April 11th, 2015 Movie – Godzilla X Mechagodzilla

godzilla 26 - godzilla mechagodzilla 3

I have to admit, I do like the whole concept behind the Millennium series of films. The fact that each movie is a stand alone film so they don’t have to worry about continuity made each movie a lot of fun to watch. Today’s movie kind of bucks that trend. So the last movie featured two of Godzilla’s most famous opponents in the same movie and today’s features another fan favorite. A new generation of movies gets a new generation of Mechagodzilla, but this one has more in common with Godzilla than either of the other versions. So let’s see how things work out in today’s movie, Godzilla X Mechagodzilla.

The plot: In 1999, the JSDF use their mazer cannons against Godzilla but have little effect and wind up suffering heavy losses. The JSDF decide to use the bones from the original Godzilla that was killed in 1954 to build a bio-robot that is capable of battling Godzilla. 4 years later, and the robot, a mechanical Godzilla called Kiryu, is finished and it, along with the crew that will operate it, are shown to the world. Akane Yashiro is selected to be the main pilot of Kiryu, but there is some resentment from the rest of the crew due to her actions in the Godzilla attack 4 years ago, with one man in particular blaming Akane for his brother’s death. When Godzilla shows up again, Kiryu is sent to do battle with it, but Godzilla’s roar causes dormant memories in Kiryu’s DNA to awaken, causing the robot to go out of control and rampage through the city until it runs out of power. While Kiryu is being repaired, Godzilla attacks again and the JSDF are unable to stop it from destroying the city. Once the repairs are complete, Kiryu is sent out to face Godzilla again and the two monsters begin battling in the city. However, Godzilla manages to damage the remote piloting system and Kiryu becomes disabled. Akane manages to get inside the robot in order to operate it manually. She manages to carry Godzilla out over the ocean where she fires Kiryu’s main weapon, the Absolute Zero Cannon, causing a huge pillar of ice to form where the explosion occurred. Godzilla manages to break free from the ice though it has a massive wound in it’s chest. As Godzilla swims away, Kiryu surfaces and the JSDF celebrates their victory in driving Godzilla away.

This was a good movie and different from the previous entries in the Millennium series. The main difference is that it referenced other Toho movies, primarily Mothra and War Of The Gargantuas. The story was pretty good and they did a good job in writing how this Mechagodzilla was created. However, the new scenes that were filmed in order to show how the original Godzilla died looked pretty stupid. The Godzilla and Mechagodzilla suits both looked pretty good. This was the best looking Mechagodzilla of the three versions. The special effects and the battles were well done and pretty entertaining. The human side of the movie was a little annoying, primarily the bit with the one soldier holding the grudge against Akane. An enjoyable movie to watch, just be sure to ignore some of the more annoying of the human elements.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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