May 17th, 2015 Movie – Haunts


Time for another really bad movie. I know that sounds a bit harsh, and somewhat funny considering the movies I like, but that tends to be the truth regarding some of the movies from this box set. I’m not saying that the movies from the Chilling Classics box set are all bad, because there have been a couple that were surprisingly good. Today’s movie, Haunts. is not one of them.

The plot: Ingrid lives on her farm but tends to shun away from men. When a girl is killed by a masked stranger, the whole town is sent into an uproar and Ingrid begins to suspect several men of being guilty. One night she is attacked by the masked killer but she manages to escape. The killer then kills the town’s female lush and leaves the body in Ingrid’s chicken coop. The next day, Ingrid is raped by the towns local “bad boy”, Frankie, who threatens to kill her if she talks. All of the recent events have slowly caused Ingrid to lose her sanity and she begins having flashbacks to her mom having sex with a stranger before killing herself. The killer attacks Ingrid outside of the church cemetery but the commotion alerts the Reverend so the killer leaves again with Ingrid swearing it is Frankie. The sheriff catches Frankie with his daughter and plans on booking him for the murders but his deputies spot the killer attacking another woman and have cornered the killer in a building. The killer turns out to be a stranger that just moved to town but Ingrid can’t accept that. Frankie shows up at her house and, after tying up her uncle Carl, goes after Ingrid but she winds up stabbing him. Carl disposes of the body and then makes a pass at Ingrid but leaves after she yells at him and goes to the sheriff. The next day, the sheriff and doctor/coroner go to dig up Frankie’s body only to discover that a goat was buried there and Frankie is still alive. The sheriff goes back to the house and discovers that Ingrid has committed suicide. After the funeral, Ingrid’s uncle Carl arrives from New York and, despite Ingrid’s claims to the contrary, has not seen Ingrid for years. After talking with the sheriff, Carl goes back to the house and thinks back to when he slept with Ingrid’s mom and then killed her after Ingrid caught them. As the steam rises from the sink, Carl spots a figure behind him in the mirror and turns to discover it is Ingrid.

Ok, this movie could have been decent but alas, it isn’t even that. This was somewhat of a train wreck and a lot of that was due to the editing. The actors were nothing exceptional. The main star, May Britt, had an accent that was poorly explained at the end of the movie as due to her being in a “European orphanage upstate.” The movie was honestly too long and again, poorly edited. The movie could have ended with Ingrid’s suicide and it would have been fine. If they wanted to include the whole scene with her uncle and the sheriff, they could have done that at the beginning and then made the bulk of the movie as a flashback. It would have worked a lot better. There are a lot of great psycho-thrillers out there, but if you want to watch one, pick a good Hitchcock movie because this isn’t really worth it.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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