June 16th, 2015 Movie – The Hive

the hive

Don’t you hate it when you see an ant and you almost immediately feel like one is crawling on you. Hell, I got that feeling just from looking at the cover for today’s movie. Ever wonder why that happens. I mean, what is it about ants, and bugs in general, that provokes that reaction. It’s not fear, just a bizarre sense of unease or creepiness. I would say it is just me but I know plenty of people that get this reaction. But this is not the time to do a psychoanalysis on people’s minds. This is the time to watch a Syfy original movie. So let’s get with today’s movie, The Hive.

The plot: When a shooting star crashes into the mountains on a South Asian island, the ants suddenly start attacking people in large swarms. The world’s top exterminator team , Thorax Team, are called in to help deal with the ant problem but even they are surprised by the ant’s behavior. During their first mission with the army, Thorax Team uses their hi tech weapons to begin killing the ants, when team leader, Dr. Horace “Len” Lennart, and his second in command, Bill, come across two floating cables made entirely of ants. Following the cables, the come across a large nest of ants in some trees, which falls on Bill when a branch breaks. As Len tries to get the ants off Bill, an ant manages to get inside Bill’s suit and, after crawling inside his ear, begins biting Bill, causing a reaction in his brain. When an even larger swarm is reported moving even closer to the main capital, Len call his friend, Claire Dubois, to come help with the problem. When Len and Claire get back the base camp, they find that the ant have made their way to the camp, with several tendrils of ants rising out of the swarm. While rescuing some villagers that are trapped by the swarm, Claire notices an ant mound shaped like a skull and goes to investigate it but is forced to run when a massive swarm erupts from it. Meanwhile, Bill and team member Cortez are investigating a nearby factory but a swarm of ants falls on them, killing Cortez and sending Bill on a rampage. As the base camp is overrun and the last members of the army and Team Thorax are forced to leave. Len, Claire, and Ying, a young girl they rescued, are guided into the main nest of the ants. After figuring out the ant’s want control of the island, Ying is taken hostage while Len and Claire are forced out of the nest so they can inform the authorities. After receiving a ride back to the new base, they try to explain to the authorities what they should do, but Minister Zhing tells them they only have until the morning before they will “nuke” the ants. Len, Claire, and Bill head back to the nest to try and free Ying and negotiate with the ants, but Bill has napalm strapped to his chest and sets a timer to detonate it, killing the ants and leaving Len, Claire, and Ying time to escape. The fire kills all of the ants, revealing a glowing alien lifeform which flies back into space. With no proof of what happened, Zhing proposes that his cabinet not tell the people anything regarding what happened, but inside a mountain, an alien power source is surrounded by some more ants.

Well, it wasn’t the worst movie featuring ants that I have ever seen. The acting was decent although I was shocked at how old Tom Wopat (best known as Luke Duke) looked in this movie. The story had promise. I mean, the whole alien intelligence using ants to do it’s bidding sounds pretty cool on paper, but the execution in this film just didn’t seem to quite make it. For instance, if the intelligence was controlling all the ants on the island, why was the ant in Bills head trying to kill the rest of the ants? A random loose end that is never really explained. The effect were a mix of being decent and being terrible. I did like the whole tendril of ants bit. Very reminiscent of the water tendril in The Abyss. Not the best movie in the world but might be worth watching if nothing else is on.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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