April 27th, 2015 Movie – The Guy With The Secret Kung Fu

guy with the secret kungfu

Yay. It’s another one of those “whooshy” martial arts films. You know, the ones where there is a a lot of whooshing sounds whenever the fighters throw a punch or kick. I don’t know why I find these movies so entertaining. Possibly because the sound effects help make a bad movie a lot more fun to watch. Take today’s movie for instance. Right off the bat there is a fight scene with a lot of the whooshing sounds. That, plus some of the dialogue during the scene, made me believe that this movie, The Guy With The Secret Kung Fu, would be a very entertaining movie. Hope I am right.

The plot: Hung Wen-ting and Hu Ah-piao, two brothers who are freedom fighters that try and help people but find themselves imprisoned. They are then offered a chance at freedom if they defeat the evil Dragon Gang. The first attempt to inflitrate the gang by having one of the brothers disguise himself as a potential husband for the gang’s leader, but they find themselves no match for her. They then attempt to rescue a girl who has been kidnapped by the gang’s sorcerer, but an unstoppable demon controlled by the sorcerer overpowers them and they find themselves prisoners in the sorcerer’s lair. The daughter of the local coffin maker makes a powder that incapacitates the demon, and the two heroes are able to defeat the sorcerer. The Dragon Gang battles the two men but are quickly dispatched leaving the two leaders of the gang, the female one that is the public leader, and the secret one that is a trusted adviser to the emperor. One brother manages to defeat the female leader and then goes to help his brother battle the other boss. With the help of an oversized coffin that the coffin maker had left, the two brothers are finally able to defeat the last member of the Dragon Gang.

This movie was way more entertaining that it should have been. Right off the bat, during the first fight scene, there is a moment where an old man playing a ruan (Chinese guitar) has the instrument knocked from his hands and one of the bad guys hands it back to him and tells him to keep playing. The story is probably the weakest part of the movie but that actually helps because if the plot was more serious, I don’t think the movie would have been as good. The fight scenes were pretty good with a lot of action, and some comedy, to keep you interested. The dubbing….was about as bad as you could expect but that only added to the humor. A surprise laugh was due to some bad editing at parts where you would see an action sequence and a second later see the exact same sequence due to a sloppy edit. I had to back up the DVD just to make sure I had actually seen that. This isn’t a good movie but it was very entertaining.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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