June 3rd, 2015 Movie – Heroes Of Shaolin: Part 2

heroes of shaolin

Ok. We have the first part under our belt so now let’s finish up this film. I still have a hard time understanding why this was broken up into two parts. I mean, if it was a 3-4 hour movie, then that would be understandable. but both parts combined aren’t even 100 minutes. Maybe there was an issue with one of the broadcast companies and they needed to have the movie cut so they could show some other material. This really does bug me. IT MAKES NO SENSE. WHY??!!!! [deep breaths] Ok, now that I got that out of my system, let’s get started with today’s movie, Heroes Of Shaolin: Part 2.

The plot: After a brief recap of the first part, the movie picks up with Tu Tashen and Sa Woo entering a city. Tu Tashen enters a brothel, where he encounters a young woman whom he had rescued from prostitution just recently. He tries to find out why she is there when the owner tells him that Sa Woo is injured downstairs. Tu Tashen goes to check on Sa Woo, but Sa Woo had faked being injured and tries to kill Tu Tashen. After a brief fight, the owner winds up knocking Sa Woo unconscious and Tu Tashen has the owner watch over Sa Woo while he goes back upstairs to talk to the girl. The granddaughter of Nan Pa Tien shows up and challenges Tu Tashen but he refuses to fight a girl until, with Sa Woo’s prompting, she goads him into the fight. Tu Tashen beats the girl, who goes back to Nan Pa Tien and warns him about Tu Tashen’s kung fu but Nan Pa Tien is unfazed. Tu Tashen faces off against Nan Pa Tien but is defeated and Sa Woo takes him back to their house. While tending to Tu Tashen’s wounds, Sa Woo considers killing him, but then decides against it and buys more medicine for the injured fighter. After arguing with Tu Tashen, Sa Woo heads off to Nan Pa Tien’s home, where he challenges Nan Pa Tien’s grandchildren and beats two of them before Nan Pa Tien steps in. Sa Woo manages to duel with Nan Pa Tien and escape unscathed. He then goes back to Tu Tashen and lets him know what he learned regarding Nan Pa Tien’s style of fighting. Sa Woo delivers a challenge to Nan Pa Tien to face Tu Tashen in a rematch. While this is happening, Nan Pa Tien’s grandchildren are attacked by a group of armed men led by the man in the demon mask that hired Tu Tashen. Tu Tashen and Nan Pa Tien fight but while they are locked in a stalemate, the man in the demon mask kills Nan Pa Tien. He then reveals himself to be Tien Lung. After telling Tu Tashen why he hired him, Tien Lung tries to kill Tu Tashen but Sa Woo manages to give Tu Tashen a pair of sai which he uses to kill Tien Lung. He then tries to leave but Sa Woo uses that moment to attack him. Tu Tashen then tells Sa Woo to go ahead and kill him but instead, having grown fond of traveling with Tu Tashen, uses the same speech that Tu Tashen gave him to convince Tu Tashen to continue traveling together.

All together, this was a pretty decent movie with the second part doing a decent job of trying to close up all the loose plot holes. The dubbing was still pretty bad but I honestly didn’t expect there to be much difference between the two parts. There was a lot more fighting in this movie than the first part, but that is to be expected since this is somewhat a climax for the film. The fights were choreographed very well for a 70’s movie although there was one scene where Nan Pa Tien was practicing some moves and accidentally kicked over a candle (which he shouldn’t have done). The story was pretty good and I did like how they handled the situation between Sa Woo and Tu Tashen. Both parts combined make a good movie but I would say this part is the better of the two.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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