April 19th, 2015 Movie – The Great Alligator

the great alligator

It’s been a while since I have watched a killer alligator/crocodile movie. I take that as a sign that they should make more of them. Either that, or I need to buy some more of them. I guess I should check and see if there are any more out there that I don’t have. But before that, I should get onto today’s movie. I actually saw this movie on a list of movies where the killer is a member of the Crocodilia family. I had most of the ones on this list and thought that this movie sounded interesting so I decided to pick it up. It was

The plot: Photographer Daniel Nessel and his model, Sheena, are being flown in to take pictures in order to generate some publicity for a new resort. With the public relations director, Alice Brandt, showing him around, Daniel takes several pictures of the resort as well as the Koomas, a local tribe that is helping to build the resort. However, the Koomas are afraid that their god, Kroona, has awoken and is angry by the intrusion of the tourists. That night, Sheena and a Kooma boy sneak off to a nearby island but they are attacked and killed by Kroona, who has take the form of a large crocodile. The next day, Daniel and Alice go to the Kooma tribe but are order to leave. They then go talk to a former missionary who had seen Kroona years ago, but he believes they are trying to trick him into returning to the river so Kroona can kill him so he refuses to help them. On the way back to the hotel, Kroona attacks them, killing the Kooma that was guiding them, but Daniel and Alice manage to escape. They try to warn Joshua, the hotel owner, but he refuses to listen to their claims. Later that night, Alice is kidnapped by the Koomas while Daniel discovers a cobra hidden underneath a Kooma mask on his bead. Daniel sees the Koomas taking Alice down the river and goes to follow. While he rescues Alice, Kroona attacks a raft with several of the hotel guests on it, killing several. The raft manages to make it back to the hotels, but the people discover that the Koomas have killed the other guests and now attack the remaining guests. Daniel and Alice make it back to the hotel and manage to escape the Koomas but the van they are in winds up falling into the river. Kroona begins attacking the van but Daniel manages to make it swallow some explosives which blows the monster crocodile’s head apart. Daniel and Alice manage to make it back to the surface and meet the surviving guests, but they are confronted by the Kooma tribe who, after seeing the body of Kroona, leave them in peace.

This was a decent movie although a bit campy at times. Since this film was originally filmed in Italian, there was some dubbing issues that were not always top notch. Barbara Bach and Claudio Cassinelli were both good in their roles. The plot was pretty good and there were a lot of good visual scenes. The part where this gets really campy mainly involves Kroona. That was probably the fakest looking alligator/crocodile I have seen out of any movie involving such a creature….well maybe top 3. Almost any time that there was a scene involving it swimming to attack something, you never see the legs or tail move, it just floats towards the object to hit it. That plus any time it attacked someone turned this from a decent movie into a ridiculous movie. It also helped make it funny as hell to watch. So while it may come across as stupid, it can be entertaining to watch.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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