May 29th, 2015 Movie – Hercules And The Tyrants Of Babylon

hercules and the tyrants of babylon

Ok, who came up with this whole “swords and sandals” genre of movies. The Italians? Well, that actually makes sense. However, did these movies have to be so terrible. Granted, there were some big budget Hollywood movies that fit this genre but the bulk of them were just awful. Luckily, this there aren’t too many of these movies in this box set so there is only a mild bit of suffering I have to endure. So I might as well get it over with and watch today’s movie, Hercules And The Tyrants Of Babylon.

The plot: When the King Phaleg of Assyria visits the three sibling rulers of Babylon (brothers Azzur & Salman Osar and their sister Taneal), they grow suspicious of the gifts he offers them in exchange for all of their slaves. Taneal seduces and drugs Phaleg and learns that one of the slaves is actually Asparia, Queen of Hellenes, and Phaleg plans on finding and marrying her to create a mighty empire. Hearing this, Salman Osar and Azzur decide to not only find the queen, but kill Phaleg as well. They send some of their soldiers to attack Phaleg and his envoy but Phaleg is rescued by Hercules, who has traveled to Babylon to rescue Asparia. Accompanied by some of Phaleg’s men, Hercules makes his way to Babylon and is welcomed by the three rulers, who have a feast prepared in his honor. After dinner, Hercules is shown a secret underground tunnel by Christophisis and locates Asparia but is unable to free her at the time. On their way back to their room, Hercules and Christophisis see Taneal talking with one of the city’s guards. They learn that she plans to loot the city’s treasure room and destroy the city by using a giant wench that will take out the city’s foundation. However, Azzur has grabbed Asparia and plans on marrying her to make his own empire but Salman Osar kills him and takes Asparia. Hercules rescues Asparia and has Christophisis lead her and Phaleg’s surviving men out of the city while he destroys it. Hercules proceeds to turn the wench, which causes the city to begin to collapse. Salman Osar had witnessed Taneal looting the city and was about to shoot her with an arrow but he winds up being crushed by the debris, as are Taneal’s men and the treasure. Christophisis is killed by Phaleg’s man but Taneal stabs him and captures Asparia herself to use as a bargaining chip with Phaleg. Hercules kills Phaleg and chases off his army while Taneal kills herself leaving Hercules, Asparia, and the rest of the slaves free to return home.

This might have been the best movie out of these 4. Don’t get me wrong because this isn’t necessarily a good movie, but it was better than the others. The plot was actually pretty good and surprisingly was decently written, with quite a bit of subterfuge…well at least for the time. The acting…well, that was definitely lacking and the lousy dubbing didn’t help matters. The fight scenes were the standard over dramatized fare that was standard in the 60’s. I will say that it was very funny to hear the club battle between Hercules and three champions. And by club battle, I mean that they were using clubs to fight with. The reason I said “hear” is because anytime the clubs struck something, whether it was a person or another club, they made a very definitive plastic sound. It basically sounded like they were using painted whiffle ball bats for clubs. It was very funny. Not the best movie but there was a decent plot buried under all the crap if you are willing to dig through it.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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