April 26th, 2015 Movie – The Guy From Harlem

the guy from harlem

Whenever I see the title of a movie, or the movie’s poster, I get an idea of what the movie will be like. Then when I actually watch the movie, it’s always interesting to see how close my initial thoughts are to the actual movie. Take today’s movie, The Guy From Harlem, for instance. When I first saw the title, I had a feeling it would be some sort of blaxploitation film. When I saw the poster, that only strengthened my opinion. So when I finally watched it, sure enough, it was a blaxploitation film. Sometimes I hate being right about a movie.

The plot: Al Connors, a private detective in Miami, is contacted by an old friend in the C.I.A. to help him with an assignment. The C.I.A. has been asked to guard Mrs. Ashanti, the wife of an African Head of State, and fearing a leak in the C.I.A., they ask Al to go with her and pose as a married couple for the night. At the hotel they are staying at, Al notices something strange going on between the hotel masseuse and some men outside the building. His suspicions are confirmed when three men, working for a drug lord called Big Daddy, try to kidnap Mrs. Ashanti. Al is able to fight them off and takes Mrs. Ashanti to his girlfriend’s apartment which he claimed was safer for them to stay. After delivering Mrs. Ashanti to where she needs to go, Al plans to take the day off but he is almost immediately asked to handle another case. This time the client is Harry De Bauld, a local crime boss, who asks Al to find his daughter Wanda, who was kidnapped by Big Daddy’s men. Al meets with one of Big Daddy’s men and follows him to where they are holding Wanda and manages to rescue her and takes Wanda to his girlfriends place to hide out for the night. The next day, Al reunites Wanda with her dad and then heads out to meet with Big Daddy. The two men begin to fight and Al manages to kill Big Daddy and then leaves with Wanda.

Wow. This was just a craptastic movie. The filming was absolutely terrible and poorly shot, although that could just be the version on the DVD. The fight scenes were slow paced and so poorly choreographed that it was almost embarrassing to watch. I honestly don’t know how this qualified to be put in the Martial Arts DVD set. The acting was ok at best and there were a few funny lines but overall, I wouldn’t recommend watching this movie unless you really want to watch a Blaxploitation movie.

Rating: 1/2 out of 5


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