June 21st, 2015 Movie – Double Exposure

double exposureSON-OF-A-BITCH! I can’t believe I made the same stupid mistake again. These box sets are going to drive me even more insane than I already am. Ok, So a while back, I realized that I had skipped a movie (I have a lot of movies, it happens) and so I updated my list to fix that mistake. I thought I had the problem fixed. Well, since I was sick yesterday, I decided to watch an old movie and grabbed one of the box sets that I own. As I put the movie that I wanted to watch in, I was looking at the back of the case and noticed a movie I did not recall watching. I checked my lists and…nope, not listed in my library and not listed in movies that I have reviewed. Well crap. Then I checked some of the other titles and discovered that about half of the movies in this box set somehow did not make it on my list. Damnit. I don’t know how this happened. The funny thing is, it isn’t like they are all grouped together. It skips around somewhat. This is incredibly frustrating. Oh well. Nothing I can do but go back and watch the movies that I have skipped and update my lists (again). So here is today’s movie, Double Exposure.

The plot: A woman is stabbed as she walks to her car, but the woman turns out to have been an undercover cop disguised as a woman. Adrian Wilde, a photographer, has been seeing a shrink about the vivid dreams he has been having about killing his models. When one of his models winds up dead and he dreams about killing Mindy,  a woman that he is dating, he worries that he might be the killer stalking the town. As the dreams become more vivid and he starts dreaming of his own death, his psychiatrist becomes more concerned. When more models turn up dead, and evidence at the scene seems to point towards Adrian, the police begin to investigate him, finding pictures of some of the dead girls in his studio. Conflicted about what to do, Adrian’s brother, B.J, heads to the beach that Adrian and Mindy are at to try to help Adrian. At the beach, Mindy and Adrian get into an argument and Mindy goes for a walk on the beach while Adrian stays in his mobile home. While Mindy is walking along the beach, she is stabbed in the gut. B.J. shows up at the mobile home and talks to Adrian for a little while before he knocks Adrian out. When Adrian wakes up, he is tied to his car and B.J. explains to him that he killed the models and framed Adrian for it. As B.J. prepares to stab Adrian, Mindy suddenly appears and stabs B.J. in the throat before collapsing on top of Adrian. The cops arrive shortly afterwards and Adrian asks them to call an ambulance for Mindy

This was one of the more confusing movies I have ever watched. The acting was ok with nobody really standing out. The plot was nothing original and the story itself was pretty weak. The filming was pretty eratic. The different scenes seemed so out of place that you didn’t know exactly when they were supposed to be taking place in the movie. It made the whole thing pretty hard to follow for a while. Also, even though this was filmed in ’83, it looked like something out of the 70’s. All in all, I would skip this one.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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