April 4th, 2015 Movie – Godzilla Vs Mothra (1992) (a.k.a. Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle For Earth)

godzilla 19 - godzilla vs mothra battle for earth

Of course. Godzilla gets rebooted so it would only be a matter of time before everyone’s favorite flying bug shows up. Of course, it also means we have the tiny twins doing a lot of singing. I saw this in the video store at the same time as Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah, but somebody had already rented it. In fact, every  time I went in it was rented. So what else could I do except just go ahead and buy a copy so I could finally watch it. So allow me to introduce you to the first Godzilla movie that I ever bought, as opposed to taping them off TV whenever they aired, Godzilla Vs Mothra (a.k.a. Godzilla And Mothra: The Battle For Earth)

The plot: A giant meteor crashes into the earth, causing a large typhoon to form over the Pacific ocean, and waking Godzilla. The next day, a thief named Takuya Fujita is approached to lead an expedition to see what damage was done by the typhoon to a nearby island, Infant Island. Accompanied by his ex-wife, Masako Tezuka, and Kenji Ando, the secretary to head of the Muratomo Corp, the owner of the island, Takuya soon discovers a cave filled with ancient drawings of two monsters, as well as a giant egg. The three also discover the Cosmos, two tiny women that help keep the natural balance of Earth. The Cosmos explain that the egg belongs to Mothra, as well as explaining about the other monster in the drawing, Battra, whom the Cosmos fear has been awakened. Takeshi Tomokane, the Muratomo head sends a ship to take the egg back to Tokyo, where he plans to exploit it. Godzilla arrives and heads towards the egg, but the egg hatches to reveal a Mothra larva. Godzilla and Mothra battle briefly before a second monster, a Battra larva, arrives to join the battle and in the end, Mothra is able to escape back to Infant Island while Godzilla and Battra are swallowed up by an underwater fault. Back in Tokyo, Kenji takes the Cosmos to Takeshi, who has his own plans for the twin girls. The Cosmos begin singing to Mothra, who begins heading to Tokyo to rescue the Cosmos. While this is going on, Takuya steals the Cosmos from Takeshi but Masako, along with her daughter Midori and the psychic Miki Saegusa, track him down and convince him to let the Cosmos go. When Mothra arrives, the Cosmos convince it to return to Infant Island, but when the JSDF attacks it, Mothra winds up heading towards the capital building and building a cocoon. As Godzilla manages to reappear out of Mt. Fuji, the adult Mothra hatches from her cocoon, just as Battra reemerges from the ocean and transforms into it’s adult form. Mothra and Battra begin to battle but when Godzilla appears, Battra begins to fight Godzilla instead. Godzilla beats Battra and goes to finish it off, but Battra is saved by Mothra, who manages to heal Battra. Battra and Mothra team up to carry Godzilla away from Tokyo, but Godzilla bites into Battra’s neck, mortally wounding the monster. Godzilla fires his atomic ray at Battra, killing the monster, so Mothra winds up dropping the bodies of both monsters into the ocean. Mothra flies back to Tokyo, where the Cosmos explain that Battra had awakened to destroy an even larger meteorite that would hit the Earth in a couple of years, but since he was dead, Mothra would now have to do it instead. So the Cosmos join with Mothra and the giant moth flies off into space to deal with the future threat.

This was a good movie in the series. The story was pretty good and the human elements of the story were pretty entertaining at times. I liked how they made Takuya into something like a poor man’s Indiana Jones. The special effects were pretty good with lots of lasers and energy blasts all over the place. In fact, that was somewhat of a staple if the Heisei series, energy blasts for everyone. They even decided to give Mothra energy blasts, which to be honest I felt was a little stupid. I thought that the Battra monster was pretty cool, as it was sort of like the evil half of Mothra, kind of like Mechagodzilla is the evil half of Godzilla. The scenes with the monsters fighting were all well done and a lot of fun to watch. It’s no surprise that this would be the 2nd biggest film in Japan in 1993 behind Jurassic Park.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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