June 23rd, 2015 Movie – Atlantic Rim (a.k.a. Attack From Beneath)

atlantic rim

So I got some gift cards for my birthday and my first thought was to buy a bunch of movies. But no, I was somewhat responsible and got a few things that I needed….then I bought a bunch of movies. Now before I even saw today’s movie, I liked it just for the title alone. See, this is one of The Asylum’s “mock-busters”, otherwise known as a spoof of a major motion picture. Since they were spoofing Pacific Rim, they decided that their movie needed to focus on giant monsters appearing from a different ocean to fight guys in robot suits. Thus we have the genius that is Atlantic Rim.

The plot: In the Gulf of Mexico, a mini-sub is checking a debris cloud around a oil rig when contact with the sub is lost. As the lead operator on the rig figures out what to do, a giant monster suddenly surfaces and destroys the rig. During a military briefing, Dr. Margaret Adams suggests the use of Armada Program, giant robotic suits intended for deep sea search & rescue, to try and find the missing rig. The three man team (Red, Tracy, and Jim) dive down to 800 fathoms and discover the mangled rig when they spot the monster. They start to pursue the monster but when they refuse to follow an order to stop, Dr. Adams is forced to remotely kill the power to the suits, but Red is out of range and continues chasing after the creature. Red surfaces and warns the people on the beach to evacuate just before the monster surfaces and attacks Red. Red has difficulty dealing with the monster but with the help of Naval pilot “Spitfire”, he is able to kill the monster. After the battle, Red is arrested and for disobeying a direct order from a superior officer and thrown into a holding cell, but Admiral Hadley briefly releases him so he can be given a medal of honor. Later, Admiral Hadley is told by Sheldon Geise of a top secret sonar program that discovered two eggs, one of them hatching the creature that Red killed. Admiral Hadley orders a naval fleet to search for the egg, but the creature hatches and destroys the naval fleet before heading ashore and attacking the base. Jim and Tracy break Red out of the holding cell and are picked up by Lt. Wexler, who tells them that the base is being evacuated. Sheldon argues with Admiral Hadley, saying that the President has authorized the use of a nuclear strike, but Hadley refuses and instead orders a B-2 bomber to drop it’s payload on the monster, causing it to retreat back into the sea. When a third creature is discovered heading towards New York, Dr. Adams upgrades the suits to use a neural halo, allowing the suits to mimic the movement of their operators, and sends them to New York. As the team fight the creature, the learn of a drawback to the neural interface, when the suits are damaged, the operators feel pain. Geise secretly orders the USS Virginia to launch a nuke at the monster but Red intercepts the missile and prevents it from detonating. Geise then orders Dr. Adams to shut down the suits or he will shoot the Admiral. Geise is stopped by Lt. Wexler, but not before Geise manages to shoot Admiral Hadley in the arm. When Tracy blacks out from the neural interface, Jim goes to rescue her while Red grabs the creature, jabs the missile into it’s back, and flies into space. Once he is at a high enough altitude, he kicks the creature away, causing the nuke to detonate and Red to go crashing down to Earth. Red ends up crashing into the other suits but manages to survive and along with Admiral Hadley and the rest of his team, heads to a local bar for a round of tequila shots.

I liked it because of the title but watching it made me like it even more. . The acting was pretty decent although there were times that it was a bit over the top. I think Steven Marlow was using the “Jack Bauer” manner of acting, where he seems to scream his lines out half the time. The story was pretty good and you could definitely tell it was spoofing Pacific Rim, even without the giveaway in the title. The special effects were pretty good for an Asylum picture. The robots and monsters both looked good, although some of the scenes where the monster was interacting with people (i.e. stepping on them), the editing did lack a bit. There was also a scene at the beginning with the oil rig where there was the sound of rending metal but nobody reacted, but when the sound occurred a second time, they did react. It is by no means as good as it’s inspiration, but this is still a fun movie to watch.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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