April 20th, 2015 Movie – Green Lantern

green lantern

A live action movie based on a comic book can be a tricky sell sometimes. The first problem is whether or not the character or subject matter is well known enough to make a successful movie. Then of course, there are all of the other factors; casting, plot, special effects, etc. So if you manage to get everything green lit, and it all looks good on paper, then you should have a successful movie, right? Well, sometimes things that look good on paper turn can turn into crap by the end of the day. That’s kind of what happened with today’s movie, Green Lantern.

The plot: Out in deep space, an alien spaceship crash lands on a remote planet and the survivors unknowingly release an evil being known as Parallax. Parallax attacks and mortally wounds Abin Sur, the Green Lantern that had imprisoned him, but Abin Sur is able to escape and crash lands on Earth. Test pilot Hal Jordan finds himself enveloped in a green bubble of energy and transported to the crash site where Abin Sur tells him that the ring has chosen Hal to be his replacement as a Green Lantern. A short time later, Hal finds himself on Oa, the Green Lantern’s homeworld, where he learns the history of the Lanterns and the Guardians, as well as begin training with other lanterns, but his own self doubts cause him to quit. Meanwhile, scientist Hector Hammond is brought to a secret location and asked to study the body of Abin Sur, but during the course of the examination, he is infected with a piece of Parallax, giving him psychic abilities. During a party at Fenris Aircraft, Hector attempts to kill his dad, but Hal Jordan manages to save him and Carol Fenris. Hector is brought back to the secret laboratory but turns the tables on his fathers attempt to cure him and tries to kill him again when Hal shows up. Hal and Hector battle, where Hal learns that Parallax is coming to destroy the Earth, before Hector overpowers Hal and kills his father. After a failed battle with Parallax, which resulted in the deaths of several Lanterns, Sinestro convinces the Guardians to fashion a ring made of yellow material in order to combat Parallax, but Hal shows up to argue against it. Unable to convince the Guardians to help him, Hal returns to battle Hector once again when Parallax shows up and devours Hector’s life force. Hal battles Parallax and manages to lead it to the sun, where the sun’s gravity draws Parallax in and it is burnt to ashes. Hal is recognized by the other Lanterns for his bravery as he finally accepts his duties as a Green Lantern.

Green Lantern was definitely trashed by the critics, earning only a 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The general consensus was that it “squandered an impressive budget and decades of comic history.” Though it would make over $219 million at the box office, it was considered a failure at the box office. Though there was plans for a sequel to be made, Warner Bros. decided to cancel those plans after all the negative reviews and the poor box office performance.

I really wanted to like this movie, but I honestly was incredibly disappointed in it. Ryan Reynolds was ok but I honestly think he was the wrong choice for the character he was portraying. He would have been better as Kyle Rayner or possibly Guy Gardner. I also didn’t like how the handled the whole Parallax angle. I am not as familiar with DC comics as I am Marvel, but I do know a little bit and do think they screwed this story line up (but I could be wrong). I know the special effects were supposed to be top notch, but I honestly thought they were not that impressive, and in some cases they were just terrible. There were a couple of funny and entertaining bits, but overall, I really expected more from it.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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