April 29th, 2015 Movie – The Gypsy Moon

the gypsy moon

Oh look. It’s another one of those movies that was originally a TV show. Had I known ahead of time, I probably would have watched them all together. But since these are in various box sets, and not all titled the same, I can’t quite do that. Well I could, but it would be a lot more effort and I honestly don’t feel like putting that much effort into it. Sue me. I will just watch/review them as they come up. So, let’s get right into today’s movie. The Gypsy Moon.

The plot: Space Ranger Rocky Jones and his crew (Winky, Vena Ray, Bobby, and Professor Newton) are on their way back to Earth when they come across a two moons connected by an atmospheric cloud. They almost collide with a jet that is traveling in the atmospheric cloud and follow it to one of the moons. Using their translator, they discover that the two moons have been at war with each other for years. The leader of one of the moons, Pozita, asks Rocky to destroy the other moon, Negato, but Rocky refuses. Rocky winds up going back and forth between the two moons and is able to work out a peaceful solution for the two moons before he and his crew head back to Earth. However, after being out of communication for so long, Rocky and his crew are believed dead. The evil Cleolanta has taken advantage of their disappearance to lure Secretary Drake into a trap. However, Rocky finds out what is going on and manages to foil Cleolanta’s plan and rescue Secretary Drake.

Maybe it’s a generational thing, but I really don’t care for this series of movies. And that is pretty odd because I really enjoy the classic sci-fi movies from the 50’s. But I just can’t get into these movies/TV episodes. For one, the couple of fight scenes in the movie were rather poorly coordinated and just looked sloppy. The story was ok, being that there were two plots going on in this movie. The acting was pretty stiff and if it was more of a comedy where they were not taking themselves seriously, it would have worked better, but in this, it was just bad. One thing I did like was the bit with Bobby having to read the Odyssey and using examples from the story to help Rocky and the crew out of various situations. But aside from that, there was not much entertainment with this. Maybe some people that watched the original TV show will enjoy this, but this definitely won’t be for everyone.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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