June 15th, 2015 Movie – Hitcher In The Dark

hitcher in the dark

Well, well. It’s been awhile since I have watched an Italian film. So apparently, this is listed as a psychological thriller, which means that while there is a pretty good chance that the subject matter will be disturbing as hell, there won’t be as much blood and gore that will have people puking before the movie is half over. Well, I have been about 50/50 as far as the Italian films being good so let’s see what today’s movie, Hitcher In The Dark, has to offer.

The plot: Mark Glazer is driving his father’s RV when he picks up a female hitchhiker that wants a ride to Norfolk. That night, Mark rapes (supposedly) and kills the girl and takes some polaroids of the body and in the morning, he redresses it and dumps it in the swamp, where some alligators proceed to rip it apart. Later that day, Mark pulls into a camp ground and spies Daniela Foster arguing with her boyfriend, Kevin. As Daniela is leaving the campsite, Mark offers her a lift to the nearest bus station. As they head down the road, they make small talk, with Mark showing Daniela a picture of a woman named Danieska, saying that he loves her and that Daniela looks just like her. Daniela tells him she wants to be let out but seeing Kevin driving behind them, hides until Kevin drives past. Mark offers Daniela some coke, which is laced with a sleeping pill, and handcuffs her to a rail inside the RV. Daniela tries to escape and manages to call her sister but Mark catches up to her and drags her back to the RV. When a police car pulls up the next morning, Mark drugs Daniela so she won’t make any noise while he deals with the police, then he pulls into some woods and, with Daniela still in a drugged sleep, proceeds to cut and dye her hair to make her look more like Danieska. Meanwhile, Kevin, having heard that Daniela had gotten into an RV, is going around the area trying to find her but with little success. When Daniela wakes up, she is shocked by what Mark did to her hair and learns that Danieska is Mark’s mother. Daniela attempts to seduce Mark but when he gets frustrated and leaves the RV, she tries to escape but the RV stalls and Mark is able to get back inside. One night, as Mark is asleep, Daniela tries once again to escape but inadvertently finds the collection of polaroids Mark has taken of her naked body as well as the other women that he has killed. The next day, Mark goes to leave but realizes Daniela had broken the fan belt when she tried to escape and so he handcuffs and gags her before he leaves to get a new belt. At a dealership, he spies Kevin asking questions of the owner and waits until he leaves before going into the shop, while back at the camper, a thief comes across the camper and steals Daniela’s walkman from the front seat. At the nearby beach, Kevin sees the thief trying to sell the walkman and gets him to show him where he stole it. Kevin rescues Daniela from the RV but before they get far, Mark catches up with them and forces both of them back into the camper at gunpoint. Mark drives into a Drive-In theater and, under cover of the noise from the movie, get’s in a fight with Mark and kills him then drugs Daniela again. The next day, Mark heads to an auto scrap yard and tries to wake up Daniela but realizes that the constant drugs and alcohol had killed her. He hides the bodies in the trunks of two different cars and then leaves. After spending time with his father, Mark takes the camper back on the highway to begin his terror anew but the hitchhiker that he picks up turns out to be Daniela, who faked her death and shoots him when he pulls off the road.

This was a pretty messed up movie, in the psychological sense but otherwise not bad. The acting was fairly decent, though I will say that Joe Balogh (Mark) did a pretty good job of playing the rather mentally disturbed character. The story was definitely pretty dark, with the whole messed up obsession that Mark has with his dead mother actually being a lot more disturbing than the torture that he does to Daniela and Kevin. The filming was pretty decent although there were a few scenes that seemed a little choppy. A disturbing but decently filmed movie that is probably not going to be on everyone’s must-see list.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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