June 18th, 2015 Movie – Horror High

horror high

So this is not something that usually happens, but I watched the sequel to this movie years before I ever watched today’s movie. A lot of that is due to the fact that the sequel was more readily accessible than it’s predecessor. Now, this is on the Sci-Fi Invasion box set and once again, I have to question how this really fits into that category. Now  granted, it does have the sci-fi element but there is no invasion at all in this movie. Oh well. the storm keeps messing with the power so let’s get to this as quickly as possible with today’s movie, Horror High.

The plot: Vernon Potts is having a bad day at school. When he accidentally hands in his Biology report instead if his English report, his English teacher, Mrs. Grindstaff, gives him an F before she cuts his Biology report into pieces. The gym coach, Coach McCall won’t excuse him from class so he can redo his report and Roger Davis, the school jock/bully, rips up his biology/chemistry notes. Later that night, Vernon sneaks into the lab to work on his project, a chemical formula to that will turn his guinea pig from a docile pet into a monster, and discovers the corpse of school janitor’s cat in the cage with Vernon’s guinea pig. Mr. Griggs, the janitor, sees the body and forces Vernon to drink his formula before Mr. Griggs proceeds to bludgeon the guinea pig to death. Mr. Griggs then tells Vernon that he is taking him to the police, but Vernon, reacting to the formula, fights with Mr. Griggs and forces his face into a vat of Sulfuric acid. The next morning, Vernon wakes up and, remembering what happened, disposes of his bloody clothes and sneaks into the school to clean up the lab before the teacher gets in. During the chemistry exam, the body of Mr. Griggs is discovered in the vat of sulfuric acid and the police are called in to investigate. After he finishes taking his English exam, Mrs. Grindstaff tells Vernon that if he wants to pass her class, then he must attend the literature club meetings for the rest of the year. Vernon has a conflict of interests with the day of the club meetings but she is unwilling to compromise. That night, Vernon makes a new batch of his formula and drinks it, then, after turning into a monster, chases Mrs. Grindstaff through the school and uses a paper cutter to decapitate her. When Vernon kills the coach, Roger Davis is arrested under suspicion of murder, but Lt. Bozeman suspects that Vernon is the real killer. Vernon finally works up the nerve to ask Robin Jones, Roger’s girlfriend, on a date but as he prepares for it, he receives a call from Roger, who had been released due to lack of evidence and wanted to meet with Vernon. Vernon agrees to meet in the school, and heads there to take some more of his formula. Vernon spies someone coming into the school, but when he realizes that it is Robin coming to warn him about Roger’s plan, he admits to her that he is the killer. The formula takes effect, changing Vernon into a monster and Robin runs from him, Roger leads the cops to where Vernon is, then taunts him but Vernon kills Roger before being killed by the police.

A pretty decent low budget horror movie. The acting wasn’t the best, and I felt like the interaction between Robin and Vernon seemed forced at times. The story was pretty good and in a funny twist, was somewhat reminiscent of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which the students were watching at the beginning of this movie. The action scenes were filmed mostly in the dark and the lighting made it hard to tell what was going on at times. In fact, you never really see Vernon’s face after he transformed until the very end of the movie and to be honest, wasn’t that exciting, but the murders themselves were creative. So if you like classic low budget movies, then this is worth watching.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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