May 28th, 2015 Movie – Hercules Against The Moon Men

hercules against the moon men

Well this should be interesting. So as some of you may know, Italian horror movies can be good, albeit pretty gruesome while Italian sci-fi movies tend to be less than stellar. So what would happen when you have a collaboration Italian/French film? Is this going to be a good movie or an utter train wreck? Well, considering what the previous two films have been, I don’t think we have much hope for a good movie here. Well, might as well get started with watching Hercules Against The Moon Men.

The plot: For years, the city of Samar has been terrorized by aliens from the moon, who have demanded the village’s children to be given to them as a sacrifice so they might resurrect their queen. Queen Samara, the ruler of Samar, has made an alliance with the aliens that if she continues providing the children to be sacrificed, they will help her conquer the world. Gladius, the queens chancellor, warns the queen that the villagers will not continue to live this way and secretly brings Hercules to Samar so that he can defeat the aliens. Hercules meets with the village resistance and makes plans to stop the next sacrifice but when he tries to save the victims, he winds up being captured. Knowing the queen would try to drug him, he pretends to drink the wine she offers him and fakes being her slave. Thinking Hercules is under her control, Queen Samara tells him what her plans are but is shocked when Hercules reveals that he faked being under her control. Samara rushes to the Mountain of Death to warn Redolphis, the leader of the moon men, but he has her killed for betraying them. Redolphis then slices the wrist of Billis, Samara’s sister, so he can use her blood to revive his queen. Hercules arrives and begins battling the moon men in order to save Billis. Reaching the altar, Hercules topples the statue of the moon men’s queen, causing a massive fire which destroys the queen and allows Hercules to escape with Billis.

Wow. I am somewhat amazed at how bad this movie is. It is hard to tell with the dubbing but the acting seemed pretty over dramatic at times. The fight scenes were pretty outrageous and in some cases looked really stupid. The filming and editing looked pretty poor, with lines and white dots popping up on the film frequently. Then there was the infamous sandstorm scene. Towards the end of the movie, when everyone is heading towards the Mountain of Death, there is a sandstorm that is meant to hinder their trek. This scene lasts for several minutes and tends to focus on Hercules, Samara, and many of the villagers floundering around in the sandstorm and looking completely lost. It was a pointless waste of time because it really didn’t add anything to the movie, just prolonged the agony of watching it. Thank god there is a MST3K episode featuring this because that is the only way you really want to try and watch this movie.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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