Flashback Review: February 18th, 2014 Movie – Alligator


Ok, this is driving me crazy. So years ago, back when I lived in Texas, there was a week where one of the TV stations showed a bunch of natural horror movies. Aside from today’s movie, the station also showed Ben, Grizzly, and Jaws, but for the life of me, I can not remember the last film they showed that week. It is really frustrating. Anyways, enough ranting. Like I said, I first saw this movie on TV years ago and really enjoyed it. After all, you didn’t really see many movies starring killer alligators back then. So here is today’s movie, Alligator.

The plot: While on a vacation in Florida, a little girl buys a baby alligator as a pet and takes it back to Chicago with her. However, one day when she is at school, her father flushes it down the toilet where it winds up in the city’s sewers. Twelve years later, the baby alligator has now grown to gigantic proportions, having fed on the disposed of animal carcasses from a research lab testing an experimental growth formula, and begins feeding on sewer workers that wander near it’s lair. When body parts begin washing up in the water treatment plant, Detective David Madison is assigned the case. David, accompanied by rookie officer Kelly, goes to investigate the sewers where the workers were last seen when they come across the alligator, which kills Kelly before David is able to escape. David tries to get the police chief and herpetologist Marisa Kendall, who happens to be the little girl at the beginning on the movie, to believe him but he is unable to convince them without proof. When reporter Thomas Kemp goes to disprove David’s story, he winds up being killed by the alligator, but not before his camera manages to take a picture of the killer animal. Now that the alligator is proven to exist, David, Marissa, and the chief try to force it out of the sewers and into a trap but when the alligator doesn’t appear, the mayor has the chief suspend David. Meanwhile, the alligator breaks through some concrete and escapes onto a street, killing a police officer in the process. The mayor brings in big game hunter Colonel Brock to try and kill the alligator, but after tracking it into an alley, Brock gets killed instead. After the alligator rampages through a wedding reception for local tycoon Slade’s daughter, killing Slade and the mayor, David and Marisa track the alligator back to the sewers, where David finally manages to kill it by using some dynamite to blow it up.

This movie was as awesomely bad watching now as it was when I was a kid. The acting was decent for the most part although there were some parts that were really over the top, such as David’s yelling “Nooo” when the alligator kills Kelly. The story was good and I am surprised this hasn’t been used as a way to speak out against animal cruelty or animal experimentation. The special effects were ok although there were times where the robot alligator didn’t work well and they had to use a real alligator among tiny models for some scenes, which looked way more fake than the scenes with the robot gator. Not a big blockbuster thrill, but a fun movie to watch none-the-less.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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