. Even though he saw a test with a guinea pig, Faust is still somewhat suspicious and that night, sneaks back up to Ulof’s lab. Once there he finds out that Ulof’s daughter is being held prisoner in a locked room next to the lab and that Krenner is forcing Ulof to work for him. Laura stops Faust from freeing Ulof’s daughter and Faust tries to make a deal with her but Krenner’s henchman, Julian, knocks Faust out and Laura carries him back to his room. The next day, Krenner smacks Laura and warns her not to double cross him. He then goes upstairs to help prepare Faust for the experiment. They succeed in turning Faust invisible but Faust then attacks Krenner and forces him to pay more money for his services. Faust then heads out to the first location and after knocking out a nearby guard, steals the required material and then leaves. As Faust celebrates with a drink downstairs, Ulof warns Krenner of the side effects of the machine and that Faust is risking his life. Forced to rush his time table, Krenner has Faust turned invisible again and go to the second location. Faust convinces Laura to help him rob a bank on their way, but as Faust makes his way out with the money, he turns visible again. Heading back to Krenner’s place, Faust turns invisible again and goes after Krenner. Meanwhile, Krenner is arguing with Ulof and threatens to take Ulof’s daughter with him but Faust manages to lock Krenner up and make a deal with Ulof to fix him if he helps Ulof and his daughter escape. Krenner managed to shoot out the lock and then shoots Laura before escaping up to the lab. Faust follows and during the course of their fight, Krenner starts the machine in an attempt to kill Faust but ends up blowing up the house. Some time later, two agents arrive at the sight of the explosion and, after surveying the damage, go back to the car and speak with Dr. Ulof, who tells them that what he did was not by choice and asks the two agents what they would do if in his shoes.

One thing about these old movies is that they are short. This wasn’t that terrible of a movie but it did have it’s shortcomings, mostly due to the limited budget. The acting was decent and the story, while a bit hokey, actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I will say that there did seem to be some plot points that were not only unnecessary but seemed unresolved at the end. The effects were pretty bad as far as the invisibility went, It really seemed like nothing more than some pulling a sheet up over Faust. Not the worst way to kill an hour but also not for everyone.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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