May 24th, 2015 Movie – Hell Comes To Frogtown

hell comes to frogtown

When you think of wrestlers that have made movies, of course most people will think of Dwane “The Rock” Johnson. But years before he was even a blip on the screen, there were some other wrestlers that were making their names in Hollywood. Now, because of his cameo in Rocky III, most people think that Hulk Hogan was the first wrestler to star in a movie but they would be wrong. Technically, Andre The Giant could be considered the first with his role in The Princess Bride or Jesse Ventura with Predator, but the first wrestler to really headline a movie was Roddy Piper. Today’s movie, Hell Comes To Frogtown, is one of the earlier movies that he starred in.

The plot: In a post apocalyptic world, the Earth’s population has been decimated and many of the men have been rendered sterile by the radioactive fallout. Med-Tech, the female run provisional government in the region, has tracked the nomadic Sam Hell by following the trail of pregnant women he has left and conscript him to aid them in their mission to repopulate the area. Sam, along with Med-Tech officers Spangle and Centinella, is being sent to the mutant reservation area to infiltrate Frogtown and rescue a group of fertile women that have been captured by the city’s leader, Commander Toty. Along the way, Sam finds out that the “protective codpiece” that he is forced to wear will shock him if he gets to far from Spangle, whose earrings control the device, and if he tries to remove the codpiece, the codpiece will explode. When they make it to Frogtown, Sam and Spangle go in and meet up with Sam’s friend Loony Tunes, who introduces them to a tradesman, Leroy. Before they get far, Commander Toty’s second in command, Bull, shows up, knocks out Sam, and takes Spangle to Commander Toty. While Sam is being held prisoner, Bull manages to cut the codpiece off and it does explode in his hands, stunning him long enough for a resistance leader to rescue Sam. However, Bull kills the resistance leader forcing Sam to kill him. Sam saves Spangle, rescues the captured women, and makes his escape but is being pursued by Toty and his men. The group manages to lose Toty but are held up by a disguised Captain Devlin, who has been secretly been supplying the mutants with weapons in exchange for Uranium. Sam manages to kill Devlin and then, believing Spangle and the others to have been killed by Toty, fights and kills Toty. He then spies Spangle and the women, who had hid when Toty showed up, and the group get into Toty’s vehicle and head back home.

This is a funny movie to watch. The actors were decent and Roddy Piper definitely seemed to have some fun with this role. The plot was ok but the way they told the story was pretty ridiculous. The special effects were definitely not top of the line and the makeup used for the frog people was pretty bad in some cases. Another thing was the attempt to sync the lip movements of the frogs to what they were saying was pretty atrocious at times. But that helped to make this movie so much fun to watch. One of those movies that is great to watch on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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