May 27th, 2015 Movie – Hercules And The Captive Women

hercules and the captive women

So this seems to be Greek week in movies for me, because I have a bunch of movies revolving around Hercules to watch. Unfortunately, 5 of these movies are a part of the SciFi Classics set, which means they could be hidden gems….or absolute garbage. Yesterday’s movie definitely fell in the latter category. It really was hard to watch, and coming from me…that’s saying something. So let’s go ahead and see what today’s movie, Hercules And The Captive Women, has to offer.

The plot: When strange atmospheric disturbances occur across Greece, Androcles, the king of Thebes, asks his friend Hercules to help investigate. When Hercules chooses not to go, Androcles drugs him and places him on a boat crewed by thieves and cutthroats. Unknown to Hercules, his son Hylas has also come on the journey, but is kept hidden below deck by Androcles’ dwarvish sidekick, Timoteo. When one of the crew ruins the boat’s water supply, the boat lands on an island and the crew mutinies but is stopped by Hercules. As the ship continues on, a storm wrecks the boat and separates the travelers. Hercules finds himself on a mist covered island and sees a young woman chained to the cliff and meant for a sacrifice to the demigod Proteus. Hercules defeats Proteus and frees the woman, Ismene, who takes Hercules to her home in Atlantis. Antinea, the queen of Atlantis, is reluctant to welcome Ismene back as there is a prophesy saying that if Ismene lives, Atlantis and all it’s people will be destroyed, and so she has Ismene recaptured and sent to be executed again. Hercules investigates some of the strange things about Atlantis and learns that that Antinea is planning to conquer the world with a race of superhuman beings. Hercules stops the army and manages to escape with Hylas, Ismene, Androcles, and Timoteo before Atlantis is destroyed.

Ok. This movie is actually worse than the one I watched yesterday, but the awfulness of this movie actually made it more enjoyable, in a complete “wtf” frame of viewing. The acting was ok but the dubbing (because this was yet another Italian film dubbed for American viewing) was incredibly out of sync at times. The lighting and editing was terrible. There was scene where the screen was red and even though you could hear people talking, you couldn’t see anything. The fight with Proteus was also very bad and yet very entertaining as Proteus would change into different creatures(at one point he changed into a bipedal lizard-type creature that was portrayed via a suit that was a step up from an early Gamera monster). It is a bad movie but it is one that can be considered entertaining in the right frame of mind.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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