Flashback Review – February 16th, 2014 – Alien Resurrection

alien resurrection

So you want to make a new movie for a franchise but the main heroine was killed off in the last movie. How do we solve this problem. Well, we could have a brand new hero/heroine to try and breathe new life into the franchise. Or we can find some way to bring the original heroine back to life so that everyone will know who to root for in the movie. Well, this is a sci-fi movie and the sci-fi genre has one thing in common with comic books; nobody stays dead forever. So for today’s movie, Alien Resurrection, they brought back the star of the series for one more fight with her nemesis.

The plot: 200 years after Ellen Ripley sacrificed herself to end the alien menace, military scientists on board the USM Auriga have managed to use some of her blood from before she died to not only clone her, but also clone the Alien queen embryo that was growing inside her. However, due to the cloning process, the Ripley clone is found to have enhanced strength and reflexes, acidic blood, and some sort of psychic link to the Aliens. When the crew of the Betty arrives with a shipment of kidnapped humans for use in the scientists experiments, they run into Ripley. One of the crew members, Call, recognizes Ripley and sneaks back into the lab to try and kill her but she gets caught. As security rounds up the rest of the Betty’s crew, the adult Aliens that are in captivity manage to escape, damaging the ship in the process. When they realize that the protocols call for the ship to head back to Earth, Ripley, the Betty’s crew, and the few survivors that are with them must find a way to destroy the Auriga before it makes it to Earth and unleashes the Aliens on a new planet. While trying to escape, Ripley discovers a room filled with failed clones of herself and incinerates them all. As the survivors make their way to the Betty, the Aliens begin attacking and killing off several of them. Eventually, Ripley winds up being captured by the Aliens and taken to their nest, where she discovers the queen has also gone through changes due to the cloning process. The Alien queen gives birth to a hybrid Alien, with more human characteristics than any of the others. The hybrid kills the Alien queen then attacks some of the cocooned humans while Ripley uses the distraction to escape. She makes her way to the Betty and her and the remaining survivors go to take off but one of the cargo bay hatches is still open. Call goes back to close it and discovers the hybrid has made it onto the ship. The hybrid closes the hatch then attacks Call and kills DiStephano when he comes to help her. Ripley arrives and stops the hybrid from attacking but then uses her acidic blood to destroy a port window, causing the hybrid to be sucked into space while Ripley and Call manage to hold on. In the end, the Auriga crashes into the Earth with a huge explosion and as the Betty scans the wreckage, Ripley and Call contemplate what they should do next.

Alien Resurrection received mixed reviews from the critics, earning a 54% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which was better than the last movie. Many critics felt that this was a desperate attempt to cash in on the franchise and it should have ended with the previous movie. However, some critics did like the movie calling it “less frightening but as fun as ever.” The audiences didn’t seem to mind too much because it would go on to make over $161 million in worldwide box office.

This was a decent movie, but it still lacked the magic that the first two films had. I thought the way they brought back Ripley’s character was done pretty well, as well as the story behind the Alien hybrid. The cast did a decent job with their roles but none of them really stood out, even Sigourney Weavers performance seemed less than enthusiastic. I will say that I did like Ron Perlman’s performance although I will say that he does seem to play the same character in almost every movie. The effects were decent although I thought the design for the hybrid was pretty weak. All in all, it wasn’t a bad movie and I did think it was better than the 3rd one, but it just seemed like everyone was tired of the Aliens so they kind of half assed the performances. It’s not bad as a sci-fi movie but aside from wanting to watch the entire series, it is not really a “must see” movie.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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